Are the Smurfs Communist?

From RSA Madrid

For many it is said that the Smurfs, the beloved cartoon series created by the  Belgian cartoonist Peyo, represented the ideal society imagined and longed for by Communists. To argue so great statement, they bring to the fore various different reasons.

– First it was claimed that lived in the forest in a village with a closed economy where there was no money and where the collective was always much more important than the individual.

– All the Smurfs have in their name the term “smurf” as Grumpy Smurf, Brawny Smurf, Papa Smurf … A similar use of the term “comrade”.

– Also they dressed all alike, with a hat and white pants uniform similar to the Maoist one, except the leader wears the same outfit but in red, the color par excellence of socialism.

– Their society is atheist, and there are no deities but rather friends, as if Mother Nature and Father Time.

– The physical appearance of Papa Smurf is reminiscent of Karl Marx with the white beard, and his leadership resembles that of Lenin.

– The Brawny Smurf represent the type of worker and militant Marxist repressing verbally trying to get the score line and carrying out the suggestions of Papa Smurf at all costs.

– The Inventor Smurf would represent the knowledge worker performing work getting exactly the same as others without entailing any complaints from them.

– The Brainy Smurf would represent Trotskyism, always questioning the general line of people questioning the decisions of Papa Smurf, and even being “exiled” from the village at the end of many chapters.

– Gargamel, the enemy par excellence of the Smurfs, represents capital, is greedy and selfish, and with Azrael, the cat, its armed forces to defend him at all costs, fascism.

– The Smurfs young Soviet youth represent those influenced by the Glasnost, dress differently, think differently and have other aspirations.

Here are some of the assertions that keeps the reaction, the ruling class and Trotskyism in one of his many attempts to discredit communism, because everyone knows that Smurfs are clearly Aryan supremacists, Ku Klux Klan trend.

The Interior Department of the RSA, in joint work with the NKVD, has reached definitive conclusions about this absolutely Nazi  character of the Smurfs, ignored and hidden by the mass media of the Western powers through history. The findings of this investigation that has lasted decades, detailed below:

– For starters, it is strongly denied that the Smurfs lived and they only focused on their existence as a centerpiece of his universe.

– The Smurfs wear white and pointy hats and white pants, robes all very similar to those used by the KKK. And curiously, the clothes of the leader, Papa Smurf, the same but in red, corresponding to the description of those worn by the leader of the KKK, known as Grand Dragon.

– In one episode, a group of Smurfs fall under a spell that turns them black. While they are black, curiously are “bad.” Everything just finally when they stop being black.

– In many chapters, the Smurfs are dancing around a bonfire with fireworks similar to those used in the rituals of the KKK.

– Their natural enemy is Gargamel, name of a German Jew, who represents the Jewish topic of evil in the purest style Sutrmer Der; of prominent features such as the aquiline nose, looking viejuno and neglected black robes of a religious, miser who lived in an old abandoned house, with his inseparable Azrael, also a Jewish name (Azrael is the fallen angel who separates the soul from the body at the time of death) that represents values ​​similar to those of his master in a more irrational Zionism.

– Only one woman in the village, demonstrating that women are relegated to the background and mean really nothing, but necessary for reproductive reasons and maintenance of the race. As a good representative of the female gender of the dominant race, has Nordic and Aryan features.

For now all we can reveal for the rest of the report remains classified because the investigation is not closed and is now at a point which discusses the possible relationships between the Smurfs of the KKK and the Popular Party.

Press and Information Department of the NKVD, October 13, 2010.


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