Joint Political Declaration of the FPR and the PCM-ML about the Struggle of Teachers of Section XII

Again the bells of glory Verde Antequera redoubled with just paying tribute to their children who get up! Oaxaca Again, the City of Resistance receive with open arms to his heroic democratic teachers remains strong, as the backbone of this great popular movement that demands justice, freedom and democracy against the tyrants of yesterday and today!

The day of action taken by our brothers and sisters of Section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE and installation of massive sit-in socket of this city, to which we unreservedly adding, shows the layout of the working class and peoples Oaxaca to continue the class struggle against those who exploit and oppress the poor people regardless of the lies and covering his speeches with “peace and progress.”

This is the fundamental reason why the new government “change” furiously launches a campaign of media lynching against Oaxacan teachers, as they did at the time also the PRI governments to justify the indifference and lack of answers and enforcement scenarios have been played almost invariably during these 31 years of Democratic Movement of Workers Education Oaxaca.

The false speech about openness and promptness of responses to the Oaxaca teachers handled in different media, is a true copy of the version run by the new bourgeois government about the attention and responses to social organizations and people Oaxaca that we have moved recently for the solution to post-electoral conflicts, political, agricultural and social demands of our communities and marginalized neighborhoods.

This makes it untenable double standard driven by the state government authorities and indifference regarding political issues and justice such as the live presentation partner: Professor René Román Carlos Salazar to 73 days of their disappearance forced, Gabriel Cruz and Edmundo Reyes Amaya and 4 years of enforced disappearance, Virginia and Daniela Ortiz and Lauro Juárez nearly 4 years of du disappearance, and the freedom of all comrades who are still in prison for political reasons the punishment of those responsible for the repression and killings during 2006-2007, given that so far there is no clear progress in terms of research and yet, there is one culprit behind bars.

Along the same lines are the order demands of the teachers protest, as the subject of PRODET, the return of the schools taken over by the spurious section 59, the expansion of educational infrastructure, support for basic education students in school uniforms , shoes, etc.. Topics will undoubtedly form part of the social demand of the people of Oaxaca and are in the democratic teachers of Section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE best and most legitimate defender.

Therein lies the importance of this day of struggle waged by our comrades of the teachers, the social and political content is part of feeling alive and popular clamor to realize social justice for which so much blood has been spilled, and precisely because This new government is stubborn as much as earlier this struggle paying discredit false versions to society, seeking to bury the eyes of the suffering people of Oaxaca.

In this day of mass demonstrations and sit indefinitely in the historic heart of our organization, highlights once again the roots of these and other demands among working people and of course, trust this to the whole democratic teachers and particular, their hardened bases, which are still in demand indeclinables the claims referred to and defense of public education free and compulsory at all levels, against privatization plans which includes the so-called “Alliance for Quality of Education “that only represents a substantial business in the hands of the bourgeois state and the charro leadership entrenched in the CEN of the SNTE. The same can be said of the Fascist labor reform that would impose Felipe Calderón and the financial oligarchy, reform at the end of the day only benefits the operators against the vast majority working in this country.

It is clear that the strength of the teachers’ movement, as during these 31 years of struggle against the state and union charrismo lies in unity, discipline, consultation and political and ideological clarity of the worker base. Shafts that rest on the guiding principles of this great movement that has managed not only to provide clarity to the union agenda, but also the tactics and estretégia of people fighting for their emancipation and in 2006 with the creation of our beloved People’s Assembly Peoples of Oaxaca and more recently the Democratic State Convention and Congress Towards New Social Constituent and the New Constitution, organizational spaces are reaffirming the course for the construction of the Front of All People, the General Political Strike Organized Insurrection of the masses that allows the authentic revolutionary transformation of society beyond the immediate electioneering illusions that eventually fail to resolve the great evils that afflict the exploited because only come to bring palliative and the infamous “reform state “and not substantive solutions.

Thus, the Popular Revolutionary Front and the Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist) call to strengthen this period of struggle by making use of democratic mechanisms of which the movement itself has set, such as consultation and power decision of the bases, and their articulation with the popular movement as a whole, as did 5 years ago in the days of 2006 when a unified face and under one management the tyrant Ulises Ruiz Ortiz and his gang of thugs .

Today more than ever we must recover our glorious slogans popular teachers movement, clearly stating: THIS MOTION IS NOT LEADERS, IS BASIS! ALL POWER BASES AND CONSULTATION! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Punishment for those guilty of repression, impeachment and jail tyrant Ulises Ruiz Ortiz!

And fraternal:



Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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