Congratulations to PCMLE on its 47th anniversary

estrevista PCMLE the national spokesman for the international seminar:

We arrived at the 15th. International Seminar “Problems of the Revolution in Latin America,” how do you interpret this?

Oswaldo Palacios: In our view this is a significant development in policy-making in tackling the problems and discussion between the left and revolutionary organizations in Latin America. The seminar has grown into a place of call, as a forum for discussion, broad exchange of experiences, delineation of actions, a group of parties, organizations and people left the continent. In each edition of the same we had that opportunity, which has undoubtedly helped to clarify, consolidate and deepen our practice, understood in the concrete reality of the processes and their characterization in each country. Therefore, the various “statements” that are approved and signed at the end of each event marked useful conclusions to promote the fight in different latitudes of our continent in particular ways.

In the current scenario takes what significance the seminary?

OP: For this 15th. editing is designated as a central theme “The struggle of the workers and peoples and the prospect of socialism,” which has aroused great expectations for the participation of national and international delegates. In the context of the global capitalist system, general and cyclical, we are now living and which are suffered by workers, the poor, there is a response from people, the exploited, against unemployment, poverty, oppression, exclusion, etc.. The demonstrations in various latitudes and levels required by the political liberties, democratic force against authoritarian regimes and illegitimate, the right to health, education, environmental protection, etc.. This constitutes a flow, a force that actually moves the international events, expressed against the system from different angles and perspectives. To the left, as would be more correct to say, it raised the challenge of how we link, or deepen our relationship with this vast movement. What we do to ensure that this flow is directed to the purposes of real change, which is not – as we know – another way to socialism.

These are some of the proposals that the PCMLE leads to 15th. Seminar?

OP: Look, but proposals are reflections, concerns are precisely the problems that we face the revolution and the revolutionaries to advance to new levels in emancipatory political processes of our countries and internationally. To our knowledge are pressing issues, current and viable on that need to exchange opinions, experiences, and to the extent possible, make arrangements for actions.

Hence the importance of active participation of international delegates who would no doubt provide interesting insights regarding this issue and for the MPD PCMLE as parties and event organizers, greatly value the presence and voice national delegates workers, peasants, indigenous people, young students, women, teachers, social communicators, we expect the arrival of all the provinces.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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