Series on Maoist Revisionism: Enver Hoxha Quotes on Maoist Revisionism pt. 3

The following excerpt from the First Volume of Enver Hoxha’s “Reflections on China” shows the extent the reactionary foreign and laissez-faire policy to the American imperialist mouthpieces Tito and Ceaușescu. In a precursor to their reactionary and anti-communist “Three Worlds Theory” we see the Chinese already had their eyes on abandoning Marxist-Leninist principles for right-opportunism, by urging a truly socialist state like Albania to side with chauvinists like Tito, who before had planned to carve Albania into little pieces, is unforgivable. We see that apparently opposition to ALL types of imperialism was non-existent to Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, who were beginning to cozy up to American imperialism through Yugoslavia and Romania.

October 15th, 1968
Speaking with Beqir Balluku about the international situation, Chou En-lai proposed that we should enter into negotiations with Tito to sign a treaty of mutual aid with him! Chou’s unprincipled proposal is that we should embrace the most ferocious enemy of Marxism-Leninism socialism and Communism, the most vicious enemy of our Marxist-Leninist Party and our socialist country; that we should reconcile ourselves with Tito who, for twenty-five years, has striven to destroy and enslave our homeland and make it into the seventh Republic of Yugoslavia! He is proposing that we betray everything sacred to us.

Socialist Albania must never allow anyone to believe that he can use it as a pawn.

The basis of this infamous proposal is that in Chinese strategy the Soviet Imperialists are considered the most powerful and main enemy, since they have the greatest possibility of attacking and damaging China. For the Chinese comrades, therefore, anyone who appears to be against the Soviets, even temporarily is regarded as their potential ally, regardless of who he may be. For our part, we say that the aim of our struggle must be to strive to weaken both imperialist superpowers, to wage a struggle on two fronts. In fact, it must be noted that, the Soviet Union is not the stronger, but the weaker of the two imperialist superpowers having a very long border and vacillating allies.

October 21st, 1968
Chou En-lai’s proposal with regard to Yugoslavia has been accompanied by a statement of lack of readiness to supply us with heavy weapons. He suggests that at the first attack of the enemy we should take to the mountains, relying on partisan warfare and an alliance with Tito for our salvation!

April 29th, 1969
The Americans have spread a “sensational” report that the Soviet Union is going to attack China. The bloody provocation on the Chinese border and the massing of hundreds of thousands of Soviet troops all along the Sino-Soviet border support this report.

However, I think that the report is a bluff to intimidate China. While the Soviet revisionists are undoubtedly preparing for war, they are not yet ready to wage it, especially with China. in my opinion, the Chinese were terrified and wavered before this colossal frame-up.

September 18th,1969
The “degeneration” of China from the strategic angle greatly interests American imperialism, and there is no doubt that it will follow up these events vigilantly.

September 19th, 1969
Chou En-lai was so irritated during his talk with comrade Rita that, although he had invited him to a banquet, he failed to propose a toast to our leadership. Could this have been an oversight? I don’t believe so. It was pressure.

January 6th, 1970
The Chinese comrades in Peking have told our comrades; “Now some of our ships will come to Albania from northern China through the Taiwan Straits” Our comrades said: “But how? Surely the US Seventh Fleet and the Chiang Kai-shek navy are patrolling there?” The Chinese comrades, however merely replied: “We must follow the ‘teachings of Chairman Mao and not fear the imperialists”, etc. It seems that the resumed meetings of the Chinese and American ambassadors in Warsaw have yielded a first result. There is no smoke without fire.

January 7th, 1970
The Warsaw “talks” between the Chinese comrades and the USA, which they had suspended during the Cultural Revolution, have been resumed not in the Polish building but in the embassies of China and the USA respectively. This means that they are no longer subject to Polish bugging. This development has greatly intrigued the Soviet revisionists who are uneasy about these talks.

June 22nd, 1970
The Romanian plans in the Balkans consist of the “Romanian-Yugoslav-Albanian alliance” and other dirty revisionist deals, unacceptable to us but pleasing to Chou En-lai, provided such alliances are directed against the Soviets. We shall not step on a rotten plank.

