PCOF: Enough with the anti-democratic drift of Sarkozy in the name of security!

Roma being deported from France, 2010

Demolishing the forces of repression, a Roma settlement in Bordeaux

Enough THE DIVERSION undemocratic Sarkozy IN THE NAME OF SECURITY!

This is a “reactive” auction that creates a mixture anakato stigma of “foreign” in orbit, the Roma within a demagogic populism around the “social insecurity.” Especially this time you wish to remove the citizenship of those French (s.m foreign origin) are accused of violent reaction against the forces of repression. They want to review the legislation relating to French citizenship for anyone born in France, especially for those who will in future any problem with justice.

The goal of the President and all right-wing MPs are shameless: they want to target and stigmatize as criminals, large population groups, poor wretched people who disappeared from daily living under the regime of fear and insecurity to accept invasion and attack where they are, from the riot. The Hortefeux (s.m government’s interior minister) announced that dozens of “illegal” settlements will be evacuated by the police in the coming weeks.

Roma being deported from Vichy France, 1942

It is a policy of discrimination want to agkathidrysoun singles purebred “French” from everyone else. It is a policy that brings back the memory of the period of Vichy (s.m is the treacherous filonazistiki government ownership of Petain): Since a number of”bad”French lost their citizenship!

Deep hidden essence of this policy appears in the following:”The root cause of violence is tolerated and even”parents”who have been negligent (s.m to”supervise”their children) will suffer the consequences in the form of legal sanction”

Sarkozy and the right supports him being a dead end crowd management problems, wants to establish a society of fear, a society of discrimination against foreign-hungry home aspazomenos once racist positions of FN (s.m party of Le Pen) ​​on measures to be implemented. These measures will not solve any particular problem and of course the problems of those living in working-class neighborhoods, unlike a cause of tension, establish a atynomiko state. The forces of repression are those more often now, attempting YOU”hunting”people and their families who refuse napodiochthoun the living room, as in the case of Courneuve (s.m region near 4 kilometers away from Paris for years with the Roma camps of)

The EU did not react at all to such a policy towards Roma, permanent victims of discrimination in all countries, culminating in the situation in Romania.

And during all this done, the covert machinations of the perpetrators to trial Bettencourt-Woerth & Co. (s.m is the famous case of the heir to L’Oreal and the scandal that reaches Sarkozy), continued.

The police are against poor people, absolute protection for the bourgeois.

There is only by mobilizing the people to retreat by the government, this government of discrimination, this kyvenisi serving the megalokapitalistes. Is that popular mobilization is unitary and massive. We must act before its too late.

Paris, July 31, 2010
Communist Workers’ Party of France

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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