Emek Gençliği: Marcelo Rivera Must Be Released Immediately!

Emek Gençliği, or Labour Youth, is the youth wing of the Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP).

Latin American countries, Ecuador, came up once more after the events of Sept. 30. South America’s other “populist”, “leftist” governments in line with the government of Rafael Correa came to power in a wide range of popular support by taking the back. However, recent events lead to the outbreak of the developments in the public sector wage cuts, including the government of Ecuador has begun to turn itself back into power with the power of the people.

However, what is the reason we’re here today in protests against Correa’ya coup attempt against him in the police nor the Correa’ya to support the claim that there is.

This hot developments from the eyes of a kidnapped Ecuadorian government to protest about the process here.

Rafael Correa’s government some time ago, the parliament passed the law of higher education to eliminate the autonomy of the university. The students went on to fight against this attack. Marcelo Rivera, President of the General Union of University Students of Ecuador, about a year, “resort to terrorism” is being held in jail slanderous. Again, that is a member of a group Alvaro antifascist Quito’daki Parades, only three months in prison for neo wants to avoid attacks.

Correa, the country’s largest mass organization, the Ecuadorian Association of Educators (UNE) has also entered into a full confrontation. Teachers claim all kinds of “corruption” as the accused Correa, “their noses sürteceğini declared.


– Ecuador’s government to stop the pressure applied by young people who want a better future,

– Marcelo Rivera, and Alvaro Parades’in in prison to be released

– The pressure on the Student Youth Association would like to see the ending.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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