Interview with Agim Xheka

SECRETARY OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE PARTY OF THE UNITED COMMUNISTS OF ALBANIA (This interview was requested by an independent newspaper but was not published) Q: At a press conference a few days ago the Party of the United Communists of Albania declared that it would take part in the national elections. Does this meanContinue reading “Interview with Agim Xheka”

ICMLPO: We Will Not Pay For the Crisis or the Debt

No to the So-Called Merkel-Sarkozy “Budget Pact” Long Live International Solidarity! The crisis of the capitalist system is striking harsh blows at the countries of the European Unión (EU), which are falling into a recession or are still showing a certain growth. The policy imposed by the governments is the same: an austerity policy thatContinue reading “ICMLPO: We Will Not Pay For the Crisis or the Debt”

Leader of Albanian Communist Party Hysni Milloshi Passes Away

Hysni Milloshi 1946-2012 Tirana, 25 April, NOA – In the hours of early morning, died at the age of 66 years old, the chairman of the Communist Party of Albania, Hysni Milloshi. It reportes that Milloshi died in hospital of Sanatorium, after suffering from pulmonary fibrosis disease. Milloshi was born in Berat, on 8 November,Continue reading “Leader of Albanian Communist Party Hysni Milloshi Passes Away”

VI Congress of Emek Partisi

From En Marcha # 1562 January 5 to 13, 2012 Resolution We support the peoples who have rebelled for their rights and their freedom; we condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran. Throughout 2011, the Arab peoples of North Africa and the Near East have risen one after another. They do not want toContinue reading “VI Congress of Emek Partisi”

Joint Statement on the situation in the Middle East

January 16, 2012 Support the people who have risen up for their rights and their freedom! We condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran! During 2011 the Arab people in North Africa and the Middle East stood up, one after the other. They did not want to be exposed to the consequences of monopolisticContinue reading “Joint Statement on the situation in the Middle East”

Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph”

By Xhevdet Shehu INTERVIEW / speaks exclusively to the “Telegraph”, the Chairman of the Communist Party, Hysni Milloshi “SP has made​an alliance with fascists” The biggest surprise of the local elections next May 8 is undoubtedly the re-emergence from under the stage of the Communist Party. 20 years after the overthrow of the communist dictatorship,Continue reading “Interview with Hysni Milloshi in “The Telegraph””

Interview with the Communist Party of Albania

“We stand for the revolution and proletarian democracy”. (Originally Published in “La Nostra Lotta”, Rome Italy May 1997) Q. What is the situation in Albania? A. We are living in one of the darkest times in our history. The line of the renegade Ramiz Alia and then the criminal Berisha have destroyed our industry, agriculture,Continue reading “Interview with the Communist Party of Albania”

Hysni Milloshi Campaign Platform

Of the three rivals in the race, the chairman of the Party of Communists of Albania, shock Hysni Milloshi shown sincere in opening the campaign. He stated that there is no program for Tirana in the sense that they try to give other rivals in the race. Milloshi made it clear that his program isContinue reading “Hysni Milloshi Campaign Platform”

Hysni Milloshi runs for mayor of Tirana

The communists officially launched their campaign for May 8th local elections, presenting Hysni Milloshi as their candidate for Mayor of Tirana. In front of the supporters gathered at the History Museum, Milloshi attacked the Socialist Party leaders. “What brings us together with the socialist electorate is the difficult life, but it divides us more thanContinue reading “Hysni Milloshi runs for mayor of Tirana”

Albania’s Communists Seek Revival at Polls

Article from Balkan Insight Two decades after Albanians rebelled against the Stalinist regime of former dictator Enver Hoxha, two communist parties are wooing voters at the May 8 local elections, hoping to garner support among those dissatisfied with the current political elite. “We are communists, neither Socialists nor Democrats,” says Hysni Milloshi, leader of Albania’sContinue reading “Albania’s Communists Seek Revival at Polls”