Series on Maoist Revisionism: Enver Hoxha Quotes on Maoist Revisionism pt. 5

This excerpt from the works of Enver Hoxha culminate in the welcoming of Nixon and his lackey Kissinger in Beijing. There are also events found here, such as the PRC’s introduction into the U.N., the legitimizing of the Spanish revisionist Santiago Carrillo, which caused a sensation in the Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist). The reactionary policy of China’s “Three Worlds” is a mistake, and all Maoists should seek to abandon this psuedo-socialist idealist nonsense known as “Mao Zedong Thought” and correctly analyze the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China dialectically and examine its grievous and very preventable errors, which do not require hindsight to have corrected. They must realize Maoism is revisionist eclecticism.

June 8th, 1971
The Chinese have told us that they have decided to allow American senators, businessmen, journalists, sociologists, etc., into China. The Soviets began this way too!

July 24th, 1971
Nixon is to go to Peking! We are not in agreement. Therefore I think we should write to the Chinese a letter saying that we are opposed to this decision. Nixon is an aggressor, a murderer of peoples, an enemy of socialism — especially of Albania, which the USA has never recognised as a people’s democratic state and against which it has hatched a thousand plots.

The invitation to Nixon will benefit imperialism and world reaction, and will gravely harm the new Marxist-Leninist Parties which have looked upon China and Mao Tse-tung as the pillar of the revolution and as defenders of Marxism-Leninism.

July 26th, 1971
The Sino-American honeymoon has begun. The matchmakers have had their penultimate meeting to prepare the wedding, the meeting between Mao and Nixon. The content of the cordial talks between the old friend’s Mao Tse-tung, Chou En-lai and Edgar Snow has been made known to Nixon, to Wall Street and, without doubt, to the allies of the USA. But the Chinese are keeping it a secret from the Albanians, China’s “loyal allies.”

What secrets are there in these talks that prevent us from being informed as to their content? The answer is simple: the talks have not been held in accordance with Marxist-Leninist principles. This is treachery; this is glaring revisionism. This is not “people’s diplomacy,” as the Chinese claim; it is secret diplomacy with the heads of US imperialism.

July 27th, 1971
The Chinese think that others ought to approve everything they say or do, and should consider every word or action on their part a treasure of Marxism-Leninism, to be applied everywhere. The whole foreign policy of the People’s Republic of China is chaotic. The Marxist-Leninist Parties which have been created are regarded as worthless by Chou. The Chinese comrades do not support and aid these parties but maintain contact with all sorts of groups, especially those which praise Mao Tse-tung and the Cultural Revolution, irrespective of what tendency these groups have.

Even the stand of the Chinese against the Soviets reflects great state chauvinist views and is not based upon Marxist-Leninist principles. For the Chinese whichever is anti-Soviet is fine. This anti-Marxist position will, unless it is stopped, lead to betrayal.

In seeking rapprochement with the USA, China is making a grave mistake in principle for which it and the world will pay a heavy price. We must try, if we can, to stop this adventurous course on China’s part. The letter we are preparing for the CC of the CPC is one of those attempts. It may cost us dear, but we must make no concession over principles. We must defend the Marxist-Leninist principles of our Party to the end.

July 28th, 1971
The Americans are continuing to wage one of the most barbarous wars the world has ever seen. But while this war is going on, while the Americans are killing and bombing in Vietnam, China holds secret talks with the Americans at which it is agreed that Nixon shall go to Peking. These disgraceful, anti-Marxist, uncomradely negotiations were held without the knowledge of the Vietnamese, let alone ourselves. This is scandalous and revolting, a betrayal of the Vietnamese and ourselves. The Khan of Pakistan was deemed worthy to be the first to be informed about the “secrets of the gods.” What shamelessness!

The North Koreans headed by Kim il-Sung, as centrists, are p1eased with this political somersault on the part of the Chinese. This road cannot be defended, as the Chinese propagandists try to do, by saying “Lenin talked with the Germans at Brest.” Tomorrow these same propagandists will be saying: “Stalin signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler.” But neither Lenin nor Stalin ever fell into mistakes of principle; time, and the unerring theory of Marxism-Leninism have made this completely clear.

September 24th, 1971
The news agencies are clamouring about something going on in China, alleging that Lin Piao has fled.

October 14th, 1971
The Communist Party of China is not sending a delegation to the 6th Congress of the Party of Labour of Albania. We did not expect such a thing.

October 26th, 1971
The vote was taken yesterday at midnight, and our resolution — calling for the admission of China to and the expulsion of the corpse of Chiang Kai-shek from the United Nations — won by 78 votes against 350. We fought for a great and just cause and we were victorious. It is indirectly confirmed that something has happened to Lin Piao. The rumours cannot have been without foundation.

November 9th, 1971
The 6th Congress of our Party has ended with extraordinary success, displaying unity both within the Party and with the people. What was the attitude of the CPC towards this major event for our Party and people? Cold and insulting! The decision not to send a CPC delegation to the Congress was clearly taken by Mao and Chou En-lai because of opposition to our Party’s line.

November 19th, 1971
The Hsinhua News Agenty reports that a delegation of the Spanish (revisionist) party, headed by its General Secretary Carrillo, has arrived in China. This welcoming of the revisionist group of Carrillo will raise many problems for the Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist), for it will compel that Party in its struggle against Spanish revisionism to take up a position on the relations of the CPC with the revisionist party of Passionaria. The same situation will arise for the Marxist-Leninist Parties when delegations of revisionist parties visit China. Hence, a new, concrete danger threatens to undermine the new Marxist-Leninist Parties.

November 30th, 1971
It is said that the Cultural Revolution has ended. We do not really know the situation in China, we know it only at the level of propaganda. But what can we do? They have not deigned to give us even the briefest reply to the letter we sent them.

