Hysni Milloshi runs for mayor of Tirana

The communists officially launched their campaign for May 8th local elections, presenting Hysni Milloshi as their candidate for Mayor of Tirana.

In front of the supporters gathered at the History Museum, Milloshi attacked the Socialist Party leaders.

“What brings us together with the socialist electorate is the difficult life, but it divides us more than the mountains from you Socialist Nazis. But we are unbreakable, because we are pure Marxist steel”, Miloshi declared.

Communist Party of Albania opened yesterday the campaign for local elections of 8 May. Base and its members have presented its own candidate, Hysni Milloshi, as the man most worthy to win the Municipality of Tirana. Having assessed the work of blood and fallen for the liberation of Albania in his blood that gave light Albania, which today is the misuse policies for their own interests, Milloshi explained the reasons that led to running for mayor for. “I run for leader of the Municipality of the capital, and risk my authority. However, and authority and my name is a zero before the name and authority of the Communist Party. I fight in this battle to express as possible communist alternative, free thinking and not worry about it, but my goal is to achieve the objective that the party has set itself, “said Milloshi, and demanded a vote of unemployed, the homeless and those who have lost confidence in big parties.

He said the Communist Party confident that running not as an equal, yet it feels happy political force if they vote to be taken, shall be the communist votes and votes that are not deceived by the chunk of power and money to candidates other. Meanwhile, Milloshi has categorically denied any political support another party where he entered the race for mayor. “It’s talking these days that helped us a party to compete, but it’s a big lie, because we, because of the Code, not garojmë throughout Albania. Does anyone to believe this? Who has helped us in these 20 years of so called democracy? We only brand we could confront these challenges and will only be completely overcome in the future. But in the next parliamentary elections, hoping that will change the code, will show our real strength across the country, “said Milloshi, and later accused the Socialist Party has used in past elections.

According to him, the SP has won many times the votes of the Communist Party and the code passed it out in the runoff. Then win races just by these votes. “However, the SP is concerned left and right in practice, never showed fine with us, but always exploited us. This is doing well now. How can we say that will help Sali Berisha today in tomorrow’s local elections and the general ones? We go out in these contest, not to help Sali Berisha, but because we have endured enough 20 years and now the SP is afraid of losing the votes of the Communists, “said Milloshi, and once again urged citizens to give their vote to CPA-in.

Milloshi: Public debate with Rama’s Basha

Communist Party chairman, also a candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Hysni Milloshi, yesterday urged the public showdown with two rivals for the institution. “I would propose that I and two other candidates, Lulzim Basha and Edi Rama, we could go into a debate, as befits the countries with developed democracy and talk about alternatives and then we give this place the people “said Milloshi. He added convinced that, whatever the outcome, the end will emerge victorious communists, arguing that “we are believers in the word given, and not deceitful, as do some of the ca, behind other parties.”

I Futa in this battle to express quirements of possible communist alternative without thinking and not worry about it, but my goal is to achieve that objective it has set itself the party, “said Milloshi.

Chairman of the Communist Party’s stated that his party would be satisfied with those votes that will take because I know they are communist votes, which according to him are not cheated out of power.

“We will seek the vote of hundreds of unemployed, hundreds of homeless, hundreds of thousands of others who have lost faith in big parties, because we are convinced that garojmë in this unequal contest, but we will be happy that they votes that we would be communist votes and votes that are not deceived by the chunk of power and money to other candidates. ”

Milloshi has made application to distance both his opponents and Lulzim Basha Mayor Rama to go to a public debate to confront the “dignity”

“I would propose that two other candidates Rama Basha and I together and we could go into a debate as it has shades countries with developed democracy and flsinim for alternatives that we provide and then this place the people,” said Milloshi.

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