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Interview with Agim Xheka

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(This interview was requested by an independent newspaper but was not published)

Q: At a press conference a few days ago the Party of the United Communists of Albania declared that it would take part in the national elections. Does this mean alone or in alliance with the Communist Party?

A: When we said that we would take part in the elections, we were speaking for our party. We were nor referring to alliances. But we see the Communist Party in the framework of the aim of our congress, that of unity, that of creating a single communist organisation. The achievement of this aim will make us stronger and assist the people to evaluate us correctly.

Q: Do you think that this unity will be realised before the elections?

A. We are doing everything we can in this direction, but I cannot give you a precise reply at present. Inasmuch as our programmes are built on the same foundation, on the ideals of 8 November 1941, on the teachings of Marxism-Leninism and of Enver Hoxha, I can see no reason why unity should not be achieved.

I blame the delay in reaching full agreement on this question mainly on the fact that the communists have been working under conditions of illegality. But I cannot deny that disruptive activity on the part of saboteurs who have penetrated the movement are also a factor. Nevertheless, in today’s conditions, nothing can stop the drive to unity.

Albania is at present leaderless. The great powers are seeking to play with the destinies of the people, whose interests should be paramount. In this they are aided and abetted by today’s pseudo-politicians of the new bourgeoisie. Unless the communists are able to bring about this unity, the people will continue to be exploited by forces inside and outside the frontiers.

Q: Let us imagine for a moment that unity has been realised . . .

A: We communists do not dwell in the world of imagination. But we are convinced that the unity of the communists will be realised, and indeed very soon. Those who work to sabotage this unity know its strength and fear that one day they will be called to account before the people for the harm they have done to Albania and its national wealth.

Q: Are you convinced that, if this unity is achieved, the people will support you in the national elections?

A: Absolutely YES.

Q: You say YES with emphasis. On what do you base this belief?

A: I do not want to go into philosophy, but we bow to the criterion of truth which, as you know, is practice. What has practice shown in the history of mankind? Who overthrew the slave system: the slaveowners or the slaves? Or again, was the October Socialist Revolution made by the oppressors or by the oppressed? Let us come to our own history, to 1944. Who overthrew the feudal-bourgeois rulers and their backers, the occupiers of the country? It was the working people, led by the communists. But who were the communists? Were they representatives of the people or of the oppressors of the people?

The communists have been and are in uninterrupted struggle against the classes who oppress the people. Consequently, they are today in struggle against the bourgeoisie and the parties who support it. Whom should the people believe, the oppressors or the communists?

Q: Are the communists really defenders of the interests of the people?

A; Let me repeat: absolutely YES. This is an undeniable truth. And the people have learned this truth by their own bitter experience of the last ten years. And they have also learned that in the propaganda of the reactionaries, white is portayed as black and black as white.

Q: What is the principal lesson they have learned?

A: They will tell you themselves. They have learned that capitalism has its basis in the exploitation of man by man. They have learned that bourgeois politicians lie and cheat, that they are bandits and criminals.

Q: So the lesson you draw from these last ten years . . . ?

A: We communists did not need ten years to draw the lessons. The year 1991 was enough.

Q: How do you mean?

A: I will attempt to explain in a few words the mistakes that we ourselves made. This is the principal lesson.

Q: So you accept that you made mistakes? ,

A: Oh, certainly. But our mistakes were not of the kind portrayed by bourgeois propaganda. Our mistakes had nothing to do with communist ideals, with Marxist-Leninist ideology, or with the teachings of Enver Hoxha. On the contrary, our mistakes are all concerned with the failure to adhere to these teachings. The principal mistake which we and the people made was loss of vigilance, and it is a mistake for which we have paid very dearly. To concretise this, may I first ask how old you are?

Q: Twenty-five.

A. May you live to be a hundred! Let us look at a little history, because you are in the age-group which for the last ten years has received no proper education. It is necessary to be clear that we communists are not ‘ogres’, as you were taught at school, as we are portrayed by today’s authorities. We are honourable people. We are patriots. We are the first to make sacrifices and the last to make unfounded claims. We communists did not found the Communist Party in order to place it at the service of fascism We did not build power-stations to make profits for foreign companies, but to bring light to the people. We did not build fortifications to defend ourselves against imaginary enemies, but to protect the people against the fate which has befallen our Kosovar brothers. Finally, I ask you, did we communists fulfil the promises we made? Compare our promises with those made today. To repair a bridge today it takes several months to do what the communists would have done in a night. Such are the communist ‘ogres’, and the proofs are countless and indisputable.

Q: You spoke of ‘loss of vigilance’ and ‘mistakes’?

A: Yes, yes. The loss of vigilance occurred at the highest level, in the ranks of the Party of Labour (PLA) The ‘ogres’ entered the Party, or became ‘ogres’ inside it. Thus, after the death of Enver, the leadership of the party fell into the hands of cunning traitors like Ramiz Alia and Sali Berisha, who pretended to be ‘more Catholic than the Pope’. And these mistakes created the conditions which enabled internal and external reaction to realise their long-held aims of restoring capitalism.

