PCE-ML: For a First of May of Unity and Struggle

In the last year, Zapatero and his government have adopted the toughest adjustment plans, assuming the positions of the major bourgeoisie. They have cut public spending, frozen pensions, reduced the salaries of public employees and increased the IVA. This does not make a left-wing politics, nor does taking measures to cut rights, labor reform, increased retirement age, etc. The government is fully aware that it acts on behalf of a handful of speculators and unscrupulous businessmen, and causes an untenable situation for millions of working families.

Let no one think that pressure will cease: The European Central Bank, instructed by the German government has just increased interest rates, but this more expensive debt will worsen the budget deficit of the Spanish economy and even more difficult things for working families and pymes. The European Union has ordered the prohibition by law of member states’ indebtedness and obligation to set wages based on productivity of enterprises. Zapatero and Rajoy must have committed to this must have for years, even if it means prolonging the crisis and its social consequences in Spain.

In the last three years have proved that they are unwilling to spend money to create jobs for all groups, improve social services, implement the Dependency Act or guarantee a minimum income to the unemployed, but they are willing to spend thousands of millions of euros to support bankers, merge and privatize the Savings Bank, and engage in military interventions decided by the imperialist powers: the latest aggression against Libya.

Very hard times ahead, further ahead are new blows coming to the rights, living conditions and wages of millions of workers. We cannot cope with these challenges, if we remain scattered and disorganized. The irresponsible fear of most of the direction of CCOO and UGT, their distrust of the strength of the working class that was shown in the General Strike of September 29 has led them to engage in pension reform, and perhaps also in collective bargaining, which remains open, rather than continue the fight.

But the conciliatory and cowardly attitude and Toxo and Mendez cannot be  the argument to further disperse the forces of the proletariat and weaken their organization. The Communists call on the working class to prepare for the fighting that will come by strengthening their organizations, and firstly, unions, developing unity and fighting to disperse the enemy forces and weaken their political objectives.

We need unity, but the trade union unity cannot be an excuse to give up the fight. On the contrary, within the unions we have to do battle against opportunistic leaders who are committed to the reconciliation of classes and social peace, supporting trade unionists in class; in the special manner of the CCOO Critical Sector, which is the only organized reference.

The political forces of the bourgeoisie, led by the PSOE and the PP (and there is no difference between them, neither between the Catalan or Basque nationalists) have made clear their aim is to go as far as we let them in reactionary reforms. They openly acknowledge that unemployment and recession will extend at least until 2015, however, they insist over and over again in new cuts, as announced by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

In these circumstances, to face the future, we need to unite against the common enemy: those 1400 families who take more than 70% of the wealth we create, and those who represent their political interests. So far, we have responded to adjustment plans adopted by different governments and we move on to define our own alternatives. We need to express our goals in a political agenda.

The measures required by the working majority have already been exposed by workers: a deep fiscal reform to ensure more resources to the State, to make the wealthy and privileged pay and end the employer tax fraud, business leaders and financial resources, increased public spending to ensure the protection of the unemployed, the coverage of public services and improved social benefits, measures to ensure loans to pymes and families and stop the antisocial attitude of the financial sector, leading to the nationalization of banks; momentum industrialization, etc.

Without these and other measures to put the state’s role in the general interest and collective rights at the heart of economic policy, it will take a long time to overcome the crisis and what will we do with a brutal loss of employment, a weakened ability to organize and defend our achievements, and having sacrificed the rights of an entire generation, doomed to live in worse conditions than their parents and respond in a massive debt, incurred to further the interests of the handful of parasites that caused the recession.

The problem we face is that this program is diametrically opposed to a political structure, economic and administrative, controlled by unscrupulous elements, educated in the impunity of fascism, a political class is undermined by corruption and judicial system increasingly right-wing.

The monarchy continues a political cycle drowned in scandal and misery, overwhelmed by a continuous spectacle of miserable confrontation between institutions and corrupt politicians, with the levers of power in the hands of bandits who are allowed to give advice to a working class which have been forever fleeces, among the rustle of robes and the false glitter of his old and reactionary imperial dreams.

If we do not sweep away this scum, we cannot dream to change the course of events. They continue sending their markets, they apply their policies and continue to accelerate democratic degradation.

On this first of May, at the gates of separate elections which may make a radical shift to political landscape, with a government thrust into the hands of the big business, an emboldened right and a weak and dispersed left, we must realize that the coming months will not be sufficient to recover the social mobilization. We must move to raise the struggle in political terms, to change the regime and conquer and the Federal Republic, to hold against the reactionary oligarchy and lay the groundwork for further progress in the struggle of the proletariat for its emancipation.

There’s no escape – continue or else they will consent to follow marked public policy, make laws and ignore them at will and destroy the gains that our class has won after more than a century of hard struggle.




Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist)

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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