Hysni Milloshi Campaign Platform

Of the three rivals in the race, the chairman of the Party of Communists of Albania, shock Hysni Milloshi shown sincere in opening the campaign. He stated that there is no program for Tirana in the sense that they try to give other rivals in the race. Milloshi made it clear that his program is ideological.

Tirana problems are numerous, ranging from employment, traffic, urban planning, air quality, housing, development etc etc, but the only one who settles in the fastest time with lower cost and with.

The Communist Party under the leadership of President Hysni Milloshi vows that will meet within the second month of the first mandate promises 10 main and 10 matched Communist qualities.

1. Traffic:

With the arrival in office on May 9 Victory Day to nazifashizmit Mr. Hysni Milloshi will stop the circulation of cars in Tirana private. Permitted areas, motorcycles, bicycles and cars of the mayor .

Solve traffic and improve the quality of air in Tirana, noise pollution (noise) and the oil price comes down and becomes less expensive than oil in Saudi Arabia. As a contribution to the quality of life in Tirana before the municipality and in Skanderbeg Square from 6:30 pm until 7:00 will be mass physical culture for the administration and citizens.

2. Housing

Friend Hysni Milloshi vows second act at the top of the Municipality of Tirana will be the nationalization of floors without permission of residence builders, will pass them in basements and garages of their buildings and to mitigate the problem of housing in Tirana. Second step. Under the example of the division of wealth, family homelessness in the city will decide to families with housing opportunities more so that today most of these families have two toilet at home. Every crown has over 70 square meters flat dress and toilet room for families in need .

3. Overcrowding

Tirana has reached 1 million inhabitants and with the current pace, according to a World Bank study of the capital will reach 1.5 million residents in the next 10 years being depopulated other Albanian territories . Friend Hysni Milloshi solemnly vows that will not solve the problem of overcrowding within the second month of the first mandate by placing pasaportizimin. In the past this policy has yielded results and the city promises to follow a strict policy against kollovarëve that can abuse the system.

The only point that CPA is not going to move the plan remains in government regulatory Adil Carcani of 1989! Will break down all the palaces that are incompatible with the regulatory plan.

4. Skanderbeg Square

This is the most simple to the Mayor Milloshi! Will return Hoxha monument in the square and only allowed the circulation of buses line Kinostudio – New Kombinat and Zanzibar. ” In return the municipality circular laps in street.

5. Prices

Problem solved Price dated May 9 at 9:00! Through a circular city will publish fixed prices and invited people to denounce by fletrrufeve and anonymous comments on line every case of abuse by matrapazët free spirit as the thithinë ushunjëza hallemadh blood people. All supermaketet, QTU, TEG, City Park, Casa Italia, Euromax, Conad, will return to the popular department store.

6. Taxes

Will be relocated extraordinary tax on profits during the transition period! All businessmen, traders, matrapaz, politicians, realtor, lobbyists, who have benefited from the sweat and blood of people will pay an extraordinary tax progressive. In case no payment will be transferred to the confiscation of the people and justice means the last word. Milloshi vows for some time will continue to trade with capitalists under Leninist lesson: “we are not afraid to do business with the capitalists. We will buy from them the quality rope xorg.templates later use to hanging “. Builders – who have the mind to build palaces and to destroy the city and to remind man that hosts branches of the tree where he intends to build the house, will be tried on charges of “crimes against Tirana.

7. Higher Education!

By order of all municipal private manufacturers of degrees will be promoted to correctional labor for cleaning the city and in a second step of the public toilets to be opened to voluntary action. Spaces of the so-called private universities will be used for trainees High School Party.

8. Employment …

It’s the only point of the program that the Communist Party has the correct account. Dinamo will reopen the plant for the production of bicycles, plants and combine autotraktorëve Enver Enver Hoxha. With the return of Article 55 of agitation propaganda will be opened, 50 thousand jobs for 80 – ALL. For employees who have no objective reason work will be paid by 80%

9. Artwork in public spaces …

Every corner of the green park and the city will be filled with statues of the classics of Marxism Leninism and slogans.

