PC (AP) on May Day


In this 1st of May 2011, a new day of the International Solidarity of Workers, the following criteria, expressed in simplified form, against its political and organizational, that in many others, are unavoidable and essential to address the development of policy and successful struggle of workers and peoples:

1 – Internationally

It is urgent to raise to a new level of consciousness the development and the mobilization of workers and peoples against the imperialist powers, which with some degree of disputes between them and with unity in essence, attack people and nations with impunity, subjecting them to exploitation and destruction, leading to the virtual annihilation of the economies of regions and even continents, as in much of Africa.

Support and help from the interests of workers and peoples to the struggle for democracy, people and socialism carried out at different locations, particularly in Arab towns, greeting the Iraqi and Afghan resistance, and the people of Libya to the imperialist military intervention and sovereign governments with varying degrees of resolution facing reactionary policies and imperialist domination such as, among others, the governments of Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Belarus, Nepal, Venezuela and Bolivia.

We encourage and promote coordination and unity of workers, the union movement internationally, from the common interests of the proletariat and the radicals to the anti-capitalist struggle for popular democracy and socialism.

2 – In the national

We decisively promote the revitalization of the trade union movement on a class basis, unity, struggle and the construction of trade unions independent of the bosses’ parties and government agencies. It is time that the current union leaders live up to the struggle to rectify a long, demobilizing and submissive period of inactivity and conciliation with governments and employers. It is time for a new and superior labor movement, for union leaders and worthy fighters, or to leave our old union leaders and appeasing political passivity or must be replaced by new and superior leadership willing to defend both the immediate interests as working class and workers in general.

We must continue with greater energy by putting the political demands in the center, and with it, the Constituent Assembly and a new Constitution, through which we can and must place the various demands for the current historical period presented to the workers and people of Chile.

In terms of the trade union, it is urgently required, through mobilization or imposition of demands in the areas of trade union rights, labor laws and union operation. We must remember that beyond the legal guarantees that may be imposed, the focus is on organizational strength, ideological and political union – the only guarantee to fulfill its natural role in the organization of the working class and the workers.

In the face of ridicule and the shameless profit from monopolies and banks, and the cheerful figures from the corporate government of Piñera, it is URGENT that decisions are made to build from the active trade union movement, using practices of workers’ democracy and association, a platform of fighting for the period, which must account for the immediate demands in defense of life, salary, job security, pension rights, health, etc.

For the workers, the immediate aim, and only as a starting point to build the platform, is demanding a minimum wage of 350 pesos a month and a bonus for locomotion not less than 40 thousand (apart from salary) for each worker.

The first of May is for Chilean workers a day of Unity and Struggle determined by their economic and political demands, not a party with their employers and the government. This day is when we remember that the working class is one and international, which is own project of society, socialism.

We have to remember, otherwise we cannot pay homage to the martyrs of Chicago!

Long live the workers and their struggles for better living conditions and for socialism!

Long live international solidarity of workers and peoples!

Forward, a unionism of anti-capitalist struggle, anti-boss, anti-Piñera!

Only the fight given that the laws, standards and refuse Piñera!

Central Committee Political Secretariat

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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