Now the Party has cleansed itself of these traitors, and the people has learned where loss of vigilance leads. The people now know, and you will very quickly learn, who are the real communists, to be trusted.

Q: I hope that you succeed in bringing about unity, I wish you success in the elections, and I thank you.

A: Thank you.

ICMLPO: We Will Not Pay For the Crisis or the Debt

No to the So-Called Merkel-Sarkozy “Budget Pact”

Long Live International Solidarity!

The crisis of the capitalist system is striking harsh blows at the countries of the European Unión (EU), which are falling into a recession or are still showing a certain growth. The policy imposed by the governments is the same: an austerity policy that falls exclusively on the workers, the popular masses and the peoples.

The consequences of those policies have repercussions beyond the borders of the EU. The oppressed peoples and countries of Africa are suffering from them through a harshening of the imperialist policy of looting of their material and human resources. The monopolies and the States at their service reinforce their worldwide competition and try to pit the workers and peoples against one another in order to reinforce capitalist exploitation.

Under the pretext of the weight of the States’ debt, the right-wing, social-liberal or coalition governments are trying to make the working class, peasantry, small business people and artisans, youth, women of the popular sectors, the broad masses of the cities and the countryside pay for the crisis.

From one country to another, the austerity plans are imposing wage cuts and tax increases, particularly indirect taxes that crush the popular masses. They are continuing and increasing the privatization and liquidation of the public services, particularly health care, education and social welfare.

Everywhere reforms prevail to extend the years of contribution, to reduce pensions and delay the age of retirement. While the young people have no work and are condemned to precarious jobs, the older ones are forced to work longer, harder and at lower wages. Women workers are particularly affected by these counter-reforms; they are employed in jobs and offices where the wages are lower and with precarious contracts.

These social give-backs are manifested in a severe degradation of the state of health of the pensioners and of families with children, who live below the poverty line.

The monopolies are pursuing their plans of restructuring and mass dismissals, to obtain greater productivity and profits. Unemployment, which particularly strikes the youth, is reaching record highs each month. The austerity policy is accompanied by the elimination of fundamental rights of the working class: the right to organize, to form unions and to strike. Labor legislation is modified to facilitate dismissals.

These anti-social policies are applied by the governments and coordinated at the European level. The “Euro Plus Pact”, the “Stability and Growth Pact”, and the latest European treaty written by Merkel and Sarkozy, are declarations of war against the workers movement, the union movement and the popular movement. Like all the European treaties, they want to “write into the constitution” the anti-popular policies dictated by the financial oligarchy and make them obligatory for all the countries of the EU.

The States are reinforcing their arsenal of repression and police surveillance. The criminalization of the social protest is increasing. Large demonstrations, the occupation of plazas and various mobilizations against the symbols of the oligarchy are growing. The bosses, the bourgeoisie and reaction are responding to this by criminalizing social protest.

Among the countries most under attack by the oligarchy are Greece, Italy and Spain. The austerity plans that take those countries back decades are following one after another. For the first time in the history of the European formation, supranational institutions, in this case the IMF, the ECB (European Central Bank) and the EU, have imposed the resignation of elected governments, which have been replaced by governments of so-called technocrats, who in fact are bankers, functionaries dependent on the national and international oligarchy, supported by the reformist and opportunist parties. In Greece, the troika has imposed ministers from a party of the extreme right. This is one more proof of the profoundly undemocratic character of this European formation at the service of the oligarchy, of the great imperialist powers such as Germany and France.

The banks want the peoples to pay for the debt that they themselves have created, and they demand that the States help them at a time of financial crisis. Now they continue increasing this debt by usurious interest rates on loans that they “grant” to the States.

The working class and the popular masses of Greece are not responsible for this debt that they have repaid several times over by the super-exploitation, the looting of the natural resources of the country, the sell-off of its patrimony, left to the voracity of the banks, the speculators, the big Greek bourgeoisie and the international financial oligarchy. We stand in solidarity with the Greek people and their refusal to pay the debt, their rejection of austerity and the “memorandum”, the latest version of the mega-austerity plans that have been imposed on them. The Greek people have clearly shown their rejection of all the parties that have agreed to submit to the demands of the troika: the EU, ECB and IMF.

German imperialism has come off better than its allies (and at the same time rivals) of the EU. However, the “German miracle” is based on a very aggressive policy of reduction of wages, flexibility on a large scale and massive recourse to precarious jobs within the country.

Given the increasing discontent and the willingness of large sectors of public and private sector workers to take part in the strike movement, the bosses and the government prefer to negotiate with the leaderships of the large union federations, an agreement that eliminates wage increases. Important sectors of the working class would have wanted more and preferred to initiate larger and broader confrontations with the employer’s association. This mobilization supposes the entry of the workers of Germany into the fight begun by the workers of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, to refuse to pay for the crisis and the debts of the capitalist system.

The peoples do not support the arrogance of the representative of German imperialism, Merkel, and her intention to make them pay for the crisis while at the same time advocating austerity that brazenly interferes in the policies of other countries. The fact that her ally Sarkozy has been removed from power in France, clearly due to the mobilization of the workers’ and union movement, is contributing to her isolation.

