Revisiting the Gaza Genocide by Israel

Crimes of Zionism & Imperialism in Gaza

by the communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist)

June 1, 2010

The premeditated armed attack in international waters by Israeli Zionism materialized against the occupants of a humanitarian fleet is another heinous act of a State and a genocidal government, is another link in the chain of crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people.

Zionist hordes were joint military exercises with NATO in the days of the assault, so one can speak of the complicity of the Yankees, we know that according to military plans approved by Obama in late May among its objectives includes “preparing the ground” for future attacks on U.S. troops or their allies. That is, only changed the words but in fact is the “perpetual war” against peoples struggling for national liberation and social. Hence, the United Nations declarations do not pass the formalities, you know that Washington was appointed Israel gendarme of the Middle East.

The “Freedom Flotilla” are eight boats with 750 people on board, belonging to different nationalities and solidarity organizations, including the European Parliament. Internationalist solidarity plan set sail to break the unjust and illegal naval blockade of the military occupation of the Gaza Strip, ordered from Tel Aviv to pursue the Hamas movement, which remains under the legal Palestinian organization is deemed “terrorist” for failing to reconcile with the imperialist-Zionist plans to deny independent territory and the Palestinian people. They had ten thousand tons of food, medicine, surgical supplies, etc. To alleviate the suffering of about a million and half Palestinians under siege and humiliated by the boot invasion in late 2008.

The Israeli government claims “self defense from terrorism” clumsy and laughable arguments that challenge the so-called international community, which provides refuge to let injustices of the bourgeois governments of the world.

Now there are 10 dead, over 60 injured and 700 arrested but the Zionist military operation Cast Lead began in December 2008 with the slaughter of civilians in Gaza which caused 1,300 deaths, thousands injured, destruction of homes and basic infrastructure but had no more than rhetorical sanctions. On this pattern of impunity, the hawkish State of Israel has been building its physical expansion, and its occupation of Palestinian territory trampling international law.

Citing “safety” and the right to protect “of terrorism,” Israeli Zionism took over territory, destroying Palestinian houses and crops, burst water reservoirs, converted large areas into concentration camps to fully support the Zionist Jews Wall Street financial oligarchy that sponsored the candidacy of Obama. The history of crimes have the “justification” for the Americans and British unconditionally accompanying Israeli criminals.

In various cities and towns there are demonstrations against the pirate assault and slaughter of civilians. People unanimously condemning Israel while calling buddies research. Always the case when these barbarians make his usual mischief.

The real “international community” is formed by the peoples and nations that support the injustices of a capitalist-imperialist system incapable of guaranteeing the existence, food, education and health of the inhabitants of the globe. The Zionists have taken too much the feeling of solidarity of the people with the horrors of the Nazis against the Jews, that is used today to act like Hitler and Mussolini. Enough!

Long live the heroic people of Palestine! Long live international solidarity!
Down with Zionism and imperialism!
Fighting Unidos Venceremos!
Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist)

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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