PPSHR Program



Labour Party of Albania’s party Riorganziuar is created with free will of the membership of its sympathizers and bearer of the Party of Labour of Albania, which has its merits for the liberation of the motherland from Nazi-Fascist invaders and their local collaborators and that, being in power for nearly five decades marked the realization of the major achievements of the Albanian people in building socialism in conditions of blockade and siege imperialisto bourgeois-revisionist.

Experience the Party of Labour of Albania in the country’s socialist construction and in the struggle against imperialism, opportunism, modern revisionism, is a valuable contribution to the protection and application of Marxist-Leninist philosophy and practice of scientific socialism.

This experience involves PPSHr to see the deeper causes of the objective and subjective responsibility, internal and external changes that paved the way in Albanian society.

PPSHr led by Marxism-Leninism, with its activity, has proven that the Albanian people, the Communists in the face, may be based on and succeed in building a socialist country, relying primarily on the inner human forces, mental, physical and material, in collaboration with external positive factors.

PPSHr is real political strength of our nation that fights for the interests of the working class, the peasantry of other measures to consistently print and protects the history, culture, morality, progressive and revolutionary traditions of the Albanian people, popular democracy and socialist values scientific, civic and trade union rights.

PPSHr considers incompatible interests between users and shfrytezuarve, is against any kind of oppression and exploitation and sees socialism closely linked to the implementation of materialism dialectical and historical, with the state of workers and peasants, with proletarian democracy, the protection of freedom and independence of the fatherland. The world has been a setback, a temporary interruption in the process of winning and developing a socialist, but socialism lives as theory, as an alternative, as practical.

PPSHr is part of the world Marxist-Leninist movement, contributes to the organization and strengthen its cooperation and solidarity of the international pembahet and fulfills international obligations, being guided by the principle of proletarian internationalism.


1. Construction of the state of democracy agenda Popular

PPSHr guided by the thesis: “Power comes from the people and belongs to the people.”

Its political objective in Albania is building a state of popular democracy.

“Pluralist democracy” or “bourgeois democracy” as the term is true, for PPSHr-in is democracy for the bourgeoisie and dictatorship for the masses of people.

Bourgeois political parties to implement this kind of “democracy”, representing the interests of the Albanian bourgeois class, defending capitalist relations in production and printing and use of man by man. The power is in the hands of these parties weapon in the hands of a minority to suppress the majority and not interested to solve the needs of people

PPShr is for the restoration of popular government, whose foundation of the alliance represents the proletariat with the poor peasantry as the only power that provides the people running the country through elected bodies, as were the People’s Councils and its representatives in all levels of legislative, executive and judicial.

PPSHr clearly defines the dependence of the executive by the legislature, is the separation of powers and control them by the people, based on a solid legislation that builds on the fundamental law of the country’s constitution. It is the institutionalization of executive accountability to the legislature, the people, the bodies of his choice, and a flexible state administration, with specialists educated, qualified, with rich experience and incorruptible.

PPSHr in collaboration with the people directly and through its press and other means, discloses bourgeois power, its nature oppressive and exploitive and declares that this power, as representative of the interests of the wealthy, never could change in the democratization of its essence. It aims to persuade the masses that their real power is proletarian democracy, socialist to achieve its goals participates in accordance with concrete situations, in general political elections of local breeds are not any illusions about his deployment through bourgeois reforms.

PPSHr is an independent political force. In terms of the multiparty system, it can cooperate with other political entities to left-wing, democratic, progressive, social organizations with unions, which protect freedom of independence of the Fatherland, the interests of workers and peasants, the intelligentsia and Other popular classes, which serve the economic and social progress of the country and to oppose oppression and capitalist exploitation.

PPSHr is for dialogue with forces loyal to resolve such important national issues and the cooperation of the people “without distinction of religion, region and idea,” as it was during the National Front’s nuclear LANCE and tube and the Democratic Front in the years of socialism, while maintaining the identity whenever and independence of its political, ideological and organizational.

PPSHr distance from all anti-national political forces that have the anti-flag and against organizations, political parties and groups with terrorist trend of neo-fascist right, such as those who collaborated with the invaders nazifashiste the years of Lance’s.
Restoring the socialist order

Order socialist transition period of transition from capitalism to communism is based on state property, collective and private in their economic interaction, as long as this interaction is necessary to preserve the advantage of state and collective property. The policy contained PPSHr Albania transformation into a socialist industrial country with developed agriculture and animal husbandry and antipopullore condemns the anti-national policies, which implemented the policy came to power after the collapse of the socialist government of 1991-1992, which led to the liquidation of the base economic socialism and the establishment of capitalist relations, the distribution of the working class and the general disorganization of the peasantry, the country entered a serious crisis and comprehensive.