Today it is more necessary than ever to develop the mobilization against the so-called “Merkel-Sarkozy” European treaty, to increase solidarity among the peoples and to fight against the xenophobic and nationalist campaigns that try to make the peoples fight among themselves.

The parties of the extreme right are playing an active role in propagating these reactionary ideas. They proclaim their hatred against immigrants and “foreigners”, while they take advantage of the increasing discredit of the traditional parties of the right and the social-democrats, to make populist and nationalist speeches concealed by social phrases. The fight against the extreme right involves mobilizing broad masses of the workers and peoples to refuse to pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

An Upsurge of Social and Political Protest

The rejection of the austerity policy continues to grow in all the countries. The spontaneous strike movements are linking up with the broader movement and the general strikes organized in different countries are mobilizing millions of workers, youths, men and women of the popular strata.

The youth are taking up the social and political fight, together with the working class, other working people and the political organizations. The young workers are contributing their dynamism and fighting spirit, upsetting the policy and practice of class conciliation and collaboration.

In the area of concrete struggles, the aspiration for unity is great. This translates into the creation of programs that unite the parties, the union members and those of the associations… We Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations are participating actively in the formation of the resistance, with all our available forces. We contribute our political proposals and our platforms of demands that reflect the immediate aspirations of the masses.

This united front policy is an urgent and immediate necessity, because one must build the unity of the workers and the union of all strata that are victims of the policy of the oligarchy, to oppose the austerity policy that wants to make us pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

Among the advanced sectors, consciousness is developing of the need for a global political alternative that breaks with the neoliberal and social-liberal policy, with the present policy of the oligarchy.

The aspiration for unity of the forces that are fighting against that policy, that are fighting against the capitalist system and for a revolutionary change in society is growing. Basing ourselves on these aspirations, we are working for the building of an alternative that breaks with the capitalist system.

In several countries political fronts have been formed that distance themselves from the socialist parties, from the social-democrats, from those who alternate in Power with the parties of the right. Although in many cases these political fronts are limited to electoral fronts, we are fighting for them to take root in the masses, to make them embryos of really popular fronts.

In this united front policy, we Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations do not conceal our banner. We are continuing our fight against the system of imperialism and its policy of domination, of exploitation of the peoples and of war for the control of raw materials. We are fighting for a revolutionary transformation of society and we are waging a fight for political unity, for unity of action, for the unity of the rank and file and at all levels, against the opportunist positions of class conciliation.

For the Next Period We Must Pay Attention to the Following Objectives and Areas of Common Struggle

* To denounce and fight the so-called “Merkel-Sarkozy” European treaty that seeks to inscribe in the constitutions of the European countries the neoliberal dogma of “reduction of national debt”, under the pretext of generalization of the austerity policy.

* To support and develop the refusal to pay the debt, especially in Greece, and to denounce and fight against the interference of the imperialist powers, the troika. The Greek people must be free to decide their political options.

* To support the right of each people to decide whether or not to remain in the euro zone, without interference, blackmail or pressure from other countries, specifically the imperialist powers and their supranational agencies.

* To develop solidarity with the struggle of the workers, the peoples and their political, union, social organizations, etc., of the countries of the EU and the countries of the world that are facing the same policy.

Paris, May 2012

Conference of the Parties and Organizations of Europe that are Members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (CIPOML):

Communist Party of Albania

Communist Party of the Workers of Denmark – APK

Communist Party of the Workers of France – PCOF

Organization for the Construction of the Workers Communist Party of Germany

Organization for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-1955)

Communist Platform of Italy

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE (ML)

Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey – TKP


Leader of Albanian Communist Party Hysni Milloshi Passes Away

Hysni Milloshi

Tirana, 25 April, NOA – In the hours of early morning, died at the age of 66 years old, the chairman of the Communist Party of Albania, Hysni Milloshi.

It reportes that Milloshi died in hospital of Sanatorium, after suffering from pulmonary fibrosis disease.

Milloshi was born in Berat, on 8 November, 1946.

In year 1991, he was the founder and first secretary of the Communist Party of Albania, following the Labour Party of Albania.

During the communist regime, Milloshi was a member of the [Party of Labor of Albania –E.S.].


VI Congress of Emek Partisi

From En Marcha
# 1562 January 5 to 13, 2012


We support the peoples who have rebelled for their rights and their freedom; we condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran.

Throughout 2011, the Arab peoples of North Africa and the Near East have risen one after another. They do not want to be victims of the consequences of the hegemony of monopoly capitalism nor to be subjected to poverty and unemployment, and they rejected the repression of the autocratic dictatorships that safeguarded such hegemony. The despotic regimes that have lasted for 30 to 40 years have been the main reason for the disorganization of the oppressed masses and have served as an obstacle to their attaining consciousness. The peoples who have risen up have achieved some victories but they have not been able to reap important fruits of this struggle, such as for example to achieve their own political power. Therefore, these reactionary bourgeois forces supported by Western imperialism have maintained or have tried to maintain their hegemony through the strengthening of their pillars with new collaborators, seeing that their hegemony was in difficulty.

