PCMLV Communiqué of Solidarity with the People of Tunisia

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela (PCMLV) expresses its solidarity with the people most enthusiastic of Tunisia and Comrade General Secretary Hamma Hammami brother Workers’ Communist Party of Tunisia (TCO) members of the International Conference Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) inflicted by the crushing blow to imperialism, taking the path of popular rebellion dictator Ben Ali. Showing that in the wake of the general crisis of capitalism in its imperialist phase and last, are the prelude to the proletarian revolution.

Political analysis made in our last meeting of the ICMLPO warned the aggression of the capitalists in their efforts to shift the burden of the crisis on the battered back the world’s workers, our response would be the organization and mobilization accompanying workers’ struggles , student, peasant and finding the failure of capitalism.

The fear of a chain of protest and rebellion in the constantly increasing Magre for European imperialism, as Americans, are attentive to developments in Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, and Egypt, Ivory Coast, where the imperialist French, U.S. and British joined the chorus satanic attempt to impose international community in Ivory Coast opposition candidate Alassane Ouattaro thus preparing the status of a civil war to create the conditions for a military coup supported by the UN. The legitimate political position of President Laurent Gbagbo to respect the sovereignty of Ivory Coast has led to the expulsion of the ambassador of Great Britain and Canada, and economic pressures and threats from the U.S. State Department.

We see events in North Africa, southern Africa the Middle East in particular in Tunisia encouraged to continue the struggle against authoritarian governments, operators and fascists who repress the people tightening all forms of domination without any contemplation, struggles every day unmask operators and dictatorial regimes in the world.

The case of Tunisia and the growing rebellion in different countries demonstrations, protests and strikes in different continents is not an isolated case, is the result of the deepening general crisis of capitalism that since last year, is specifically expressed in Western European countries and now in the countries of North Africa, as a result of neoliberal policies, as higher prices on basic goods, unemployment, which increasingly threaten stability, the miserable conditions of life workers and people in general, which is far from being diminished. It is for them that the Marxist-Leninist communist parties of the world have the responsibility to lead and support the struggles of workers in the construction and building of socialism only alternative to the failure and bankruptcy of the capitalist system.

But at the moment when the bourgeoisie supposedly moderate Democrat Tunisia aims through deception and betrayal appease revolutionary proposals, and thus frustrate the hopes of the peoples of Africa in particular the people of Tunisia.

Long live the struggle of peoples against capitalism!
Viva the people of Tunisia!

Marxist Leninist Communist Party DE VENEZUELA

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