Esta Vez NO!

Correa is in the service of the right and the United States

Villacis Luis Maldonado, National Director of MPD, noted that Correa is leading a capitalist right-wing government, pro-imperialist and therefore not only maintains a pact with the right, but maintains part of it. These facts that have been evident in anti-worker policy, trying to privatize water, the delivery of our resources to U.S. and Chinese transnational corporations, agreements for mutual collaboration with the United States (DEA and U.S. Southern Command, etc.).

Under rule by Correa, the right and the oligarchy are economically better than ever, the lip may prove confrontational, but in fact set the course for the procedure, Villacís said. He added that the resignation of Assemblyman Henry Blacksmith agreements makes it clear that the present administration maintains a section of the right, who originated the proposal to affect the freedom of citizens through anti-democratic consultation.

Additionally empedista leader noted that further evidence are the arrangements for the adoption of legislation in the National Assembly between Alliance Warrior and Timber Country. These political developments and the continuing allegations of corruption, and to attempt to control the judiciary show that we are dealing with a system to serve the oligarchy, under the U.S. interest and contrary to the interests of workers and peoples of Ecuador, are more than enough reasons to vote NO on the query.

MPD rejects U.S. interference in internal affairs of Ecuador and requires investigation into allegations of corruption involving President Correa

The National Executive of the Popular Democratic Movement through its director Luis Villacís Maldonado condemned the continuing interference by the U.S. government in the internal affairs of Ecuador, as demonstrated again in the cables revealed by Wikileaks authoring Ambassador Heather Hodges Quito U.S. and engage in acts of corruption by former Police Commander.

The MPD, in principle rejects any form of foreign intervention and supports the departure of Ambassador Hodges, representing the U.S. government’s imperialist policies. At the same time requires the president to rescind. Correa has signed agreements with the DEA his government and USAID, which submitted to the Police and the Ecuadorian armed forces to the interventionist policy of the United States.

Villacis said “who are consistent in defending national sovereignty claim by the complicit silence of President Correa’s intervention Outpost Operations” FOL “in the city of Manta and American planes in the attack on Ecuadorian territory March 1, 2008 as established by the Commission on Transparency and Truth About the Case of the Bombing of Angostura “recalled that regard, either the President or the Chancellor Patiño Correa has not raised even a note of protest.

Finally, MPD director stated that the allegations made​against former National Police Chief Jaime Hurtado Vaca Aquilino very serious and involve the President himself as Correa required to be investigated urgently and the culprits must be punished.

MPD: Departure of U.S. Ambassador attempt to cover up corruption

The Popular Democratic Movement, through its director Luis Villacis Maldonado, noted that the Ecuadorian government’s decision to order the departure of the U.S. ambassador in Quito, is in the interest of covering up the corruption that dots the Correa regime, and is by no means a patriotic and anti-imperialist position.

Villacis recalled the submission with which Correa in Hillary Clinton’s visit and his declaration of “the left to which I belong is not anti-capitalist, or imperialist” clear evidence of its ideological stance. He said the U.S. embassy and Correa held mutual tolerance, including the conductor of Wikileaks said for months: “The double standard maintained by the Ecuadorian government, said that although during the entire month of March (bombing Angostura 2008) the president had strong accusations against the U.S., while he met with the ambassador of that country to communicate its desire to preserve economic arrangements.”

Emepedista leader said that further evidence of their complacency with the United States is that in three years has not done anything nor has he given any notice of protest, when the commission investigating the bombing of Angostura determined that the aircraft came from the base Manta U.S..

This event which reveals the involvement of senior members of the police in acts of corruption, evidence that the consultation which seeks to conceal corruption, insecurity and maintain, these problems will be solved until the root is removed embedded corruption in high government circles. Villacís added that neither the query nor demagogic measures will resolve the uncertainty, and urged the workers and peoples of Ecuador and the world not to be surprised by the demagogic speech of the campaign, Correa long ago betrayed the political project. so THIS TIME NO.

MPD: At 4 years into the revolution – NO Correa socialism

The MDP National Council meeting in Quito on Saturday January 15, through its Director Luis Villacis Maldonado, reported that in these four years of government Correa’s betrayal of the workers and peoples of Ecuador grew. “In four years THERE IS NO revolution or socialism. ”

Emepedista leader claimed that a right-wing government at the service of Americans and Chinese, adding that in 4 years the poor are poorer and the rich richer, where the demagoguery and lies are a constant and the violation the Constitution, giving up our sovereignty and delivery of natural resources to multinationals.

The National Council of MPD reported that the government of Rafael Correa is subject to the policies of IMF and World Bank, and by paquetazo which was intended to express the people’s reaction and was in the back mirror of Evo Morales in endeavors.

Villacis said the MPD proposes alternative measures, instead of taking paquetazos against the people, is charged debtors of the banks closed 2 thousand 500 million dollars for tax evasion of $ 2 billion; stop advertising campaign that cost the town more than $ 170 million; fails to pay the billions of dollars of foreign debt; reversal of the mining, oil and telephone and address health, education and the reactivation of the productive apparatus.

Finally, he noted that the MPD in principle agrees with popular participation and consultation do not accept willful attitude to the referendum Correa, wanting to use patronage as a smokescreen to divert the real issues facing the country and added that MPD militants will be vigilant and not allow them once again using a sense of the people for safety, seeking to implement unpopular policies.

MPD: Correa: neither left nor right … is right

The National Director of the MPD, Luis Villacis Maldonado said the ban on Intercultural Education Act once again shows the double standards of the scheme to include the implementation of religious education in educational institutions, violating the Constitution and disrespect for the principle of secularism, an important progress achieved by the Liberal Revolution and the General Eloy Alfaro.

The Presidential Veto violates the Constitution of Ecuador in Articles 1, which states that Ecuador is a secular state, the Article 28, third paragraph, “public education will be universal and secular at all levels” and the art. 29, expresses the freedom of parents to choose for their sons and daughters, according to their beliefs, principles and pedagogical options, with this is to divide the educational community, parents, students having different Villacis said religious beliefs.

He said that did not include the draft resolution adopted at the meeting, which protects teachers’ contracts provide job security and fair wages, social gains have been removed and contributions of the educational community, has crippled the job security of teachers to impose immediate dismissal and other rights of students, parents and mothers of families, peoples and nationalities that were made with the approval of the Bill which received the vote of 106 Assembly members now erased at a stroke by President.

Emepedista leader claiming that this idea ended late, neoconservative and right was defeated by social mobilization of students, teachers and parents in previous governments as the de León Febres Cordero and Sixto Duran Ballen, today Correa will have the same response: the massive rejection of the Ecuadorian people and the defense of secularism.

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