January 3rd, 1972
The Chinese are still not telling us anything about the disappearance of Lin Piao, which is now an undeniable fact. On this question an impermissible silence is being maintained towards us.

February 13th, 1972
Jacques Jurquet, the principal leader of the Communist Party of France (Marxist-Leninist) has avoided meeting our comrades in Paris for six months since his return from Peking. He did not come to our 6th. Congress. Jurquet has completely embraced the orientation of the Chinese.

February 22nd, 1972
Yesterday Mao received Nixon and talked with him for an hour. What they talked about is unknown.

February 24th, 1972
Even Nixon’s wife is joining in the propaganda. She is advertising Chinese cooking, Chinese silk pajamas and people’s communes. Pat Nixon has become another Anna Louise Strong.

February 25th, 1972
China is gradually abandoning its revolutionary line and has set itself on an opportunist, liberal, revisionist line. It is proceeding in the direction of agreement with US imperialism as a counterweight to the Soviets and to further its own consolidation as a major capitalist power.

March 3rd, 1972
I have carefully studied the Sino-American communique. It is clear that the Chinese have really deviated, just as Khrushchev did in his time.

March 4th, 1972
Up to today the Chinese government has given us no information about Nixon’s visit and the talks held with him. Dead silence.

March 14th, 1972
Two weeks have gone by since Nixon left China, yet the Chinese have not bothered to give us any information. Meanwhile China’s stand towards us is cold. It maintains no contact with us, either through our ambassador in Peking or through the Chinese ambassador in Tirana, who remains shut in his ivory tower.

If China really comes to an agreement with US imperialism, the contradictions and struggle with us will obviously increase.

March 21st, 1972
The Chinese cleaned up the city prior to Nixon’s visit, painted the shops in those streets through which he was to pass, removed “dangerous” slogans which might have offended the honoured guest, displayed books of the Chinese and foreign classics, which disappeared from circulation for years. All these activities were done under the guise of the Chinese New Year, to herald the “Year of the rat.”

The Chinese press had ceased all propaganda against US imperialism while awaiting Nixon. The whole capitalist world gave the journey great publicity, trying to create the impression that the journey of this rabid anti-Communist would “change the course of history.”

The President had hardly recovered from his journey when he was received by Mao Tse-tung. As far as we know, this has never occurred previously: Mao has always received guests at the end of their visit. Mao received Nixon in his study, and on the table where the President leaned his elbows was a pile of books to let. Nixon know that he was dealing with “great thinker.”

The banquet put on by the Chinese was “magnificent.” Chou En-lai spoke as though he were addressing an old dear friend and not an executioner. And the orchestra played “America the Beautiful.”

Nixon’s visit to Peking and the welcome he received there constitute a victory for US imperialism and for Nixon personally.. The Sino-American communiqué issued at the end of the, visit is the most disgraceful document conceivable.

April 17th, 1972
At the beginning of April a government delegation went to Peking to sign an agreement on Chinese agricultural credits to Albania. Chou En-lad received the delegation. He was completely silent about the victories of the Vietnamese people in their war with the Americans and their puppets. Why? Because relations, between China and Vietnam are not good, and there is no doubt that this is because of the course the Chinese are pursuing towards Nixon, whom the Vietnamese rightly regard as a war criminal.

April 22nd, 1972
Yesterday our government delegation returned from China. On the economic front all went satisfactorily but on political questions there was complete silence.

The Chinese comrades say that the Vietnamese are “two-faced”. Clearly the situation between China and Vietnam is “unhealthy.”

June 21st, 1972
Henry Kissinger, chief adviser to US President Nixon, has been in Peking for three days. Many kinds of protocol can be observed. With the Albanians, whom the Chinese describe as their “closest friends,” they apply the protocol of completely ignoring them.. We were told nothing of the fact that Kissinger was to go to Peking, let alone what was to be discussed. We learned of his visit only from the press.

July 22nd, 1972
At last, after nearly eleven months, the Chinese comrades have given us some official information about the “ultra-leftists” or “the Lin Piao plot.”

According to this information, Lin Piao had conspired to assassinate Mao and had gathered, his men for an armed uprising. When this plot was discovered, on the morning of September 13th, 1971, he fled by aircraft in the direction of the Soviet Union, but the plane crashed and burned out in Mongolia. From what the Chinese say, Lin was “closely linked with the Soviets.”

Was Lin Piao in agreement over the talks with Kissinger and the decisions which were taken? On this they are silent, not saying a word. Why?

This very important point remains unexplained by the Chinese comrades. But this does not surprise us because it is neither the first, nor the last unexplained point.

How was it possible that the Minister of Defense of China and “Vice-Chairman of the Party,” who entrusted the arrangements for his flight to his son, the Deputy-Commander of the entire Chinese air force should select an aircraft without a proper crew, without a radio, with insufficient fuel, which would crash in Mongolia and be burned out like a child’s toy. Also, it seems surprising that Lin Piao took off so precipitously, while his main collaborators stayed behind to await arrest. Could Lin Piao have been the victim of a conspiracy, summoned urgently to Peking by air, kidnapped, flown towards the Soviet Union and liquidated on the way? Officially we accept what the Chinese say, but time will explain everything.

July 30th, 1972
The charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Chile has told our ambassador there: “The friends of Mao killed Lin Piao and the aicraft was shot down in Mongolia.”

October 15th, 1972
Our ambassador in Peking has transmitted to us the text of a conversation he had with a Chinese official who reported to him the Chinese government’s reply to our requests in connection with the economic plan for 1975-80. For the time being the government “does not consider it possible to agree to these requests, on the grounds of “lack of resources.” These excuses of theirs are not valid.

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