The Arab peoples, who have risen up, have realized their potential and have tasted certain victories, which is why their struggles have still not been repressed in any country except for Libya. Despite their low level of consciousness and organization, the peoples are carrying forward their uprisings with an effort to try to overcome their weakness, and they insist on opposing the attacks by reactionary forces that have been organized especially by elements of political Islam, which has become more moderate and pro-American in almost all those countries.

We understand that the communist parties and organizations that are signing this document, gathered at the Sixth Congress of the Party of Labor of Turkey, express our pride and solidarity with the struggles of the masses of the people, not only in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Near East, but also in Europe, from Spain to Greece, and in Latin America, from Venezuela to Ecuador, for their social and popular rights and freedoms; as well we proclaim our support for the just struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist imperialism of Israel.

However, we are aware of the fact that our main weakness is the inadequate level of consciousness and organization of the peoples of the world, with a view to any process of struggle. The imperialists and their collaborators take advantage of this weakness in their efforts to renovate the weakened bases of their hegemony and to repress those struggles through ideological penetration and infiltration in those struggles of the peoples that imperialism claims to support, manipulating these struggles towards their own interests and eliminating the popular features of these struggles.

Western imperialism, which maintains hegemony in its hands and tries to strengthen its position in relation to the ascending imperialist powers, not only aims to reinforce its hegemony in the countries under its influence through the repression of the popular struggles, but also tries to establish its hegemony by extending its influence on the peoples and their struggles and using them as a tool in countries such as Syria and Iran, which have not yet been subjugated.

We do not support the regimes of either Assad or Khamenei. However, we stress the fact that the imperialist powers are intervening with the support of the reactionary forces in the region such as Turkey and the Saudis, in the name of support for the so-called “opposition” in Syria and Iran under the pretext of the struggle for “democracy” and “repression of the dictators”; these policies have nothing to do with the right of self-determination of the peoples or the democratic and social aspirations of peoples. We are opposed to imperialist interventions – economic as well as political and military – for whatever reason, whether they are called by their obliging collaborators or not, and we condemn such policies that only lead to war, bloodshed and suffering.

We call on the peoples of the world, especially the peoples of Syria and Iran, to be alert to the interventions and imperialist tricks such as those that have taken place in Libya, to show solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of the region and to support the fight against imperialism and its reactionary forces.

Ankara, December 2011

Communist Party of Albania
Communist Party of Benin
Party of Labor of Belgium
New Party of Cyprus
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
Communist Party of Spain (ML)
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia
Emek Partisi of Turkey


Joint Statement on the situation in the Middle East

January 16, 2012

Support the people who have risen up for their rights and their freedom! We condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran!

During 2011 the Arab people in North Africa and the Middle East stood up, one after the other. They did not want to be exposed to the consequences of monopolistic capitalist hegemony, as unemployment and poverty. They said no to oppression from the autocratic dictatorships that have watched this hegemony. But the 30-40 year-old despot regimes has been the main cause of the disorganization of the oppressed masses and has also prevented them from developing their awareness. The people who stood up have won some victories, but could not reap the real fruits of their struggle, to be able to form their own political power. At the same time, these bourgeois reactionary forces, supported by Western imperialists, preserved or try to preserve its hegemony by strengthening the power base with its new partners, although this hegemony has encountered certain difficulties.

The Arab people who stood up realizing their potential and tasted victory, and their struggle has not yet been turned down in any country, except in Libya. Despite the low consciousness and organization continues their people revolt and tries to overcome their weaknesses. They insist on resisting the reactionary forces that have reorganized themselves, especially through the advent of political Islam, which has been moderate and pro-American in almost every country.

“We oppose all imperialist interventions, whatever pretext”

We, the undersigned revolutionary communist and working parties that meet the Turkish Labor Party 6 Congress, expressing our pride and solidarity with the peoples’ mass struggles, not only in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East, but also in Europe, from Spain to Greece, and in Latin America, from Venezuela to Ecuador, who are fighting for their national and social rights and freedoms, and we declare our support for the Palestinian people’s just struggle against imperialism and Israeli Zionism.

However, we are also aware of the fact that our biggest weakness is the inadequate consciousness and organization level of the world’s people, whether to rebel or other fields. And the imperialists and their collaborators exploit this weakness in attempts to renew the decaying basis of its hegemony and suppress the fighting by infiltrating the ranks of the people they claim to support, by manipulating these games in their own interest and remove them from their popular content.

The western imperialists, who have world domination in their hands and trying to strengthen its positions in competition with the rising imperialist powers, has not only aims to strengthen its domination in the countries that traditionally have been under their influence by suppressing the people’s struggles but they are also trying to establish its hegemony by influencing people and their struggles and use them as lifting rods in countries like Syria and Iran, as they have not been able to force the knee.

We support either Assad or Khamenei regime. But we also underlines the fact that when Western imperialists intervene with support from the reactionary forces in the region, the Turkish and Saudi reactionary forces, under the pretext of “democracy” and “dictator’s repression” has such a policy has nothing to do with people’s right to self or with people’s social and democratic aspirations.

