PCMLV: The government of Venezuela

Will the other counter-insurgency military base?

The world left, revolutionary and social organizations of Latin America had overcome the disappointment, when he again suffered a blow, which forces us as combatants and Marxist Leninist Communist Party back on the subject.

While President Chavez has reaffirmed his supposed “honest” to proceed and said that the murderer will continue working with the Colombian people, the “lord” Manuel Santos, we will continue to fight the revolutionaries fascism treason and bourgeois and imperialist system. As we are sure, the thousands of Colombians continue demonstrating, organizing and fighting in their homeland, with arms in hand to rotten and retrograde structures of a criminal oligarchy that has always had ability to get new and better friends, now in Bolivarian ground.

The delivery of Comrade Joaquín Pérez, and more recently still, the capture of the guerrilla fighter and revolutionary singer Julián Conrado is serious, very serious, we’re all looking, disappointment not to abandon the march, but rather move through over the Social Democrats, that this confirms the thesis of our party on the bourgeois character of this government. We say this for the obvious joy that without the slightest remorse expressed by national authorities, boasting of their efficiency in capturing revolutionaries, guerrilla fighters, communists. Mr. President, let all see that it was a hot potato as Joaquín Pérez, a Venezuelan state policy, and as you can understand why we should worry and sharpens our caution about his reconciliation with fascism. “We’re not under or subject to blackmail from anyone, or the extreme left or the extreme right.” This said, his ministers and yourself, speaking to groups who questioned his performance in the case Becerra however, the government of Santos Is not one of the far-right governments in the world, one of the criminals and murderers in Latin America?

From the Rio Grande to Patagonia, from the innermost village or indigenous community, even the most distant of our continents, rising voices of protest, that you intend to silence, perhaps because this particular “new form” revolutionary action, not is nothing revolutionary nor new.

This approach favors imperialism, which have no qualms at the time of attack in any way to our country. See the example of Libya, despite the reformist and conciliatory attitude of the world imperialism Gaddafi, Libya is undergoing the most ruthless bombing by the imperialist forces of NATO.

The crisis of capitalism in the world is becoming more complex, constantly growing aggressiveness of imperialism, and reform succumb to their threats, I expressed the seventh resolution of our Party in 2010, “the grassroots and criticism the direction of those games, despite the triumphant speech, know this only demonstrates the vacillating character of its leadership and weak to make big decisions in favor of the revolution … bipartisanship, business, parliamentary theater, buying votes and the agreement under the table will be the norm to impose .. ”

Again we express our commitment to proletarian revolution, the revolutionary and progressive actions that are still evolving in this process because they consider it necessary to follow the path of change, but as we express our rejection of cooperation with Zionism with fascism with the para-politics and the Colombian right. And is that when we review the political and social reality of Colombia, we find figures showing the large number of political prisoners, human rights violations, assassinations of union leaders and peasants, disappearances, torture, see how the drug policy has been strengthened in recent years with the government of Uribe and Santos. All these crimes against the proletariat, peasants and revolutionary popular sectors and generally committed by the bourgeois governments in this country is enough for all revolutionists repudiate any collaboration that serves to support actions how are you, that there occur daily .

Since our party congratulate the courage with which social and political organizations have denounced the collaboration of the national executive with imperialism. We must not allow Venezuela to become the eighth military base and to support the Colombian fascism, we call on the government not to yield to the pressures of imperialism, to stop the actions of collaboration with the fascist government of Santos. From here we stand in solidarity with all prisoners and guerrilla fighters and activists who are in Colombia and the world unjustly detained, with the thousands of families who have lost their sons in the war waged by the imperialists against the Colombian people developed under the policy security “democratic” is really the security of bourgeois rule in Colombia. We join the revolutionary cry brave voices rise for rectification of the world on this issue so as not to continue delivering revolutionary.

Jesus Guzman

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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