ICMLPO: Cancel Tunisian Debt

The police regime of Ben Ali Tunisia has plunged into the spiral of debt, giving their human and material wealth to the voracity of the international financial oligarchy.

All these banks have issued loans to the “best student of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)” as the formula used by the former director of the IMF, because they knew that Ben Ali’s regime by force oblige to pay these loans and their interests Tunisian people. The “Tunisian miracle” is nothing more than the super-exploitation of farm workers and the city, privatization of public enterprises, the plundering of natural resources, mass unemployment, particularly youth, and misery for masses. The executor of this policy, the regime of Ben Ali, widely enriched, taking a part of the country’s economy.

The debt is now an essential tool in the hands of the imperialist powers of the financial oligarchy, to strengthen its economic and political domination.

To overthrow and expel Ben Ali, the Tunisian people has not only brought down a dictator also has been implicated in a revolutionary process in a fundamental change of political regime, democracy and the great satisfaction of social needs. In Tunisia a wind has blown up one after another of the peoples of the Maghreb and beyond.

The imperialist powers have been forced to abandon his ally, but refuse to have their own interests are touched. They try to smother the Tunisian revolution, and for that act together with the forces of counterrevolution. Tunisian want to strangle the revolution by requiring the payment of debts contracted by the Ben Ali regime, while imposing new debt.

However, the Tunisian people do not have to pay those debts.

Alongside the political and social forces struggling to Tunisia carrying the revolutionary process to the end we demand the cancellation of debts of the country.

Tunis, July 2011
Coordination Committee

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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