PPSHr denounces barbaric destruction and looting of state property of the cooperative, opposes privatization of sectors of economy, politics condemns sabotage of the closure of productive activity in factories, plants, Kombinats, mining, on the pretext that they are not profitable, which has thrown road and turned the Albanian workers in capitalist entrepreneurs and laborers of these, we possess this enormous wealth, using the typical forms of road abuse and corruption mafia.

PPSHr sees the development of the industry as the main condition for increasing the working class organization and realization of its historic mission. PPSHr requests and make the reactivation of mining and industrial enterprises closed as not profitable, such as those of the extraction, processing of minerals, textiles, metallurgy, is to develop the energy sector as key for progress in all branches of the economy. On behalf of the interests of the people, who fights PPSHr makers of goods, workers and peasants to turn avenged the sweat poured during the years of socialism, ripped directly or indirectly, through speculation, bribes and other state actions bourgeois and kept afloat by money received from privatization and “benefits” of the slave from the world loans, which, in fact we are neck chains every Albanian poor. Requires, also be held accountable those who sold national wealth and inspired, organized and led the country’s destruction.

PPSHr condemns and does not recognize the sale of land to foreigners, property stocks and strategic sectors and insists that land, forests, water, underground, energy, financial banks, telecoms, maritime transport, air and rail, and other industrial enterprises of strategic importance and educational institutions, cultural and health, belonging to all people, to remain state property of all people.

PPSHr considers agriculture as one of the two main branches of national economy. It condemns the debris causes that were made ​​in the agricultural sector and those that looted assets of cooperatives, the NB’s, the SMT-s during the following 90 years, requires that fiscal policy through the customs, to protect the favored production local lowering of fuel prices, the mechanical means of seeds for agriculture and fertilizers, to help villagers struggling with loans from the state for recovery of irrigation system, for setting up plants and small factories processing agricultural products and livestock, for establishment of infrastructure and improvement of living in the countryside.

PPSHr is for an agricultural economic order without taxes and duties, the municipal urban services reimbursed by the state. We present conditions must have progressive taxes on the biggest traders of the medium for working with landowners to exploit the laborers wages. Peasants with little land of cattle and small traders will not be taxed, as there should be no payroll tax, with the exception of higher wages.

PPSHr keeps thesis, the development of national economy closely linked to cooperation within and between branches of the economy. It recommends the villagers to find ways and forms of union and their voluntary cooperation, to increase production and to make face demolition of large absorption of capitalist production. In this context PPSHr supports international cooperation and economic cooperation under the principle of mutual viability of non-intervention in internal affairs of each country, far from the targets of predatory states and capitalist monopolies.

Filling the interests of masses

Socialism is the rule which prevails in the first plan satisfies the interests of the masses, delivers them from oppression and capitalist exploitation, and realizes in practical respects freedoms of human rights.

Since in principle supportive of universal law firm for freedom and human rights, stresses that this law PPSHr we declared capitalism to demagoguery and not apply in practical activities of government, ranging from working right.

PPSHr raises its voice of protest against the deprivation of the working class from the ownership of the means of production, denouncing the policies which have turned them into road laborers in the world for a living and servants of the foreigners in his country. It accuses the union heads antipunetore attitudes, which are made ​​to herald the bourgeois subject and perpetuate oppression and exploitation of workers, supports the movement of the working class organization scale undertaking, the circle of the country, to defend its interests, aspirations, thinks that the employees of small and medium, artists and sportsmen should join the working class movements in other measures of worker. No policy can succeed and no guarantee stability without resolving to the problems concerning the state of the working class and with the right degree of realization of its aspirations.

PPSHr is protective of the interests of the younger generation, youth, and emancipation of women fighters, political equality, economic and social betterment of women with men. It requires the state to ensure protection of life, family, the wealth created by sweat and accommodation, limiting economic and social causes that arise and promote unemployment, crime, corruption, smuggling, moral and ethical degradation of man, youth in particular, which today have become bruised and common social phenomenon in the life of Albanian capitalist society.

PPSHr reject the fallacy of the state “mbiklasor” and “reform.”

Transformation of education, culture, science and health service to people

PPSHr has as major objective in the field of education, culture, science, renewing the traditions of the years of socialism, of course continue to Albania transformation into a land mass of modern education, with culture, art, literature and sports developed, with science and knowledge production in the service of life that people with civic and moral breeding proletarian socialist. It is to be health education system, national and secular, 9-year education to be compulsory for all and move towards compulsory secondary education, as the years of socialism.

