PCRV: News from Burkina Faso

Live from Ouagadougou
Thursday, April 28

1) “The situation is still tense in Ouagadougou and across the country yesterday, the police returned to the drawing dance all night from 27 to 28 and taking some hostage arteries, such as the road to Tanghin at side of the police, not far from the camp school and power plant Paspanga. The first minister Luc A TIAO began negotiations with police.

2) Koudougou Mayor CDP strong believer, closed shops and merchants on the night of April 26 to 27 for unpaid fees shed market, while the associations of merchants had succeeded, by dint of persuasion , to pay more than 87% of the market traders. What, however, the mayor acknowledged relevant and he even praised the merchants.

Against all odds, on the night of April 26 to 27, the “chatter” and shopkeepers shut down and seal shops of traders of date of payment, and the morning of 27 traders find the facts and pass the attack: the ransacking of the home market leader, ransacked the home of the mayor who was burned, all gamy toll. Traders were supported by the school and students who spontaneously joined the movement.

Last Thursday, the traders observed a transaction “dead city” in Koudougou and demanded the departure of the mayor. The fighting spirit and sharpens people learn to better organize for their rights. That’s up a notch battles.

3) The first minister has announced the abolition of the Municipal Development Tax, dear Simon Compaore, Mayor of Ouagadougou, which had promised to take action against violators of the tax. She, however, doubled. Since 1995, a decree establishing the tax we pay through the purchase of fuel. Therefore, we refuse to pay since 2008 this famous TDC. He promised to get tough and, for our part, we were also ready to respond. People have understood and adhered to the struggle of the CCVC (Coalition to Fight against high prices, corruption, and for freedom) against this tax and many other points. The strong reaction came from a rural Yatenga, where people, through the support of the CCVC, refused to pay the fee and drove the zealous police who were trying to ensure control.

Mayors of Burkina Faso, met yesterday with Simon Compaore, requested the suspension of the CCT. The minister said the present government has just decided its removal.

4) In his first press conference held yesterday evening, Luke A TIAO promised:

– Reduction of 10% IUTS (),

– Suspending fees for late payment of electricity charges until late June (if you have a late payment in two days, you pay two thousand francs more on your invoice SONABEL);

– Abolition of the special police at the University of Ouagadougou in place since 2005 following the struggles of the ANAB (). For wages, he promises to see the first health state budget before voting and asked the understanding of unions and CCVC.

In short, we accept things that yesterday were denied. It’s a good thing to do, but we expect to see the application and the removal of TDC, the lifting of the special police at the university of which they recognize the futility. These are points of the claims of workers and the people but we must remain vigilant. It is clear that the regime seeks to calm the situation.

We are in full preparation of the May 1st!

[Source: http://www.pcof.net/%5D

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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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