TDKP: On September 11 and a new wave of attacks by reactionary forces

The 11 September attack on the USA caused the death of thousands of innocent people. There is no doubt that this attack is indefensible as far as the peoples of the world are concerned. However, equally clear is the fact that this attack is the fruit of the situation which has been imposed by the US-led imperialism onto the peoples of the world, a situation characterised by hunger, poverty, degrading and inhuman conditions. It is not surprising to see such actions being reaped by imperialist aggression which has been shedding the blood and getting the “curse” of millions of oppressed people. The US imperialism is harvesting what it had sown. Therefore, the people of America must question the reasons why they had to go through all this, and surely they will.

With a mind of an ambitious merchant, the US-led imperialist states are trying to use terror and sorrow for their own purpose. They considered the 11 September attack as an opportunity and launched a campaign of a broad offensive and expansion in the name of “fight against terrorism”. Yet, it is imperialism itself that feeds terrorism, in such an ironic way that it becomes self-destructing.

In the aftermath of a short-lived shock and panic, US imperialists first declared war against an unknown enemy, then launched an investigation to “identify” it. For the time being, American reactionary forces are using Osama Bin Laden in order to divide the groupings that had been formed against itself in Asia, thus have greater influence in the region. The US is trying to take Afghanistan into its sphere of influence since it is a country which borders the region of a rich source of energy. It is doing this with the excuse of getting Bin Laden whom it now holds responsible for the 11 September attack. However, it is a well-known fact that the US once supported him against Russia, but ironically he got out of hand later. It seems that Afghanistan on its own does not satisfy the American reactionary forces, as they make a list of the countries which “harbour terrorism” in order to attack them.

Although it may seem that an “international coalition against terrorism” is being formed through a spinning “diplomatic traffic”, what is in fact taking place is negotiations with an agenda for redivision. Furthermore, in a matter of a week, the so-called “fight against the war that had been launched against the civilised world” has also begun to have an element of the “fight” among the “civilised world” itself. In this respect “international coalition against terrorism” is nothing more than a lie. The only “coalition” one can talk of is the agreement of big imperialist powers on the necessity to intimidate the oppressed peoples.

The reactionary forces of Turkey, an American ally and a member of NATO, have hastily declared their “support” for US imperialism. Turkey can easily be dragged into the war, not only because of the American base in Incirlik but also because of it being America’s “trusted friend”, the closest one to possible “American targets”. The collaborators in our country see the war as a medicine for their incurable illnesses. However, it is obvious that such an adventure would only bring suffering to the peoples of Turkey and of the region. Although a war adventure may seem as a “way out” to the troubled ruling classes, it would probably worsen their problems, up to the point of their overthrow. However, it would also help, even if temporarily, to distance the working masses, who have been suffering in the hands of poverty and unemployment, from their demands.

Some of the consequences of the 11 September attack have already shown themselves in the rising wave of reactionary forces. With their attempts to pass “anti-terror laws” and restrictions on bourgeois democracy, reactionary forces, especially in advanced capitalist countries, are trying to gain new positions.

On the other side of the coin, however, we see a process of rising sensitivity and awakening on the part of the workers and labourers of the advanced capitalist countries. This is a process that they have been pushed into with the events of 11 September. In these countries what is rising is not only the demand for peace but also the tendency among the progressive forces and intellectuals to question, in a self-critical manner, their lives and the relations of their countries with other parts of the world, how they had become accustomed to injustice, inequality and oppression in the world, and why they had kept silent.

There is no doubt that the events of 11 September have marked a turning point in terms of political relations in the world. Although this turning point is clearly reflected on the concrete forms that domestic policies of advanced capitalist countries are taking, its reflection on foreign policy is not as yet clear. What is also obvious even today is the fact that imperialist aggression will create its opposite, which will be embodied in the anger and struggle of the peoples.

The workers and working people of Turkey must intensify their struggle against the politics of imperialists and their collaborators. This is necessary to win their demands against imperialist globalisation and to keep away from the calamities of a war.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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