Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party: Statement

Please note this translation is done by Google from the original Arabic and will not be of high quality.

— E.S.

June 12 (June)

Found in recent acts of violence and vandalism, arson and intimidation of citizens carried out by groups of bearded announces affiliation of the current Salafi in different regions of the country of Tunisia, and targeting these criminal acts, public and private property and caused a state of terror and chaos, especially areas of Sidi Bouzid, Jendouba … All under the pretext of “defending Islam and the holy places” and as “addressing the law violators.”

Has handled the “troika” of the ruling with this business, despite the condemnation of the immense popularity with what caused disruption and confusion on the interests and demands of citizens, Petrakh blatantly depth of discontent in the political circles and civil society, despite the language of intimidation used by some authority figures (such as: “Has space “- Noureddine Beheiri -,” We will implement the law on any act of violence “- broad -,” We will come who are involved in the atonement “- President equitable Marzouqi) in order to ward off and remove the charge of complicity of power with this trend, which has become loose hands and completely out of law unchecked and that the testimony of all.

Having taken these actions oriented Ascending serious since yesterday under the pretext of “defending the sanctities” and “fight the unbelievers” in reference to the incident exhibition fees to “Alabdlah,” This has coincided escalation with the lawsuit inflammatory explicit launched by “Ayman al-Zawahiri,” the fighting and the Declaration of Jihad against the whoever does not accept application of Shariah espoused by al-Qaeda.

Has started since the time of burning and destruction of many institutions, each of the “Mr. Hussein”, and “Jendouba” and “Marina” and “neighborhood solidarity” to affect the headquarters of political parties (Communist Workers Party of Tunisia, the movement of national Democrats, the Republican Party …) and the headquarters of the General Union of Tunisian Workers, centers and areas of security (Alsajuma, Sousse, Hay Riad, dizziness Hicher …).

And the Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party condemns explicitly acts of violence and vandalism, looting, arson and expresses its solidarity with all affected parties and citizens and institutions, to assure care for the general national public opinion as follows:

– To stir up the call to the fighting between the Tunisian whatever Motaha Whatever the cover and the subsequent acts of violence, arson and sabotage can not in any way serve the interests of the Tunisian people, representing a serious threat to unity, but can only serve the interests of constituencies and parties hostile to the revolution , you want to pay the people of Tunisia in the maze of violence and fighting and serving foreign agendas that stand against the people’s liberation from all forms of plunder, exploitation and subordination.

– These repeated actions which are based most often on the pretext of “defending the religion and sanctities,” has been associated with – always suspiciously – a growing popular movement and the social and the escalation of the licit movement demanding goals of the revolution in dignity and social justice, taking on dimensions most dangerous as it is located employment religion and manipulate the feelings of Muslims and the involvement of Bmekdsat people in the conflict raging between the forces of the government to circumvent the Revolution, both within and outside the government.

– Held responsible head of the government, which seeks in all shapes to impose its hegemony and to continue to circumvent the demands of the revolution, seeking to criminalize all motionless my demand and certified speech inciting against all opposers opinion employee which in many cases, religion and religious institutions, deliberate inaction in dealing with this file and in the truth of the Tunisian about the fact that these groups are suspicious outlaw Almsemsrh and religion to justify acts of terrorism and criminal in the right of citizens.

– Open calls for serious and independent investigation on the violence and vandalism, arson and perpetrators held accountable and reveal their links and their funding sources. (Financiers).

– Calls on all democratic forces and civil to unite in the face of this blatant threat to the security and freedom of citizens of the country and the unity of real substance to achieve the objectives of the revolution.

It also goes the Labour Party to the general public including young people Salafi and invite them to not to be drawn behind these calls for fighting and rivalry between the sons of one people, because the interest of the Tunisian people in his unit on the basis of completion of tasks the revolution and against all the forces of counter-revolution internal and external that you want to return the country to the rule tyranny.

Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party
Tunisia 12 June 2012

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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