PC (AP) on the Privatization of Water

The need for water as a basic element for human life

Water should be freely accessible to all living through it first arose and developed societies today. With the advancement of social division, this vital element has been used as a commodity, which prevents the free use, hurting not only humans, but life on the Environment.

In Chile, with the implementation of neoliberal economic policies that were only possible to implement with a fierce military dictatorship, serving entrepreneurs and multinationals, we were able to privatize a significant percentage of water companies in the country, then the governments privatization business (Concertación and Alianza por Chile) are doing all this on the backs of workers and peoples of Chile.

Today would have us believe that water is no longer a common good, but an element that is created by private water companies, when in fact all you have done is use the water stored naturally in the mountains, lakes, groundwater. These natural resources are the property of all Chileans, not just those companies that only perform the removal and purification process, which on any view, entitles them, except the rights given by law to service monopolies to decide, how, who and what value the water supply.

But this power of the water companies were granted and tailored, these powerful economic groups, puppet governments and legislative representatives and senators do not care who the real conditions of life for the vast majority of Chileans. The consequences today are felt by small and medium farmers, who see their crops are lost from the drought that is compounded from a piece of purchase water rights from estates and stripped of all mining possibility of this basic resource supplies, adding to this, the indiscriminate increases in domestic consumption.

Today is a clear lack of respect for thousands and millions of Chileans involved in their meager incomes, being forced to pay water bills that bear no relation to monthly income working families in rural areas, as well as the city ​​is not possible for small and medium farmers are those who must bear, bear on their shoulders, the weight of poor planning, no control on the mining and estates that account for water for their purposes maximum gain, with minimal effort and investment. It’s easy and cheap to buy water rights: to make deeper wells that dry the remaining wells that feed on the same water table, making dams, rivers drying up. All these practices are known by, not only of the affected communities in the central region, repeat, but mayors, congressmen, senators and government of the day, today, begin to view with concern the loss of their influences , lies always blamed the weather for the lack of water for drinking and irrigating crops. That’s why rather than real changes in their interests, which deal, from some softening obliged not to lose influence to support such just demands of the inhabitants of the areas of Cabildo, Petorca Ligua, etc. and reflect on their demands, just aspirations of large sections of the country. But we know that economic policies in Chile are still valid and need a great social and political movement that goes beyond the work of putting in the hands of a few problems that can only be met with a serious involvement of rural communities, residents, trade unions and broader sectors are affected by usury and hoarding of natural resources, which must be employed by the Chileans, not transnational and private economic interests.

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP)

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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