We oppose all imperialist interventions – economic, political and military – whatever pretext, whether they are invited by the cooperative lackeys or not, and we condemn such a policy, which only brings war, blood and tears.

We ask all people of the world, and particularly the peoples of Syria and Iran, to be on guard against the imperialist interventions and traps in the style of the Libyan example, to show solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of the region and to continue the struggle against imperialism and the reactionary forces .

Ankara, 20.12.2011

Albania’s communist party
Benin Communist Party
Belgium’s Labour
Cyprus’ new communist party
Ecuador’s Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
Spanish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninists)
Organization for the reconstruction of Greece’s Communist Party (Anasintaxi)
Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party (PCOT)
Turkey’s Workers’ Party (Emek Partisi)


Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph”

By Xhevdet Shehu

INTERVIEW / speaks exclusively to the “Telegraph”, the Chairman of the Communist Party, Hysni Milloshi

“SP has made​an alliance with fascists”

The biggest surprise of the local elections next May 8 is undoubtedly the re-emergence from under the stage of the Communist Party. 20 years after the overthrow of the communist dictatorship, Hysni Milloshi, Chairman of the Party that continues to defend the ideals of Enver Hoxha, has announced his candidacy for mayor of the capital.

In this exclusive interview for “The Telegraph”, Milloshi says it is time for communists to disclose their option is certainly better than the two alternatives that face and that represented by Rama and Basha. He also explains why no alliance with the Socialist Party made, which according to him, is collaborating with the traitors, those who have dyed their hands with blood of people and why SP has no … unlike the Democratic Party.

– Mr. Milloshi, you put candidacy for Mayor of Tirana. How is it that the Communist Party, so much of anatemuar, face two major political parties in the country in this situation?

– First I want to thank you for your attention to show how newspaper as “The Telegraph” I think that is the only independent newspaper in Albania, leaving it an appropriate space of all political options in the country. You ask me why I run? I will answer quite simply: to me as chairman of the Communist Party, more than my running, it is important manifestation of the communist alternative in this election. I think it is the right moment of the appearance of this alternative, because our Albania is experiencing a period of national humiliation. The fact is that from the neck up Boboshticë Llogara command not Albanians, but Greek. This is a shame that politics has led and dictated in these 20 years. And to think that never before in our history of thousands of Albanians have changed nationality. Albania is in great trouble. If it does not display the Communist Party today, when do we come forward? We heard voices and hear every day where you are communists. Support us, says Sali Berisha. They say: No, we do not support Sali Berisha. Saliu and “salinjtë” supports his Socialist Party is keeping in power. That’s why I ran for mayor and why aim to win more votes than many parties that exist only in the list and place on the rods of the SP and the DP. I think that at least ten thousand communists in Tirana will vote our option.

– Can you tell us why did not make an alliance with the Socialist Party in this election?

– Yes. This is quite simple. It was SP who refused to make alliance with the Communists. And to think that the party has made an alliance with Rama ballistë, a Zogist, former associates of fascism, etc. That we are not worrying at all. In my opinion this is the lack of emancipation by Rama. But better that we get into it was not a coalition. It is indeed surprising that in the coalition are included as the granddaughter of Abbas Shehu and Bibës Bardhok, daughter of a coalition with the criminals who killed them, the so-called “Committee of the Mountain” and not part of the Communists. So to make alliance with the SP belongs today to have killed some communists and partisans must, otherwise not accepted. For the sake of truth we have made​an appointment with a representative of the SP, Ndre Legisin, but later we learned that we did not participate in the so-called coalition of the left. I say this because it calls itself the left, just left is not. There are introduced and adventurer tipash hodgepodge policy that nothing connects with the ideals of the left. Edi Rama himself has openly declared that he is left. So, what this man? A humble servant of domestic and foreign bourgeoisie. SP does silindo alliance for the sake of power, even with former associates of fascism, only the Communist Party does. SP and all other parties continues to scar the name of Enver Hoxha, the greatest anticommunist coalition did with America, England and the Soviet Union to Nazi beast shporrur. Or take Mehmet Shehu, the right hand of Enver Hoxha, Albania’s most enduring prime. He remained prime minister for 30 years for that great idealism, but also for its glorious past as antifascist. This is a paradox of the Albanian politics, but after twenty years I hope to be open people eyes and have understood what the SP and DP, two twin parties, two branches of a tree, obedient servant of the bourgeoisie.

– In what appears PKSH alternative in this election?

– With a program against the program of the Democratic Party and against the program of the Socialist Party. I regret that I voted two or three times for the SP. Now will the citizens of Tirana to argue that a vote for the Communist Party is a vote for the blood of Kemal Stafa, the Cush of Manush Alimanit Vojo betrayed by Ramiz Alia, was a vote for the heroes, that the reactionary ruling took away from the center of Shkodra and put them in the suburbs. People should know that Communist Party is a new political force that does not conclude anything with the party of Ramiz Alia. Our Communist Party was established on September 10, 1991 and over 80 percent of the structures of our party leaders have not been any day members of the former Labour Party. So are a new party with a new vision for the future of the people and the country. Former Labour Party members for the sake of truth filled the ranks of the DP and the SP. And most surprising is that the communist party has nothing to do with the past, the alleged crimes of the communist government. We have a modest program in terms of capitalism and we think we have a substantial popular support, as are open to people and think about his instrument. We will have our voice in Albanian politics sheshmejdanin. For this to be sure.

