Colombia: Revolutionaries Call For Abstention

The Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Colombia Marxist-Leninist presented a report on the presidential elections last May and outlined the new guidelines going into the second round on June 20.

Confirmed that the conditional support to the candidacies of the Polo Democratico Alternativo, PDA, agreed at the Fourth Plenum was correct, said that large groups which oppose the regime if “can circumvent the government’s violent crackdown” and achieve results. The votes obtained by the PDA, the high abstention, invalid votes and blank, the poor results obtained by the Conservatives and Liberals, below the PDA, confirm that the current “popular guided by the revolutionary left and the democratic sectors” is maintained and grows in some quarters as a result of the harmony of the work developed with the masses to create new spaces for action to counter the claims of political right and organically isolate the forces of change.

Media manipulation of the media to mislead the people, evidenced in the bubble created around Mockus, who won over three million votes, was also analyzed by the CEC, indicating their key role and the “failure of surveys measure of reality.”

The lack of democratic guarantees, manipulations to the polls to direct the vote fraud, vote buying and selling in various regions of the country and the story of the need to continue with the “democratic security”, said the victory of the candidate imperialism and the oligarchy.

In the second round by the abstention

After analyzing the dynamics of the electoral situation where many forces “electioneering” that oppose Uribe “without confronting the essence of class politics”, press and work to reach agreements or alliances with Mockus, a right-winger whose proposal the political, economic social and not going for the popular sectors-the comrades “by combining all forms of organization and struggle” that flirt with large sections of the masses, disseminate PCdeC position on the second round where they pose “active abstention belligerent “and the importance of the crisis pay the rich as a valid outlet for the popular sectors, considering that the working class, peasantry and all the people demands effective social and economic outputs, but no patches and recipes to assist the oligarchy.

Among the guidelines also stated that the main target is Saints and Uribe raises continue working to build the movement of opposition to the regime linking the accumulation of forces with the mass action to achieve tactical successes that signify a revolutionary trend growth, Left and democratic.

Calls to vote blank or null, the definition does not match with fellow election because “the opposition and election made a correlation set and a perspective that makes it wrong to go to ground and return to be unfavorable electoral count” is preferable to increase the business of the abstentions to demonstrate the illegitimacy of a government elected by a minority.

On alliances, agreements and coordination of forces, noting that this was successful for the first round of presidential elections, but for the second round things changed, as there is the possibility of unifying actions with sectors that raised the abstention in the first back. This tactic should not be construed as a breach of the unit and keep fighting chance of electoral episode ended 2010.

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