PPSHr requires the state to subsidize textbooks, teaching aids, to bear the costs for construction, equipping and maintenance of educational institutions, the obligation of state for education, free, free to the general population with the national scientific content and given priority children of workers and peasants and the special support children and youth with outstanding talents. On elite education PPSHr, characteristic for the society divided into antagonistic classes, is unacceptable. Culture belongs to the people and as such it is an emancipatory force for the nation’s civilization.

PPSHr requires the state to foster the spread of culture in every corner of the country, in all strata of the population, that science to serve the economic prosperity, social, cultural and technical and technological progress, the study of language and culture national, major social problems of the history of Albania. Institutions Academy of Sciences should be state and the state bear the costs for maintenance and development of national activities in different fields of science.

PPSHr is the development of realistic literature and the arts, the popular national physiognomy and spirit, protects freedom of creativity and criticism, and literature is against degenerative artve confusing and their commercialization, against bourgeois morality. Physical education should constitute a strong commitment to the future of the nation. PPSHr keeps the focus of care for man, with precious capital, so its another objective is to be free healthcare, as in years of popular power and closer to the people.

PPSHr is against obscurantism, theological speculation and aims at educating people by appealing scientific materialist dialectic and condemns use of religion for divisive purposes, or to serve the fundamentalist policies of denationalization. Communists believe and respect people who are not their inquisitors. Secular character of the school and the state must find its incarnation in the activity of state and school life. Religion should be separated by school and state.

An independent foreign policy, principled Marxist-Leninist

PPSHr is for an independent foreign policy of the Marxist-Leninist principle that aims at developing socialist democratic Republic of Albania and the underlying national interests, securing freedom, independence and integrity of the homeland, protecting immigrants and the rights of Albanians everywhere they live in their lands and in the Diaspora tongue.

PPSHr considers developments that have occurred in the ethnic territories in Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro and the requirements of the Cham minority rights. It requires full and defends Kosovo independence as free and sovereign state in accordance with the rights of the Albanian people for self-determination of oil fisheries, but PPSHr is thought that after Kosovo’s declaration of a free, sovereign and independent, Albanian national question can not be considered solved, and therefore constitutes a major objective for the following. This solution will be decided by the Albanians themselves.

PPSHr foreign policy rests on the right of nations to self-determination, keeps the principle of non-intervention in internal affairs of other states, recognizes the sovereign rights of peoples to choose their form of government and social order of the state, the politics of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation with all peoples of the world and against the isolation itself.

PPSHr estimates that the integration of Albania into the European Union and NATO will make our country even more dependent on the outside. It was not against any kind of process integration and cooperation, is against globalization processes.

PPSHr is against the establishment in Albania of foreign military bases, military alliances against aggressive against the accession of Albania into these alliances. PPSHr is to stop the destruction of weapons of mass destruction and support any initiative be honest and fair for total disarmament and complete.

PPSHr is to increase the role of the UN and its democratization in favor of the people, opposes the transformation of this organization in tongs for reaching the targets for the benefit of the larger states of powerful, wants a peaceful Europe, led to economic cooperation , cultural and commercial relations of mutual interest.

Protection of the Fatherland, has PPSHr sacred duty and back him, in the first masses, atdhetarine of their traditional bravery. PPSHr is against laying under the control of foreigners command of the armed forces, the organs of public order and national security, and calls the necessity of vigilance against agjenturave foreign war in our country. It assesses how serious insult to the people surrender and total lack of paveresise organs of the Albanian state to other states and international organizations.


This program is designed in accordance with current circumstances in Albania, where the counter-process has been reversed from socialism to capitalism.

The program is mandatory for all members of the party, its bodies and forums, which do not have the right to make decisions and define the duties inconsistent with or contrary c’parashikohet him.

It is also the exclusive right and duty of members of the forums of the Party, to improve it adapted to new situations nationally and internationally.

First Secretary of Central Committee

Party of Labour of Albania and Reorganized


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

One thought on “PPSHR Program

  1. When you talk to Albanian who lived during the time of Xhaxhi Enver, they always talk about the great achievements that the nation, culture, and people of Albania went through, they always say if Enver Hoxha was alive things would make Albania lively again. My grandma has a saying, “they should bring Enver Hoxha back and dip him in gold so he will always remain among us”…Believe it or not if they ever held a fair election in Albania I’m sure the PPSH would win many offices..But as long as the thievery and rape of Albania continues the peoples voice will never be heard.

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