PCMLV: Editorial Revolutionary Steel No. 10, July 2011

Internal organ of the Central Committee PCMLV

All the facts confirm our thesis that we approach a general deepening crisis of capitalism. Stage, which like its predecessors, will be mediated by wars and revolutions, by intense class struggle that disrupts everything set and opens the way for a new historical moment.

The great popular movements are becoming part of everyday life, the mass media can no longer keep the workers and peoples are mobilizing to reject the measures they intend to place on their shoulders the weight of the crisis, large concentrations of young workers in general are subjugated peoples actually from North Africa, the Middle East to Europe, America, and in general all the world is a wave that moves, but still led by bourgeois conceptions, but where every day is harder working class and proletarian organizations.

On the other hand wars are spreading, the imperialist offensive shamelessly appropriating oil and other natural resources is becoming more evident. Libya is the current victim, but any country that has raw materials that are useful to the imperialists is exempt from attack. Given that only the organic organization of the proletariat in Marxist-Leninist party for further action within the masses, building the strength in military civic action can actually be deployed in a moment, as a way to stop the invader, and move towards socialist revolution, is the real option with the exploited and oppressed.

In that sense, the threat hangs over Venezuela, imperialism carries out tests and threats of aggression in different ways. The imperialist offensive is serious, to the crisis afflicting the imperialist world choose to follow the guidelines more radical, so-called hawks in the international right (ultra-right sectors) take the reins of the offensive against the peoples of the world with the boot order to force wealth across countries and possession of new lands, oil, water, land of good quality, so that’s the booty they seek, with this aim to raise resources to continue subsidizing their economies. But the capitalist economy yet still battered, only reviving the productive will succeed and it will not happen in the short term, as the medicine being applied by lowering wages, firing workers and closing businesses only leads to depression economy.

In the case of Venezuela, the Bolivarian government, rather than unite leftist forces, opens to a set of convenience with the right-wing President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, chief of the U.S. pawn in the region. As part of this revolutionary delivery by creating mistrust in sectors of the left who assume that there is no justification from the standpoint of revolutionary policy that corresponds to the “real politik” or state policy. This in turn shows some fear and hesitation in international politics, completely ignoring the essence of proletarian internationalism.

One of the situations that reflect this fact is the delivery of the fascist Joaquin Perez Becerra Colombian government. Some organizations mobilized against the delivery of Perez Becerra, being this a clear indication of inconsistency, this fact also shows the deepening of a policy that began in 2008, when the president said negatively against the armed struggle, specifically the FARC and the ELN.

Under pressure from the international right wing revolutionaries must not yield, we should not endorse actions done to curry favor with the imperialists and fascists (Santos among them) then this will not curb in any way the imperialist actions against us. On the contrary, if the enemy sees our weakness lash out with greater force.

The revolutionary movement must understand that these bourgeois-democratic processes that are driven by the petty bourgeoisie, they move from one extreme radicalism and the sell-out, behavior typical of this class sector. In general these processes, if properly interpreted and while the democratic currents in control, mean a number of possibilities to advance in the organization and awareness of the majority, based on nationalistic and patriotic positions to advance the commitment to the proletariat.

For the Latin American revolutionary movement and especially Venezuelan definition approximate times, times of attack from the right, in which sectors are afraid and hesitant to seek to reconcile, the cowards and traitors desert begin to act openly as agents of the right, providing information and obstructing the action of the vanguard of the working class, trying to create confusion as alleged reasons hide behind “ideological” to hide his inconsistency petty bourgeois party of the proletariat only take steps forward in these joints, is treated and consolidates its share his politics and his presence among the masses with a clear vision supported by its program and in the history of Marxist-Leninist struggle to move consistently in the way of the proletarian revolution.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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