MPD withstand the onslaught of Correa, Grow to 250,000

MPD signed with 250,000 affiliations and maintains its strength in the UNE and FEUE The Left party that supported the project start of the government, now makes the counter. The regime tries to play their positions of power.

Taken from the newspaper “Express” in Ecuador (17/12/2010).

Contrary to what you might think, the Government, members of the Popular Democratic Movement (MPD) believe that the fight will strengthen the opposition and the regime have given a new platform that will strengthen them politically.

The best presentation of MPD is the first game to be re-registered political organizations of the National Electoral Council (CNE), with a total membership of 250,000 chips.

In this, 51% are women. 33% for people up to 30 years, 35% are between 30 and 45 years, 22% from 45 to 60 years and the remaining 10% of more than 60 years.

Within the party’s explanation seems easy. The level of organization and structure can achieve these results despite an opposition campaign led by the same President Rafael Correa. And is that the MPD is proudly have policies in the 24 provinces and a total of 269 brigades that travel the country and create organizations in parishes and neighborhoods.

But how this structure can be maintained despite the onslaught of government? Two answers are throwing the party’s national director, Luis Villacis. On the one hand, the ideological legitimacy that has allowed up gradually from 32,000 to 250,000 members accepted on November 24 by the CNE. Because the MPD is the only party that has a government program, a set of ideas and principles that have been maintained over time and are reflected in the proposed new homeland and socialism. “People have seen us change the discourse and felt that we are consistent and allows us to have these results to maintain our ideological and political position,” says Villacis.

The second success factor is analyzed in house part of an alleged inconsistency of government itself. And is that the regime broke its exercise of the same principle raised by the MPD. Therefore, this party supported the Government and supported in several areas. But over time, the party decided to distance himself from the government proposal on the grounds that Correa was “concealing” in that speech, but generating proposals and actions contrary to the ideals of the MPD.

Therefore, this game takes another step forward and display today the formation of a federation of affiliates. In her are unions, students, teachers, peasants, indigenous people, workers …

From this perspective, the Government’s position would not have worked. Is that in addition to attacking the visible representatives of the MPD, the regime has also lashed out at several of the organizations he controls.

This is the case of the Federation of University Students of Ecuador (FEUE), which was one of the white belt during discussion of the new Higher Education Act, which included the open opposition of the student group.

Within that organization is also talk of government persecution. While their leaders do not hide their connection to the MPD, say it is the political regime that uses its members in the FEUE. Paul thinks so Velásquez, national secretary of the Federation and member of the MPD, who reported that Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño who gives orders to the representatives in the FEUE that are related to the Government.

And the “persecution,” says Velásquez-ended prison sentence for terrorism FEUE president, Marcelo Rivera, as well as charges for the same offense to Galo Mindiola, Edwin Santillan Lasluisa and Patrick, among others.

According to the MPD, the FEUE he needs the government to neutralize the student protest and mobilization of universities.

Similar intention is perceived by members of the National Educators Union (UNE), teachers’ union is also identified with the MPD. This caught the attention of your target Correa and was for opposing the new Basic Education Act proposed by the regime. At the height of the debate, leaders of the UNE, headed by its president and former Assemblyman MPD AC, Mery Zamora, took a few weeks ago the National Assembly to require the inclusion of several topics.

Later, the events of September 30 marked another turn for the Government, which accused several union leaders, including Zamora, to incite street protests that day. She even had to spend 45 days in hiding to evade an arrest warrant against him which was lifted recently.

“One of the misguided policies that the government has is the criminalization of social struggle, accompanied by the power of the President and his legislative and judicial control, which is an apparatus which provides mechanisms like the president to pursue and punish” believes Mariana Pallasca, current president of the teachers.

She also believes that government attacks do not affect the position of the union or the MPD as such and displayed, as shown, that in the last elections two weeks ago she was elected national president and 18 other provincial presidents of their list, four more in alliance with other lists and only two independent lists provincial presidencies. According Pallasca, the elections were a blow to the Government related lists registered in 10 provinces and could not register a national list.

To that amount in recent months have registered 19,000 new teachers to the UNE.

At this time of the confrontation with the government, the MPD shows its results in numbers. But it also reflects the policy of the regime against him and of social movements: 286 defendants across the country, accused of various crimes.

But for that organization, those numbers are merely a reflection of the implementation of the “mistaken policies” of the government and the strengthening of the MPD, who proposed a new left alliance it hopes to answer all parties and organizations the tendency to generate a position that the Government can play spaces. (FGC)


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  1. Dear comrade,

    This is not a reply to this particular article, and I hope you read the comments. I am already subscribed to the Espresso Stalinist, which I find very useful.

    I do occasional translations (mostly from Spanish) from periodicals of the ICMLPO. It seems you sometimes use computer translations, which are never very good. If I have an e-mail address for you, I could send you my translations directly.

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