PCOF on Kosovo

February 17, the parliament of Kosovo declared independence

The population of Pristina celebrates what it believes to be independence, waving Albanian and North American flags. The Serbian population of Kosovo refuses to separate from Serbia, whose leaders immediately condemned the secession of this province to consider an integral part of Serbia. The tension is growing, threatening the outbreak of a new Balkan war.

The proclamation of Kosovo’s independence, which the Bush years as proclaimed desire is to end in the dissolution of former Yugoslavia.

This course encouraged slowly Western imperialist powers, first the American imperialism, who wanted to get rid of all traces of East bloc and weaken, eliminate the influence of Russia.

Within 17 years, from war to war, “ethnic cleansing” to “humanitarian interference” by intensive bombing (78 day bombing of Serbia) to “surgical strikes” that have caused dozens of “collateral damage”, the imperialist powers redefined the boundaries . Cause exacerbation of existing nonstop nationalist, then pushing the troops of local allies to cut the region to create entirely dependent small states. A democratic solution that respects the rights of nations, nationalities and ethnic minorities have been systematically torpedoed by bombing and nationalist similar treatment.

Imperialism U.S. military bases dispersed new strategy in the Balkans. Tens of thousands of NATO soldiers stationed there, including 2000 French troops.

The majority of the governments of the European Union and the U.S., immediately recognized the independence of Kosovo, where the total number of unemployed breaking records and where the population lives in part of the money of the Kosovar diaspora. The subsoil here is causing the appetite of the mining monopolies and neo-liberal partisans of the EU, like Kouchner, a promising integration of Kosovo and Serbia’s EU social dumping, free and not distorted competition, privatization and loop of “convergence criteria”.

In these circumstances, the independence of Kosovo is not good news for the people of the Balkans, it is a new bridge head of imperialism, above all U.S. imperialism, which continues its own policy of destabilization to maintain hegemony.

Accelerating the recognition of this independence, Sarkozy involve more of our country’s political instability and civil wars of American imperialism.

Paris, February 20, 2008
Communist Workers’ Party of France (PCOF)

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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