The KPD Anti-Revisionist Struggle in East Germany during the period 1976-1982

“Voice of Truth”, no EQUALITY. 3, 1-15 October 1993, p. 4

Among other discussions held in camps, international youth (fascist – anti-imperialist – young Marxist-Leninist party) from 07/23/1993 to 08/01/1993 in Berlin, was the mention of his companions KPD (Communist Party of Germany) part of the East. Germany for the action of the party during the period of Honecker.

The part of the KPD in East Germany was illegal and was founded in 1976 with a continuous action until 1982, where he was rounded up by security Honecker.

This section consisted of too many party organizations, but it was built in such a manner where each party organization was 3-5-member with no connection between the party organizations among them.

The action part of the KPD looked out the illegal calls and illegal newspaper KPD, “ROTER MORGEN”, but with action open to the unions, which was the long arm of the revisionist party.

Also sourced and traded illegally from the Albanian embassy works of Enver Hoxha and the general content of Marxist books.

These books left in the accessible parts of the world, as well as items traded by the Soviet army, which angered the Soviet Military Governor of the Magdeburg region. It also handled and handed out the “Red Flag” illegal Marxist-Leninist Party of Poland to the Polish workers who worked occasionally in eastern Germany.

The positions of the Board on the status Honecker seemed generally to the following issues: – The scheme is sosialfasistiko – challenged the official propaganda and looked under the ML reality – the poor state of East Germany in this period could not be corrected reform but revolution – With this concept one must understand the position and state capitalism in East Germany – This capitalism has nothing to do with classical capitalism but in a society in transition from socialism to capitalism. – It was emphasized that this society had outside of the socialist housing, but in contrast was especially strong on democracy when it collapsed. For example, any citizen initiative qualified as a crime by the official bureaucracy. – Of course at home was why Marxism – Leninism, dictatorship of the proletariat, etc. from the official propaganda to divert to trap passivation and the masses that everything is going well on the basis of Marxism-Leninism.

All this angered the Honecker regime, the secret service and various mechanisms have moved vigorously to stop the action of the party, which failed in 1982.

For example, if the police find in a phone booth to call a KPD watched for weeks the tank to catch the “offender”.

Previously in East Germany there were several opposition movements, but the action part of the KPD was angered that more than anything else the Honecker regime, which, as was said during interrogations that Honecker puzzle for the action of the Communists and called for exemplary their punishment. Some members of the KPD sentenced 8 years in prison. It is worth noting that the penalties at that time for such “offenses” were not as high.

Today this part is integrated with the rest part of the KPD in West Germany where he published the biweekly newspaper “ROTER MORGEN”.

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