Successful MPD XVII National Convention: UNITY of the left for the New Nation and Socialism

The Popular Democratic Movement held on 1 and 2 October 2011, his seventeenth National Convention with the participation of five thousand members of the 24 provinces of the country and the brigades of the MPD in the U.S., Canada, Spain and Italy, the same as 16 tables discussed in the national and international political situation, the position of MPD to the government of Rafael Correa, the declaration of principles, bylaws and the proposed program related to the defense of sovereignty, our natural resources, labor rights, education and health, good living, multinationality, migrants, etc..

The election of the new National Executive highlighted the participation and democracy revolutionary militants and exercised the right to universal suffrage and secret in each of the 41 polling stations. The electoral process was marked by massive enthusiasm and emepedistas that spoke at the polls. The elections were attended by Dr. Marcia Caicedo Member of the National Electoral Council, and other officials of this institution, who observed the normal development of the process.

With 2744 votes was elected the new national leadership headed by Luis Villacis, Mery Zamora, Geovanni Vargas Atarihuana and Stalin, in a list 15 B. In the event estuvierno representatives from the Coordinating Plurionacional as Humberto Cholango, Alberto Acosta, Marcelo Larrea, Gustavo Vallejo.

The National Convention of the MPD is part of a process of political mobilization, ideological and organizational militancy since 2010 with the membership drive that across the country that managed to register the MPD with more than 220 thousand cards of membership, the realization the election of provincial guidelines 24 on 20 August and finally 1 and October 2 important resolutions that ended with the result of political debate and the election of the new National Executive, are important events in the life of political parties , and show a match with organizational capability, a unified party ideologically, politically and organizationally that is growing and has a strength to restrain the challenges and prospects that lie ahead in the coming years.

Tasks and resolutions

The main resolutions and tasks undertaken at the XVII National Convention:

a) Lift the popular opposition and pro-imperialist right-wing government of Correa: Unmasking, confronting and defeating anti-national and anti-people policies of the government in all fields.

b) Encourage the strengthening of social and popular movements: the struggle to defend our people carry out in defense of water and life, of our natural resources, our sovereignty, against the criminalization of social protest, and so on. We will support all the struggles of our villages in the countryside and city, local, regional or national historic collecting the accumulated social and popular movement in Ecuador.

c) Strengthen the MPD as an alternative to political and organizational power struggle: In the current scenario requires a larger and stronger MPD for what we need to work with affiliates to grow ideologically, politically and organizationally.

d) Building popular unity: For the MPD the unit is a matter of principle, we promote unity through Plurinational Coordinator for the Unity of the Left at the present time and we favor in the 24 provinces.

e) Offensive by the New Nation and Socialism: The general crisis of capitalism and the existence of the trend of exchange between our countries create favorable conditions to spread our goal of the New Nation and Socialism.


Staff Information
Luis Villacis Maldonado: 096009818 Cel
PR 095696353..

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