Victory of the People’s Uprising Against the Dictatorship of Ben Ali: Bravo, Admirable People in Tunisia!

In less than one month’s popular uprising and the price of heroic struggle, the people of Tunisia brought an end to decades of autocratic rule. This police state and dictatorship, played for over twenty years by President Ben Ali, killed, imprisoned, assaulted, gagged people, democrats, revolutionaries. Meanwhile, the regime had a good press in the U.S. and European government circles, in circles of international high finance, in a word in the imperialist circles. This scheme was also cited by leaders here. Laurent Dona FOLOGO, current president of the Economic and Social Council, publicist successive regimes Houphouet-Boigny, Bedie, Gbagbo has never dried up praise to the place of this regime.

A little chronology shows how a people deciding to take its destiny can overcome the most reactionary regimes “solid.” It is from the December 17, 2010 a popular revolt broke out against unemployment, exclusion, poverty, cost of living, the shameless exploitation, corruption, injustice and tyranny. The revolt was precipitated by the self-immolation of a young graduate unemployed exceeded by the cynicism of the Ben Ali regime. Remember that popular protests were part of the city of Sidi Bouzid to extend to all parts of the country.

As usual, the police state and dictatorship has been only one answer : the repression. Firing live ammunition on unarmed demonstrators, have caused many deaths throughout the day. Leaders of political parties and democratic revolutionaries were arrested. This was the case of our comrade Hama Hammami, spokesperson of the Communist Workers Party of Tunisia. The regime expected to stifle protest by repression was quickly confronted with its extension and deepening. Protesters turned their claims initially in social policy requirements, requirements for the claim to liberties from BEN ALI identified as the source of the suffering of the Tunisian people. From there, the demagogic promises of BEN ALI were all rejected one after the other. Promises to relinquish power in 2014 not to allow the firing real bullets, to organize elections, to conduct a reshuffle, etc.. Have all been vigorously denied. BEN ALI had no other choice than to flee. The Tunisian people came together to make his revolution. The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire says bravo to the Tunisian people.

The victory of the Tunisian people, in fact, an example for the Ivorian people to confront for many years to a regime similar, mafia, law enforcement, expert summary and extrajudicial executions. Gbagbo regime has plunged our country into an acute phase of the crisis of neo-colonial past ten years. This regime has always trumpeted that the only expression of popular will of real value is being realized through the ballot box. His candidate has lost a clear-cut presidential election of 28 November 2010, but he refused to cede power preferring expose the country to rebound reactionary civil war broke out in 2002. By the masterly lesson he has to administer the Tunisian people show us the way : the ballot is not the only democratic popular uprising is another. It is for the Ivorian people to draw all the lessons it can enrich their own experience to get rid of their oppressors.

Done at Abidjan, January 19, 2011.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire

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