Resolutions of the Central Committee Plenum of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP), held on October 2, 2011

1 – characterization is reaffirmed by the PC (AP), whose center is popular awakening, in taking the initiative from the masses, seeking to overcome neo-liberalism managed by the alliance (UDI and RN) and the consultation (PDC, PPD, SP and PR) today extended the brazen opportunism of the old revisionist and so-called “Communist” Party of Chile, “C”P , who act for the benefit of the big bourgeoisie and imperialism. This attitude developing among the masses, even this level of protest, the claim, the recognition of the “problem” to locate those responsible (discredit and widespread rejection of the “alliance” and “consultation” with the “c”p included) and not a political solution as background or true revolutionary is to overcome the fascist constitution of 80, and go half a year of mass demonstrations that have been felt open dissent, reigning boredom although this government beaten Piñera business (sole objective of the neo-liberal “consensus” and its appendices), it has not been installed from the masses, the need to move to overcome the system, at least in its neo-liberal expression.

2 – Along with highlighting the rise of mass struggle for their interests, the fight shows existing (and the vital need to deepen it) within the ongoing movement, between those who only aim to corner the government Piñera miserable and save the existing capitalist model, with some tweaking this and who we are clear with defeat by Piñera and his government, to overcome neo-liberalism and its straitjacket of the current Constitution and imposed from the base, from the protest and widespread popular uprising, a new People’s Democratic Constitution.

We can not allow political scammers consultation and the “c”p, once again seeking to use the popular protest and rebellion and drag the energy carried away by a new and popular government miserable “concertation more “c”p. Next to open combat against the neo-liberal alliance in government, we must fight relentlessly disgusting demagoguery of the agreement and its appendices.


3 – installation deepen the need for a Constituent Assembly and a new constitution in all the mass fronts, which should be clearly and without any concealment, the argument that when speaking of constituent are talking a moment that is generated from the open struggle of the masses and in the case of Chile, is only possible if the people up, taking their destiny into their hands, rather than imposing a simple claptrap in the existing order under the empire and their management oppressors forever.

4 – reaffirm the call to boycott the municipal elections 2012.Hoy participation in elections within the current institutional arrangements and the awakening of vast sectors of the masses, is an emasculating distractor and the struggle of institutional breakdown, is to give oxygen social defect, stinking dying as neo-liberalism and its tool, the formation of brown 80.

5 – Speed​up the construction efforts of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action), PC (AP), on a wide scale, since the popular emergence of the claim, that force you need, call and seek earnestly to all wrestlers honest workers and popular recognition in the party ranks of the proletariat, it is necessary that those who claim urge supporters of the revolution, socialism and communism to abandon the fraudulent organizations, such as the “c” p and “s”p between opportunistic and counter other groupings, the reality of class struggle requires a Communist Party (Proletarian Action) not only skilled in fighting, consistency and faithfulness to the interests of the proletariat and peoples, but also with material size and strength sufficient to fulfill its role of revolutionary vanguard.

Neither Alliance, and Coalition: Constituent Assembly!

For a Democratic Socialist People power!

Central Committee
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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