PCOT: Revolution until we achieve full and effective equality between the sexes

Tunisian women salutes this year’s International Women’s Day in a historic new. The Tunisian people revolted and managed on 14 January last drop of the dictator and the seizure of freedom. Today he continues his revolution to finally get rid of the dictatorship and the establishment of a democratic system, and achieve a national and popular in which the demands and aspirations.

Has contributed to women in active and effective in this revolution of the country’s south to the north, contributed to the workers and employees and Almatlat work of university graduates and students and the educated and creative, lawyers and judges, housewives, and gave great pictures of the resistance and resilience.

The campus of the Ben Ali police, although Chdgah to “modernity”, Tunisian women of their freedom and rights. A large number of them, of whom campaigners from the Labour Party and his youth, to arrest, torture and deprivation of the study and employment. Women and deprived even of the Day March 8, which turned into a formal occasion to glorify the dictator. And highlighted the latter had caused all of the oppression of women struggling and associations, committees and independent women’s clubs.

Despite the noise, which was held on the status of women in Tunisia, they did not Anlun in fact, their rights, complete and did not earning an equal basis with men, not on the legal level or in terms of reality, where stayed the first victims of unemployment, poverty and marginalization, discrimination in various areas (wages and promotion, professional … ), illiteracy, prostitution, violence, etc..

The women in Tunisia face a new stage of their lives. The revolution is not over yet and still the Tunisian people did not hold the reins of power and conflict at its peak with the remnants of the dictatorship that wants to abort the revolution. The women, as men, are welcome to continue the struggle until the revolution does not stop in the middle of the road and unable to enemies of the revolution to regain control.

The January 14 revolution is a revolution of freedom and equality, dignity and social justice. These values ​​are to be translated on the ground for the women of Tunisia, not to go back and not a continuation of the persecution and inequality in any form and under any pretext whatsoever. The opportunity for women to Tunisia are earning a significant jump on the road to complete their liberation and the actual and the markers of a new page of Arab women who are still toiling under the yoke of tyranny medieval.

One of the important stations in the next phase which will have a role in shaping the future of women in Tunisia is the station the election of the National Constituent Assembly which will draft a new constitution for the country. The transformation of gender equality and the principle of constitutional empowerment of women the same rights as men in the family, society and public life and the recognition of the social function of motherhood, and the criminalization of all forms of discrimination, sexual themes are a must-have from a site in the new constitution.

  • To advance the revolution in order to achieve its objectives.
  • To strive to be the election of the Constituent Assembly consecration of popular sovereignty.
  • To make full and effective equality between the sexes gain from the gains of the revolution.

Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party
March 8, 2011

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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