MPD: “Correa is not invincible”

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Interview with Luis Villacis National Director of the MPD

“We will form an alliance with other leftist parties and movements.”
Luis Villacis, who was reelected as national director of the Popular Democratic Movement (MPD) spoke with The Hour on the position to keep from the government of Rafael Correa. He also referred to the actions to be undertaken towards the elections of 2013.

What position will keep the MPD from the government?
We will intensify popular opposition to the Government undemocratic, authoritarian and arrogant president Rafael Correa.

What does this mean?
Fight for the vindication of the rights of workers and access to the health of the people, support to indigenous organizations in demonstrations to protest the large-scale mining, defend the right to education. Also, do not cease to punish the corrupt.

Do you think this will matter to President Rafael Correa?
I think the President should review their attitude and look in the mirror of Evo Morales, indigenous organizations are planning marches against the actions of this government (…) only the mobilization and unity of the people of Ecuador will help the Regime change its course.

Why distanced themselves from the regime that initially supported?
Because we feel betrayed, he has not completed its offer to undertake a project of change.

What has caused the continued criticism of the president against the MPD and its leaders?

We are a political party with more than 220 thousand members, with representatives in 24 provinces and abroad elected democratically. We believe that this is a good time and we do not make a dent the slanders and insults issued by the Head of State.

However, the President must respect citizens so initiate criminal proceedings against him for criminal qualify for our members.

What is the strategy for the elections of 2013?
Let’s form an alliance with other movements and leftist parties to nominate a presidential candidate and assembly of the social sectors we represent. We will not accept strangers, or opportunistic, because he has given poor results (…) we will work to defeat this unit allows correísmo, because it is not invincible Correa was demonstrated in the last referendum.

Does optimism despite the competition authorities to appoint the National Electoral Council (CNE) highlights former officials support the regime?

Yes, but it envisions is intended not work properly and seek ways to stay in power forever. However, the unity of the people can defeat these actions intended to ignore the popular vote.

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