10. Pyramids

Pyramid Milloshi Hysni vows that will turn into identity. Invited all members and militants of the Communist Party to launch the collection of materials and works of Comrade Enver! From Pyramid will be drawn out all the perpetrators of crime and the memory of Comrade Enver.

On May 9, Hysni Milloshi invites all members and the people that every vote to return the lead to Rama and Basha.


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

5 thoughts on “Hysni Milloshi Campaign Platform

    1. I’m not sure – maybe because there are at least two good communist parties in Albania, the other being the PPSHR. Also, maybe they want to chart a more independent course. There are many non-revisionist parties that aren’t a member of the ICMLPO.

  1. Yes, but I have also read, that both parties have some “deviations” from “orthodox” anti-revisionist marxism-leninism (hoxhaism):

    I have heard that PKSH views Cuba and DPRK as socialist states, and at least some of the members of PPSH(r) (Laver Stroka, fx) supported the NATO attack on Serbia in 1999.
    And from the site of PPSH(r) it seems, that they also view Cuba as a socialist state.

    P.S. Do you know, how many votes PKSH and PPSH(r) got in the local elections?

    1. Really? Where’d you hear these things? I can’t seem to find anything on it on the PPSHR’s website. He seems to have incorrect views on the 1999 attack, yes. Revolutionary Democracy has a so-so polemic with him.

      As for thew PKSH, I obviously can’t find anything on their website, as it’s a mess.

  2. About the Cuba-as-socialist position of PPSH(r):

    “Shoku Marko Dajti ne keto takime percolli urimet e tij te perzemerta me rastin e festes se 26 korrikut, dites se fillimit te luftes se armatosur me 1953 qe perfundoi me sukses te plote me 1 janar 1959, nen udheheqjen e Komandantit Fidel Kastro dhe shprehu solidaritetin e PPSHR me Partine Komuniste te Kubes dhe popullin kubanez, me perpjekjet e tyre heroike per ndertimin me sukses te socializmit me forcat e veta, ne kushtet e nje embargoje te plote amerikane dhe me luften pa kompromis kunder synimeve grabitqare te imperializmit amerikan, kunder rendit kushtetues, lirise dhe pavaresise se popullit vella kuban.”

    Which in google translate becomes: “Marko friend Dajti in these meetings conveyed his warmest congratulations on the occasion of the feast of 26 July, the day of the armed struggle in 1953 that ended successfully on January 1, 1959, under the leadership of Commander Fidel Castro and expressed solidarity PPSHR the Communist Party of Cuba and Cuban people, with their heroic efforts to successfully build socialism on its own, in terms of a complete U.S. embargo and uncompromising fight against the predatory intentions of American imperialism, against the constitutional order, freedom and independence of the Cuban people, brother.”

    – From the website of the PPSH(r) – info

    On Hysni Milloshi and DPRK:

    In 1992, in May, he went to Korea to sign the opportunist Pyongyang declaration, which declared its intention to defend the ‘socialist world’ when in fact Albania had, up to the death of Enver Hoxha, been the last and only socialist country in the world.
    Milloshi declared to the Central Committee in Germany that Korea was a true socialist country and Kim Il Sung was a true Marxist-Leninist. This provoked a great debate between my comrade in Gjirokastra and Milloshi. There our Central Committee split and fought to organise a world conference after the local election in July, but at this time, we invited Milloshi to Gjirokastra to give an account of his behaviour and why he had made such statements, and for all his actions contrary to the principles of our Party and norms of our statute. Then Milloshi came to Gjirokastra at the end of June and in the debate which followed (lasting until after midnight) he came out to state, ‘I don’t recognise this committee of parties because it opposes my position.’ Following this Milloshi broke connections with our organisation in Gjirokastra. After this time, Milloshi created a group out of the Central Committee and presented his group as the Party and himself as the chief of the Party. Now this group has only a few members once again, because many have come to us in our Party. The last split occured in August 2000, and fought with us in the December Congress.

    -From: http://ml-review.ca/aml/AllianceIssues/ALLIANCE48InterviewsCPA%28UNITED%29.html

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