– Where are your most powerful bases?

– In Tirana, where we have our base center and stronger, we have a stretch in the entire country, but our fundamentals are definitely strong in Vlore, the axis, in Mallakastër, Puka, etc. Kruja. We enter into this election as representatives of fukarenjve, unemployed people, people mistreated by the state and capitalism. We enter into this election in respect of the name of the party which this year reaches 70 years of life. We enter to the ideals of the martyrs and all those honest Communists who sacrificed everything for our Albania. We enter the great ideals of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War to his grave site Albania on the world stage. You will say it will not win many votes. That is right. But we will take a rose there in Red Hill, where Kemal Stafa killed the heroes of bed. With this we say to the martyrs that we communists are alive and are always with their ideal. It is painful that the Socialist Party has speculated so much about the future twenty years with the blood of martyrs and anti-fascist war. And I voted a couple or three times for Edi Rama, as the Communist Party was impossible because of the nuances competition fascist Albanian politics.

– Do not want to say that the two candidates that you face in Tirana, that Rama and Basha, have fascist nuances?

– Yes, I mean exactly that. They are bourgeois, but I have also prominent features of fascist. Their propaganda is typical Nazi. Measures probably do not realize, but intellectuals are able to understand that there is an makartizëm fascism and vibrant.

– Thank you!

Interview with the Communist Party of Albania

“We stand for the revolution and proletarian democracy”. (Originally Published in “La Nostra Lotta”, Rome Italy May 1997)

Q. What is the situation in Albania?

A. We are living in one of the darkest times in our history. The line of the renegade Ramiz Alia and then the criminal Berisha have destroyed our industry, agriculture, schools, the state, everything. We are no longer the masters of our country, the economy has collapsed, one third of the population is now abroad, especially the youth, searching for a piece of bread.

The Albanians are physically and psychologically exhausted, we are slaves of foreigners, deprived of everything; all this is the result of the plans of the American and Italian imperialists, whom Berisha and Fatos Nano serve respectively, who have also stolen the international aid in league with foreign politicians.

Q. The mass media presents the situation in Albania as an anarchic war among gangs. What is the reality?

A. We are facing a process of insurrection that is evolving towards the revolution. The imperialists are frightened of this. Everything will depend on the events and the role of our party, as well as on the international situation, especially in the Balkans.

There are plans for the division of Albania. The foreign intervention has been planned for a long time as a precaution against a possible collapse of the “democratic” regime of Berisha. In the beginning only our party denounced the intervention; neither the intellectuals nor the other parties were opposed to it. Today, we have on the one side the imperialists, the party of Berisha and the Socialist Party of Fatos Nano, who assert that Albanians can’t govern themselves and that without Europe, Albania can’t live; on the other side, we have the people with their committees.

The popular movement began peacefully; then, with the development of the events, the movement was transformed into an armed struggle, when the army and the police delivered the arms to the people. The Socialist Party was called on to form a government in order to divide and isolate the Committees. This government has proved to be a technical instrument of imperialism, anti-popular, anti-patriotic, a clique of robbers and criminals, a Mafia state.

Q. What is the Communist Party doing, what is its perspective and what is the perspective of Albania?

A. Our recent history is proving to be a lesson for us. Our Party has passed from the most ferocious illegality to carrying out open propaganda and agitation. In any case the subjective factor was absent and in the beginning we were weak in the north of the country. The current demands of the 20 Popular Committees are: ‘Down with Berisha and Elections’, which shows the character of this insurrection Our Party is the party of the proletariat and the people, it works in conditions of illegality as well as in various legal forms, against the government and the puppet state. The Communist Party of Albania has as an objective the overthrow of capitalism by revolutionary means and the expulsion of foreigners. All the work of the Party is focused on strengthening the subjective factor of the masses. Only in case the Party seizes the leadership of the whole movement will the insurrection become a revolution.

We stand against this false democracy; we will participate in these elections in different ways although we know that this is all a farce and that almost all the parties (especially the Democratic and Socialist Party) are parties of the bourgeoisie and imperialism. We stand for the revolution and proletarian democracy and we are sure of the growing discredit of the Socialists of Fatos Nano and Bashkim Fino.

The speed of developments favours the discrediting of the ideology of the traitors to socialism Today our Party is growing all over the country, and it is strong in the centre and the south. In any case, at this moment the situation is rather complex and serious.

Images from the 1997 Albanian Rebellion

Hysni Milloshi Campaign Platform

Of the three rivals in the race, the chairman of the Party of Communists of Albania, shock Hysni Milloshi shown sincere in opening the campaign. He stated that there is no program for Tirana in the sense that they try to give other rivals in the race. Milloshi made it clear that his program is ideological.

Tirana problems are numerous, ranging from employment, traffic, urban planning, air quality, housing, development etc etc, but the only one who settles in the fastest time with lower cost and with.

