PCOT: Efforts at Counter-revolution

Multiplied in recent weeks, unequivocal evidence to track the growing, privately and publicly to the forces of counter-revolution in order to circumvent the gains of the revolution and liquidation, including the Tunisian pave the way to return the situation to the back.

The striking acceleration of these efforts and taken a more critical dimension a few days before the resignation of Ghannouchi and take Baji commander Sbsa government administration.

It is unquestionable advantage of these forces from the first of many elements of the regime and the entire state apparatus, however, the reactionary forces of the past underdeveloped, and the second is the insistence of the government “Sbsa” on the overall management of public affairs under the same authoritarian and exclusionary logic springs from the school Bourguibism! And the third was hunkering down behind the absolute rejection to manage the transition without any censorship.

The fact that such an approach in dealing with the requirements of the stage carries a lot of serious risk to the revolution of our people and pave the way slowly to bring the country back to square one as it means a return to blatant to more powers bloody and corrupt to the top of key locations in the existing power and control in the joints of the state and the liquidation of the account in the time with the masses of our people and especially all the political and civil forces that contributed to the overthrow of the dictatorship’s head.

Worse, the government of “Sbsa” no longer find it embarrassing to manifest glorification back to back and specifically to the period of Bourguiba. Because 23 years of rule by “Ben Ali” were not in the origin and essence only a continuation of the above.

The fact that the formal political engagement since taking “Sbsa” government affairs to pay more than ever to deepen the legitimate fears and realities of the country and its future at the same time. How not? And all the demands made in the second phase of the revolution of Tunisia (a constituent assembly, to dissolve the political police, solution assembly, etc. …) on the importance of finding its enforcement on the ground according to the government’s perspective within the limited horizons, and narrow predominantly demagogic which brings to mind the mental Aleneuvmbria and abuse of the democratic movement with the demands of long-coup. In parallel with the effort the government uncovered the use of demagogic with the requirements of the revolution and its demands are the forces of apostasy on the ground and across the country to create the material conditions to stifle the popular forces and infiltration in several ways and the demands of a variety to discount the popular and exhaust in order to facilitate character paths revolution track.

This takes a number of ways to sneak in the forms and content, which is often disguised Bboles revolution in line with the requirements of the stage and the prevailing popular mood.

I have worked the forces of anti-revolution over the past period and continues to mobilize its potential and distribution in more than one level and the area to promote the manifestations of chaos and violence, including creating a general atmosphere of political and popular easy to achieve the objectives of beneficiaries to the limits of significant survival of the regime outside the circle of classes and social groups and all the forces that contributed to the revolution. Successive governments after 14 January with a perspective from multiple angles far from the maintenance of the gains of the revolution achieved thus losing the capacity to secure the pieces with the requirements of dictatorship.

As noted above forces of counter-revolution in motion and still potential within a structured format ascending plunged the country into chaotic dynamics of popular mobilization to lift the demands on the core of the revolution. In this context, I knew many parties (Palace Hilal, kinky, Kef …) Tharika deliberately to dredge the regional and tribal led to the deaths and injuries and extensive damage to public property and individual (for example, palaces, tribal …).

The same forces are paid in many quarters (Gafsa, Gabes, Sfax, …) and the popular sectors to the excesses in social demands, which is almost the same, which deliberately tried to provoke a raised issues of intellectual and political (secular, identity …), undermine the unity of the people Tunisia.

As is between the forces of counter-revolution does not cease to use all means to achieve its objectives mixes wickedly great between the employment of backward and downward (regional, tribal, Alarroucah, sectarian …) and the mask is legitimate to raise demands and identify tools connected to those objectives, is clearly reflected in interface, specifically in the social and reactionary forces standing behind the legitimate demands, such as operating and deliberate use of forms of “struggle” in which a lot of violence and assault on the freedoms of citizens, touching some of the basic rights such as transport and employment. I knew the city of Gafsa, for example a series of social movements in recent weeks, often abused to the revolution and revolutionary business and created widespread discontent with the broad sectors of the population. Forces of the counter-revolution adapt their destructive activities in accordance with the requirements of the stage and mood Revolutionary exploiting the social conditions of large groups of people, especially young disabled and driven by the force of money to do work unrelated to the struggle to discredit the revolution and the damage to be of the struggle (to close roads, Brakajat etc. …) as it, any counter-revolutionary forces working on enticing young men against the less educated get organized in parties, associations, and cause them to events of all anti-public activities that aim to complete the tasks of the revolution and to achieve social gains.

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