PC (AP): No to the Imperialist Aggression Against Libya!

The imperialist forces grouped in NATO and headed by Yankee imperialism, hiding behind a resolution of the always docile and manipulated UN Security Council, have unleashed a large scale criminal military aggression against the sovereignty of Libya. The reasons used are totally cynical and aim at a vile ‘protection of the civilian population,’ given the supposed attacks of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi against the population of his country. We have all witnessed how the imperialists ‘protect’ the civilian population; not only in the past but today they do it by criminally massacring the population and usurping the sovereignty of Iraq and Afghanistan, among others!

The imperialist planes and cannons are ceaselessly bombing various facilities Libya, and not only military ones as the reactionary news agencies claim. On the other hand if they were only military that would not be a justification either; only the Libyan people have the right to self-determination. Regarding their national sovereignty only they have the right to speak; no imperialist gang can arrogate to itself the role of gendarme and tell others how to be, act and live.

In order to take control of Libya, of all its oil wealth and principally to turn that country into a base from which to confront the democratic advance for sovereignty, social justice and finally the socialist perspective in course among the Arab peoples, the imperialists with all their war machinery are supporting the so-called Libyan ‘rebels’, that are grouped around the obscurantist flag of the old ‘kingdom’ of Libya.

It is clear that the regime of Colonel Gaddafi is not what it was said to be in his first years and that in practice it accepted the neo-liberal policy, that it has made agreements and did big business with the same imperialists that are attacking it today. That is the case, but today we are faced with an imperialist aggression against a sovereign country or one that should be sovereign and that the imperialists ARE GOING FOR EVERYTHING. Therefore our task, those who call ourselves communists, revolutionaries, democrats and progressive, is to confront widely and with the greatest possible unity the imperialist aggression of the Yankees and NATO against Libya, is to place at the centre of our support the pro-Libya and anti-Yankee anti-NATO cause and not to make unclear, confused calls of support to those who are supported by the imperialists within Libya who want to overthrow Gaddafi and, on the other hand to demand to stop the intervention of the imperialists in Libya .

At this time, objectively the Gaddafi regime is part of the front against imperialist aggression and NATO. Our goal is in the first place to defeat the imperialist aggression and from there, from the workers and peoples of Libya to advance towards a genuine popular democratic and socialist revolution.

In our country we must reject as shameful and despicable the position that the reactionary government of Piñera assumed in supporting Yankee imperialism and the criminal NATO. It did this hastily one day before OBAMA trampled on Chilean soil, as it did with the signing of the treaty of ‘nuclear cooperation’ between the U.S. and Chile on the eve of his arrival, nor in the forms that the Chilean reactionaries have some dignity faced with the imperialists.

Stop the criminal aggression of NATO headed by the Yankees against Libya!

All our support to the struggle for sovereignty and self-determination of the nation and peoples of Libya!

Open and many-sided struggle against the imperialists!

The people of Libya, the peoples will win!

Eduardo Artes
First Secretary of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC(AP)
March 23, 2011


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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