Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PCRCI): Civil War in the Ivory Coast – the Signs Are Out There!

Civil war raged in Ivory Coast. Those who claim otherwise now be counted among those fearing to be seen as alarmist or like stoking the violence. It is also about people who want to hide behind euphemisms for fear of having to face the difficult reality that the Ivorian people. In fact, the period beginning in September 2002 which corresponds to the Ivory Coast is now creeping into civil war, sometimes in open civil war. Since December 3, 2010, when the announcement of the results of the second round of the presidential election, civil war is open, it has reached an intensity never seen before in Abidjan, the main city.

The sufferings are at their peak. The most heinous crimes are committed. The horror was at its height. Some cases listed below the most recent outline of the current panorama macabre. Civilian populations are targeted by gunfire with heavy weapons or they are taken from their homes and coldly slaughtered and are burnt to death at checkpoints erected in the streets and roads. The villagers boarded a transit vehicle, all travelers were extracted and were slaughtered after they have dug their own graves. Seven (7) women were shot with heavy weapons while participating in a peaceful demonstration. Shells launched against a market town of Abobo have killed about thirty people and left dozens injured. Villages in the west are fully burned. The figures show the most credible of more than 800 killed in less than four months.

Tens of thousands of people went into exile. Hundreds of thousands of Abidjan residents have abandoned houses and baggage to win towns in the interior where they are sometimes forced to sleep under the stars. Foreigners sometimes hunted down and executed simply because they are not Ivorians are forced to return, en masse, their countries. Other thousands of people are wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood within the city of Abidjan according to the movement centers of intense fighting and especially brutality against unarmed people.

The armed forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo hold the record for killings of civilians. They are those who routinely use heavy weapons against civilians, that burn people alive, who are hunting militants of political parties other than those supporting Laurent Gbagbo, who hunt aliens, who plunder the property of Ivorians and foreigners and burned their homes , which give ultimatums requiring certain categories of people to leave areas under penalty of being massacred. The public and private media committed to the propaganda of the clan Gbagbo openly call for murder, publish speeches reveling in the massacres.

Gbagbo and his clan called the civil war with all their hearts, they may have their civil war. However, contrary to what they hoped they no longer have the certainty of winning the civil war to change things on the ground. Then they have not yet succeeded in extending the civil war on the religious and ethnic. It’s not for lack of trying. As proof they ordered the distribution of weapons of war to all their supporters. They have created fires Muslim places of worship hoping retaliation by the Muslim faithful, but this proved futile, at least so far. Some of their supporters are trying provocation to trigger inter-ethnic clashes. These maneuvers are still unsuccessful in both cities than in rural areas. The beginnings of conflagrations have so far been contained. The majority of people understand that the real problem that the clan is that Gbagbo wants to drown its leader lost the presidential election, but he refuses to leave. Community leaders play an important role in easing tensions.

The struggle of the Ivorian people to overcome the current post-election crisis may be even longer. But there are already grounds for satisfaction. Despite the difficulties of any kind, despite the terror set up by the militia and mercenaries in the pay of Gbagbo, despite the death lurking everywhere, the people have not wavered from its goal, that of ensuring compliance with expressed his will November 28, 2010. The unity of the people becomes firmer, the demonstrations are growing. This heroic attitude is a valuable asset to preserve.

Abidjan, March 24 2011.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire

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