July 7th, 1970
China is being guided by the principle: “Approaches should be made to anyone who is anti-Soviet.”

The Romanians are developing a clearly anti-Marxist internal and foreign policy. They are up to their ears in debt to the USA, West Germany and other capitalist countries. This is the basis of Ceauşescu’s “independent” foreign policy. Independent of whom? Of the Soviet revisionists, who are not reconciled to this situation? The Chinese have become very enthusiastic about the Romanians. For the Chinese, Kim Il-Sung has now become “a great leader.” They are easily enthused. All these things force us to be very vigilant.

July 24th, 1970
The Romanian Minister of Defense has gone to Peking. This revisionist has been welcomed with great honours by the Chinese, who have promised Romania factories to produce aircraft, missiles, heavy machine-guns, etc. A secret agreement is to be signed, also. We may even see later a Chinese alliance with Tito. Anything is possible when you plunge into dirty revisionist waters.

July 26th, 1970
Tito is playing his “anti-Soviet” card skillfully in the interests of the grouping around US imperialism. The Chinese comrades are guided by the illusions they hold about the anti-Sovietism of all these revisionists, but these illusions bring no ideological or political benefit to our great cause.

September 11th, 1970
The, Romanians are anti-Marxists, revisionists, nationalists, anti-Soviet (on a chauvinist basis) and anti-Stalinists; The Chinese are in danger of getting caught in the gears of an anti-Soviet machine. They are discussing problems with the Romanian revisionists, who have sold themselves out to US imperialism.

December 9th, 1970
China’s Deputy Minister of Energy has been here at the head of a team to look into the matter of our hydro-electric power stations. Some days ago she told Comrade Rahman Hanku, who is in charge of these matters, that the Fierza power station could not be built on the site decided upon (and on which work is proceeding) because the terrain was “unsuitable” and because the waters of the artificial lake that will be formed might extend on to Yugoslav territory. She also declared that the dam of the Mao Tse-tung power plant was unsafe and might jeopardise the name of Mao.

Rahman Hanku categorically refuted all this as unfounded. On their third meeting she begged Rahman’s pardon and said that she had been “misled by two engineers.” Astonishing! Such a move to delay the construction of the Fierza power station cannot be tolerated.

February 17th, 1971
When and how will the great disorder in China came to an end? This, naturally is very worrying to us. I think that under the cloak of “Mao Tse-tung Thought” powerful groups are clashing fiercely.

April 15th, 1971
China has opened a new page in its relations with the USA with the invitation to the American table-tennis team. This event has the importance not of a sports event, but of a new political trend. The players were even received by Chou En-lai. For his part, Nixon has been quick to respond to Chou, declaring that he was lifting the embargo on the export of many non-strategic goods to China. There is more than meets the eye in this.

May 23rd, 1971
Ceausescu’s Romania is being sold at auction for credits. Ceausescu is following Tito’s treacherous road. However, despite this, the Chinese comrades are smiling an this anti-Marxist and playing his game. Ceausescu’s patrons, world capital are very desirous that he, like Tito before him, should be presented as a “communist.” Now Ceausescu is to go to Peking as First Secretary of the Romanian party, to receive a diploma to this effect from the Chinese!

China is giving credits to Romania. It is not right that credits should be given by socialist state to a revisionist state linked with the capitalists and imperialists, a state which is building a Titoite-capitalist economy. In our opinion this is a grave political, ideological and economic error. It is not correct for credits to be given to Romania, to enable the new parasitic bourgeoisie to live in affluence.

June 2nd, 1971
Ceausescu went to China, as head of a delegation of 80 people. Not even a cook was left out! Mao received Ceauşescu and Hsinhua reported only that the former said to him: “Romanian comrades, we should unite to bring down imperialism.”

If the world waits for Ceauşescu to do such a thing, imperialism will last ten thousand years!

June 7th, 1971
Ceauşescu is coming to the end of his visit to China, and tomorrow or the day after the Yugoslav foreign Minister, Tepavac, will begin his trip. The second is not allowing the egg laid by the first to get cold! The master Tito and his young apprentice with big ambitions, Ceauşescu, will manoeuvre for rapprochement with the USA, where they have their feeding trough. Woe betide those who fall into their trap!

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