Communist Party of Benin urges opposition and resistance

Philippe Noudjènoumè of the Communist Party of Benin

The members of the Communist Party of Benin pursue their allegations of electoral hold-up at the polls on March 13. Yesterday at the labor exchange in Cotonou, the first secretary of the party denounced the coup election of Boni Yayi. It was in a mood for rallying party activists, the Communist Party of Benin confirmed.

Provisional results of the presidential election by the Court in the early morning of Monday is a nest of inconsistencies. Yesterday at the press briefing given to the labor exchange, [PCB leader] Philippe Noudjènoumè denounced a robbery which took place with a fraudulent election without a fixed electoral, without list of polling stations. This holdup was concluded by an electoral coup d’etat. He thinks that what remained of the democratic gains, despite the ups and downs saved for almost 20 years, has just received a blow. A black veil is enveloping our country.

Once the results were announced, the lights went out in the houses. The people are stunned of the stubbornness of Criminal Boni Yayi to go into force and against all logic. In the division of tasks are to believe the speaker, Joseph has played Gnonlonfoun its partition and make room for the Court of Robert Dossou to complete the work for the Yayi camp. This was done immediately and in the deep night of Sunday to Monday, the work chosen by consent has been completed.

Faced with this situation, the Communist Party of Benin in the words of its first secretary calls on all political, social, economic, religious, military committed to democracy, dignity of the country and peace hold true to object to the electoral coup of Boni Yayi and Joseph Gnonlonfoun.

We must resist!

We must say no!

We must reject these elections as null and void and create the conditions for governance in our country he said, to finally launch civil disobedience.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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