PCE (M-L) Delegation Visits Tunisian Workers’ Communist Party

From the Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist):

In Tunisia, with our comrades of the TCO, by Julio Calafat

Our party sent on 3 March, a delegation to Tunisia to meet with comrades and other forces. For eight days, we conducted interviews with the spokesman of the Communist Party of Tunisia (TCO), Hamma Hammami, the entire contents will post soon. Here advance excerpts from that interview.

Information has also been discussions with other forces “Confronting January 14” (day of the overthrow of dictator Ben Ali), paintings and trade union leaders, youth in Tunis, and in the cities of Sousse and Monastir. In all three cities also have attended meetings PCOT comprehensive tables. At all times, brotherhood, solidarity, have been the predominant fact the sister party, with which we share close ties of friendship since its founding in 1984.

During our stay there was the dissolution of the political police of Ben Ali, a state within the state, responsible for repression and guilty of numerous murders, torture … As an anecdote, when the PCOT presented to the interim government Sebsi Beji Caid , March 6, the request to dissolve the infamous police, the Prime Minister himself called Hamma to say that this was an “anarchist slogan”; twenty-four hours, police were disbanded … This is illustrative of the fact that TCO has been almost always ahead of events has been the only organized force from the beginning set out to fight, the other forces were slow to react, hence the supposed spontaneity of movement. Currently, the courts are raised PCOT request that the leaders and police officials, torturers and murderers are tried publicly. Also on 9 was dissolved and its assets confiscated Ben Ali’s party, the RCD.

The “Front January 14” was created shortly after the “National Council for the safeguarding of the Revolution”, which in turn is organizing “popular committees”, both by region and by villages and neighborhoods of large cities, for, as I said a veteran communist, “the revolution is on the verge of Tunisia,” or as accurate Hamma Hammami, “the revolution is unfinished, half-way.”

There have been personalities, intellectuals, lawyers, have repeatedly pointed to the TCO as the third force in the country. Hammami, wiser, stressed that “not yet, but we’re at it ….” To date, the interim government has legalized 31 political parties, of which only a few, very few existed previously. The TCO will be legalized one of these days, perhaps before the start of this newspaper.

We highlight a few phrases of our interview with Hamma:

“The Tunisian people’s revolution has denied these positions [the Arab peoples will do nothing by themselves, are lazy, etc.] And has shown that without the” help “from the U.S. or France, has been able to rid of the dictator’s strongest Arab world, which was supported by U.S. imperialism, French and others, including that of Israel. The Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu said after the January 14, with Ben Ali, “Israel has lost a great friend in the region.”

Our struggle has also shown the way to go to other Arab peoples. The Tunisian people were released on 14 January and the Egyptian revolt began on 27 and is free of Hosni Mubarak. Egypt has taken some lessons from what happened in Tunis, Egyptian revolutionary Internet have made​contact with our comrades, and have even agreed on the same slogans, the same methods …

[…] In Libya, among its many errors, Gaddafi made​to criticize the people of Tunisia for having shot down at Ben Ali. Gaddafi said quote: “If I had been Tunisian would strongly supported Ben Ali.”

[…] Libya has already begun. I think that Gaddafi will resist some time. In Libya there is a danger of intervention by the United States for oil. Our Party denounces all foreign intervention in Libya. We have encouraged the Tunisian people to show solidarity with the Libyan, and we have also called on Libya’s revolutionary to be vigilant and not fall into the trap of siding with the Americans to overthrow Gaddafi. If you turn to the U.S. will be the end for the Americans will not go easily, they will stay for long, because their interests are not the Libyan people, but made​with oil. “

(From the meeting held on 5 March in Tunis).

July Calafat

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