The Communist Party under the leadership of President Hysni Milloshi vows that will meet within the second month of the first mandate promises 10 main and 10 matched Communist qualities.

1. Traffic:

With the arrival in office on May 9 Victory Day to nazifashizmit Mr. Hysni Milloshi will stop the circulation of cars in Tirana private. Permitted areas, motorcycles, bicycles and cars of the mayor .

Solve traffic and improve the quality of air in Tirana, noise pollution (noise) and the oil price comes down and becomes less expensive than oil in Saudi Arabia. As a contribution to the quality of life in Tirana before the municipality and in Skanderbeg Square from 6:30 pm until 7:00 will be mass physical culture for the administration and citizens.

2. Housing

Friend Hysni Milloshi vows second act at the top of the Municipality of Tirana will be the nationalization of floors without permission of residence builders, will pass them in basements and garages of their buildings and to mitigate the problem of housing in Tirana. Second step. Under the example of the division of wealth, family homelessness in the city will decide to families with housing opportunities more so that today most of these families have two toilet at home. Every crown has over 70 square meters flat dress and toilet room for families in need .

3. Overcrowding

Tirana has reached 1 million inhabitants and with the current pace, according to a World Bank study of the capital will reach 1.5 million residents in the next 10 years being depopulated other Albanian territories . Friend Hysni Milloshi solemnly vows that will not solve the problem of overcrowding within the second month of the first mandate by placing pasaportizimin. In the past this policy has yielded results and the city promises to follow a strict policy against kollovarëve that can abuse the system.

The only point that CPA is not going to move the plan remains in government regulatory Adil Carcani of 1989! Will break down all the palaces that are incompatible with the regulatory plan.

4. Skanderbeg Square

This is the most simple to the Mayor Milloshi! Will return Hoxha monument in the square and only allowed the circulation of buses line Kinostudio – New Kombinat and Zanzibar. ” In return the municipality circular laps in street.

5. Prices

Problem solved Price dated May 9 at 9:00! Through a circular city will publish fixed prices and invited people to denounce by fletrrufeve and anonymous comments on line every case of abuse by matrapazët free spirit as the thithinë ushunjëza hallemadh blood people. All supermaketet, QTU, TEG, City Park, Casa Italia, Euromax, Conad, will return to the popular department store.

6. Taxes

Will be relocated extraordinary tax on profits during the transition period! All businessmen, traders, matrapaz, politicians, realtor, lobbyists, who have benefited from the sweat and blood of people will pay an extraordinary tax progressive. In case no payment will be transferred to the confiscation of the people and justice means the last word. Milloshi vows for some time will continue to trade with capitalists under Leninist lesson: “we are not afraid to do business with the capitalists. We will buy from them the quality rope xorg.templates later use to hanging “. Builders – who have the mind to build palaces and to destroy the city and to remind man that hosts branches of the tree where he intends to build the house, will be tried on charges of “crimes against Tirana.

7. Higher Education!

By order of all municipal private manufacturers of degrees will be promoted to correctional labor for cleaning the city and in a second step of the public toilets to be opened to voluntary action. Spaces of the so-called private universities will be used for trainees High School Party.

8. Employment …

It’s the only point of the program that the Communist Party has the correct account. Dinamo will reopen the plant for the production of bicycles, plants and combine autotraktorëve Enver Enver Hoxha. With the return of Article 55 of agitation propaganda will be opened, 50 thousand jobs for 80 – ALL. For employees who have no objective reason work will be paid by 80%

9. Artwork in public spaces …

Every corner of the green park and the city will be filled with statues of the classics of Marxism Leninism and slogans.

10. Pyramids

Pyramid Milloshi Hysni vows that will turn into identity. Invited all members and militants of the Communist Party to launch the collection of materials and works of Comrade Enver! From Pyramid will be drawn out all the perpetrators of crime and the memory of Comrade Enver.

On May 9, Hysni Milloshi invites all members and the people that every vote to return the lead to Rama and Basha.


Hysni Milloshi runs for mayor of Tirana

The communists officially launched their campaign for May 8th local elections, presenting Hysni Milloshi as their candidate for Mayor of Tirana.

In front of the supporters gathered at the History Museum, Milloshi attacked the Socialist Party leaders.

“What brings us together with the socialist electorate is the difficult life, but it divides us more than the mountains from you Socialist Nazis. But we are unbreakable, because we are pure Marxist steel”, Miloshi declared.

Communist Party of Albania opened yesterday the campaign for local elections of 8 May. Base and its members have presented its own candidate, Hysni Milloshi, as the man most worthy to win the Municipality of Tirana. Having assessed the work of blood and fallen for the liberation of Albania in his blood that gave light Albania, which today is the misuse policies for their own interests, Milloshi explained the reasons that led to running for mayor for. “I run for leader of the Municipality of the capital, and risk my authority. However, and authority and my name is a zero before the name and authority of the Communist Party. I fight in this battle to express as possible communist alternative, free thinking and not worry about it, but my goal is to achieve the objective that the party has set itself, “said Milloshi, and demanded a vote of unemployed, the homeless and those who have lost confidence in big parties.

