Communist Platform: The provocations and violence of the reactionary government will not stop the mobilization of the workers and people!

October 15: A huge event has invaded the streets of Rome. Hundreds of thousands of participants took to the streets to not pay the debt crisis and the financial oligarchy and the country to flock to shoulders of workers, youth, women, pensioners. United in the fight against unemployment, insecurity, privatization and the cost of war, corruption and the Mafia.

The mistrust of the institutions of bourgeois, capitalist dictates the rejection of the will to change, common to the mass of demonstrators. In front of the impressive mobilization of the reactionary government of Berlusconi and his Minister of Police – Maroni, the Northern League – has unleashed a furious attack on the event, no doubt planned. The climate was been prepared earlier in the day, even with the ban is unacceptable to manifest in the historical center.

Result: the palaces of power have been protected and attacked the demonstration. At first it was broken two in the procession, taking advantage of the irresponsible actions of anarchist groups, and then was prevented major the demonstrators to arrive at Piazza San Giovanni, which was besieged and then emptied with a brutal charge. Finally raids were made​in raids and even hospitals.

Thousands of young, unemployed, students, workers have stood for hours on end to violence police and provocations, the streets were defending themselves, expressing their protest and their rabies. Among the hundreds of wounded protesters complain (including some severe) and dozens of arrests. Given the charges – At full speed with tanks against demonstrators – only if there were no casualties. The shameful handling of the ‘”public policy” has been functional to specific policy objectives: to obscure the reasons for the day of struggle, the opposition Social criminalize, attacking freedom of expression.

Now all the bourgeois parties, reformist or reactionary, condemned the “violent protesters”, compactors defense of the capitalist order. The truth is plain for everyone: the true and only responsible for the violence and devastation social reactionary Berlusconi government, the worst government of republican and one of the worst the world. And ‘significant that October 15 is expressed in more than 80 countries, but only in Italy there have been clashes.

This government wants to remain glued to their seats by increasing the anti-people looting, frontally attacking the labor movement and popular, liquidating the democratic freedoms. But he hurt his accounts: the Day of Action on 15 October marked the final and his failure given notice to any other team bourgeois who wanted to continue with the same policy for exclusive monopoly capitalists, the ECB, the EU and NATO.

The key to the situation lies in the hands of the working class. The strike on Friday 21 of Fiat workers and Fincantieri – to whom we express our full solidarity – will be another important opportunity to bring down Berlusconi on the side of workers’ struggle.

We continue to fill the streets, do not stop!

We are the majority and we are fed up!

Let us strengthen the front of struggle of the proletariat, we create on its basis a broad popular front to open the way for alternative revolutionary rupture.

We demand the ouster of the government of the poverty and violence unpopular!

We give life to a large and continuous mobilization to change the page, for a government that arises by the united struggle of the oppressed and exploited masses, the only one who can save the country from ruin.

Of major interest is to build a strong Communist Party, guided by the principles of Marxism- Leninism and based on the labor movement. Organize!

October 16, 2011
Communist Platform

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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