PCMLV: Editorial Revolutionary Steel No. 9, May 2011

Internal organ of the Central Committee PCMLV

World events move inexorably towards higher and higher class confrontation scenarios, although not completely visible due to the lack of a more quantitative and qualitative development that directs these actions of the proletariat in different countries. It is clear that the working class is taking firm steps to assume its leading role in the struggles.

In Egypt, before the popular uprising “Cairo”, generated major strikes that were harshly suppressed, but left the fighting spirit and fighting spirit crops. In Tunisia, there were demonstrations and protests, especially the unemployed, who arrived at the end of immolate. In Bolivia, the Bolivian Workers Central, deep-rooted, has forced President Evo Morales to sit at the table to agree levels of pay increase. Similarly, in Europe the major workers’ mobilizations were necessary reference.

Although bourgeois orientation of the reformist leadership that still controls the global trade union movement, the working class struggles to make his way, that leadership oust and replace it with true traitorous leaders of the working class, ie, genuinely revolutionary.

Venezuela is no exception to this situation, nor can abstract from the effects of the general crisis of capitalism. For this reason, begins to become evident in the working class discontent and some confusion at the policy towards workers in any way meet the aspirations and requirements of the Venezuelan working class. We live in a capitalist economy, where profit is the bourgeois individual essence. This profit is based on the forced extraction of surplus value to the working class and also becomes a tool to exploit more workers.

The proletariat needs a clear policy on labor, which remains in a discourse of revolution, while preserving the structure of capitalist oppression and related economic sectors are strengthened or complacent with the government, from the working class support the Chavez government, but also demand a policy that will definitely defend the workers, real producers of social wealth, that complacency is over with the operators, financial capital and transnational corporations in the oil and banking sectors have been enriched to form giant expense of the exploitation of the working class.

Moreover, we note with great concern, as every day, with bacon efficiency to the media, Minister of Interior and Justice is proud to deliver revolutionary reactionary government of Juan Manuel Santos.

A revolutionary politics has to be correspondence between saying and doing, a speech against imperialism must be consistent with the confrontation with the reactionary policies, comply with its demands, to be complacent with the right leads to nothing good.

The delivery of the repressive apparatus Colombian revolutionaries is, without doubt, a misguided policy that only leads to frustration and disenchantment of the masses, political confusion and mistrust of the entire revolutionary movement which sees the actions of this kind sign of weakness to fascism, a path that does not lead to the deepening revolutionary but to stagnation, and perhaps reformism, the betrayal of revolutionary ideals, listening in “high policy” consensus and the fear of an attack of imperialism, sooner or later, with or without appeasement will be present in our land, the hands of imperialism to take over our wealth.

Only the revolutionary deepening will set us free, long live the proletarian internationalist struggles to live

No to appeasement.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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