He said the Communist Party confident that running not as an equal, yet it feels happy political force if they vote to be taken, shall be the communist votes and votes that are not deceived by the chunk of power and money to candidates other. Meanwhile, Milloshi has categorically denied any political support another party where he entered the race for mayor. “It’s talking these days that helped us a party to compete, but it’s a big lie, because we, because of the Code, not garojmë throughout Albania. Does anyone to believe this? Who has helped us in these 20 years of so called democracy? We only brand we could confront these challenges and will only be completely overcome in the future. But in the next parliamentary elections, hoping that will change the code, will show our real strength across the country, “said Milloshi, and later accused the Socialist Party has used in past elections.

According to him, the SP has won many times the votes of the Communist Party and the code passed it out in the runoff. Then win races just by these votes. “However, the SP is concerned left and right in practice, never showed fine with us, but always exploited us. This is doing well now. How can we say that will help Sali Berisha today in tomorrow’s local elections and the general ones? We go out in these contest, not to help Sali Berisha, but because we have endured enough 20 years and now the SP is afraid of losing the votes of the Communists, “said Milloshi, and once again urged citizens to give their vote to CPA-in.

Milloshi: Public debate with Rama’s Basha

Communist Party chairman, also a candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Hysni Milloshi, yesterday urged the public showdown with two rivals for the institution. “I would propose that I and two other candidates, Lulzim Basha and Edi Rama, we could go into a debate, as befits the countries with developed democracy and talk about alternatives and then we give this place the people “said Milloshi. He added convinced that, whatever the outcome, the end will emerge victorious communists, arguing that “we are believers in the word given, and not deceitful, as do some of the ca, behind other parties.”

I Futa in this battle to express quirements of possible communist alternative without thinking and not worry about it, but my goal is to achieve that objective it has set itself the party, “said Milloshi.

Chairman of the Communist Party’s stated that his party would be satisfied with those votes that will take because I know they are communist votes, which according to him are not cheated out of power.

“We will seek the vote of hundreds of unemployed, hundreds of homeless, hundreds of thousands of others who have lost faith in big parties, because we are convinced that garojmë in this unequal contest, but we will be happy that they votes that we would be communist votes and votes that are not deceived by the chunk of power and money to other candidates. ”

Milloshi has made application to distance both his opponents and Lulzim Basha Mayor Rama to go to a public debate to confront the “dignity”

“I would propose that two other candidates Rama Basha and I together and we could go into a debate as it has shades countries with developed democracy and flsinim for alternatives that we provide and then this place the people,” said Milloshi.

Albania’s Communists Seek Revival at Polls

Article from Balkan Insight

Two decades after Albanians rebelled against the Stalinist regime of former dictator Enver Hoxha, two communist parties are wooing voters at the May 8 local elections, hoping to garner support among those dissatisfied with the current political elite.

“We are communists, neither Socialists nor Democrats,” says Hysni Milloshi, leader of Albania’s Communist Party. “To vote for the Democratic Party or the Socialist Party-led coalitions, would mean only that poor people will vote for the rich to get richer and the poor even poorer,” he adds.

Apart from Milloshi’s Communist Party, Marko Dajti heads the Reorganised Labour Party of Albania, another self-proclaimed heir of the Labour Party, PPSH, which led the country with an iron fist from 1946 to 1991.

“For some it might be hard to admit, but apart from the bad things the PPSH did it also recorded some achievements and things should be viewed through this prism,” says Dajti, who is running a coalition with the Socialist-led ‘Alliance for the Future.”

World War II Communist veterans & Nexhmije Hoxha lay wreaths at Enver Hoxha's grave

After the collapse of communist rule, Albania’s Labour Party transformed radically into the centre-right Socialist Party, presenting a business-friendly attitude and pro-western political programme.

Milloshi’s Communist Party emerged from Enver Hoxha’s Volunteers Union in 1991, a group of hardliners that tried to prevent the downfall of the regime in its final gasps.

Milloshi is running as mayor of Tirana in the upcoming elections, against Socialist incumbent Edi Rama and ruling Democratic Party candidate Lulzim Basha. His party received only 11,000 votes nationally in the 2009 general elections, mostly banking on nostalgia for the old regime.

Marko Dajti & Ilir Hoxha, son of Enver Hoxha

Milloshi says that he has challenged the two other candidates for the municipality to a public debate, but so far they have not accepted.

“If they refuse the debate, it will mean that the two other candidates have no democratic culture and are cowards,” said Milloshi, a poet whose verse often sang praise to the rule of Enver Hoxha.

Dajti’s Reorganised Labour Party, which was established more recently, is only putting forward candidates only for councils, in alliance with the Edi Rama’s Socialists.

“They should not write us off,” warned Dajti. “No one should forget that he was in power for 50 years,” he added.

This article was made possible through the support of the National Endowment for Democracy.


[Please note the organization “National Endowment for Democracy” listed above in the article contributed 80,000 American dollars to the US/NATO funded opposition, the Democratic Party in Albania during the early 90’s]