Political Resolution of the XIth of the CC of the PCMLV

After evaluating several plenary sessions during the global situation, we reaffirm our view that we move in successive cyclical crises which are expressed as economic reality, which is deepened especially in the imperialist countries, such as determining component of the general crisis of capitalism, which also of economic base of political and social, creating conditions for moving to a new stage, mixed by wars and revolutions, with high conflict and total decomposition of capitalist society. It is clear that the situation remains tense in the world, continues to deepen the crisis of global capitalism. Riots, demonstrations, war characterize the current moment of world reality.

Expression of this situation is the deepening of the imperialist war against Libya are, we see daily attacks against this country are increasing, and increasingly critical support of the international bourgeois institutions becomes more evident. The bombings are constant and assumptions are civilians who after all end up paying with their lives intemperate attacks of the imperialist forces NATO , Orphans, mothers weeping for their children, this is the scenario that world imperialism has built in this North African country. Unabashedly, the imperialists stole the Libyan people’s money was deposited in European banks, in order to put to the disposal of its interest warmongers. Use the money to strengthen a government coalition made up of reactionary pro-Yankees. About 200 billion dollars of Libya’s international reserves were blocked and placed at the service of imperialism, in addition to this stolen oil, the major facilities and fresh water reserves in this country.

This initially appeared as a political agreement between the imperialist powers to attack Libya, example of this was the position of China and Russia who did not realize their power of veto to prevent the invasion, then the situation worsened, the resistance the Libyan people are maintained over time, setting a problem to be solved by the imperialist powers who doubt the military intervention by land to stop these terrible negative balances and a high political and economic costs.

We understand that this aggression, as well as others made covertly, are part of the imperialist struggle for a new division of the world and are the basis on which to structure the new relationship between world powers, which leads to more wars. The deepening U.S. economic downturn will lead to more conflicts and even wars among the imperialist powers to resolve its economic contradictions.

Another country that is suffering the ravages of imperialist interference, it is Syria, where the imperialists operate in a different format, a little more discreet, are acting from intelligence agencies, on behalf of groups opposed to President Bashar Al Assad. The characteristics of the Syrian government suggests a family relationship in the areas of power, as in the case of the brother of the president who controls one of the divisions of the army and his brother who controls the intelligence services. Some try to locate the essence of this situation on tribal or ethnic differences, trying to hide the fact that regardless of their ethnic peoples seek structural changes that allow them a chance to get a better life. But improving the brevity of life is impossible in a system where the interests of capitalism are the ones that take precedence over the interests of the people and workers in general, it is clear that the intelligence services of imperialism have been mixed in with the riots try to work the ground for possible future interventions.

The acts of sabotage that the governments of Israel and the U.S. made in this country to seek also weaken Iran, Syria partner in oil and industry, hence the conflict to pursue the control of oil reserves and energy, not only this country, if not the entire region.

Importantly, the position taken by China and Russia to Libya with a complicit silence was modified with respect to the situation in Syria, as the worsening social conflict in this country, both exercised their weight as members of the Security Council to make it clearly did not support any intervention in Syria. This is due to a very momentous, Syria offered its territory to transport fuel to other countries, including Russia, making clear that Russia is involved when the conflict is economic interests are at stake with an intervention . Just to mention some good data to say that at the beginning of 2000 the trade exchange between Syria and Russia exceeded 100 million dollars, and for 2005 exceeded $ 300 million, and has continued to increase. Although it is noteworthy that these figures, in general trade of these countries, expressing only a small part of Syria’s debt to Russia, bringing the cumulative three billion dollars. This is complemented by a major military exchange. Syria even has a Russian military base on its territory, which of course must also defend the Russian government when assessing their positions and interests. A similar situation occurs with China in turn is carving the way to deepen political relations with Syria, which promises not only an intensification of efforts to control these countries, and another part of the imperialists, if not also possible contradictions between them.

In Europe, continues to advance the tension, we see the conflict in Greece again takes place in the international news, as workers have returned to the streets to develop their protests against economic measures imposed by international agencies. In Italy, the third largest economy in the euro area is expected to increase the impact of the crisis. France, imperialist country that currently is playing important role in the aggression worn in North Africa as some of the so-called Maghreb countries were colonies of France, so this, now try to regain influence and control as before, on these countries to try to secure their resources.

In Spain the economic situation is becoming more acute, the politicians of the government and the opposition come together to take action against the workers and people in general. But in this situation the exploited and oppressed are not standing still, took to the streets to express their rejection of the economic measures imposed by these governments. Even the leadership of these conflicts is characterized by a strong influence petty bourgeois tendencies “libertarian” making it possible that despite the huge numbers of people who are mobilized, the results have not been the most satisfactory, since the measures taken by governments have remained despite the rejection, plus most of the workshops are developed with the leaders of the demonstrations, calling for peaceful actions. These are movements that do not exceed the framework of demands, which are not intended to break the system, but “take the bad” to continue life.

The movement of indignation is an example of this situation has spread through much of Europe, an action that began in Spain, thousands are the people who lead these days of protests. But despite the tens of thousands, some hundreds of police are sufficient to order, since there is no intention to transcend the bourgeois framework.

China comes up the ranks among the world’s capitalist economies, the export of capital to develop this nation right now, especially to Latin American lands is notable, besides its commercial capacity grows. But this of course made possible by the increased exploitation of workers, and the tens of millions of workers thrown onto the streets, equally important number of workers has gone to-day strike to protest the loss of benefits in some regions. This exposes a situation with the Chinese government and Communist Party as we see is dominated by purely commercial interests and as a result are leaving a trail of misery for the exploited and oppressed masses in China and not exported revolutionary literature, no weapons, no resources to the revolutionaries are now exporting goods, capital and bourgeoisie, as well as Russia.

Situation in America.

U.S. experience the brunt of the crisis of capitalism, at a time when efforts were made to demonstrate to the world media that the crisis had been overcome, this country is affected by a budget deficit that has jeopardized the government, reviving the struggle between the features of capitalism. The battle between Republicans and Democrats increases, the first attempt to take full political advantage of the situation, like the latter, differing nuances, but agreed that all proposals and measures are in favor of placing on the shoulders workers the burden of the crisis, since they are all behind the big monopolies and the military industrial complex. Each day, more people without social security, on the street, rising layoffs and increasing misery, this is the picture in the imperialist country par excellence.

In Mexico follows the deepening of their situation of violence, every day growing struggle between criminal gangs, including the police and the military, especially for control of the illicit drug trade, but we must go beyond the analysis and understanding the illicit drug business is a branch of capitalist industry, applying the laws of this system and therefore competition always generates attempts to reposition itself on the stage of the Mexican economy and politics. Is this illegal business so productive that the struggle for control of broad economic and political spaces by drug trafficking organizations is to death. The struggle of various sectors of the Mexican economy by controlling the drug market as a result has made a series of mass killings that have caused scandals in Mexican society. As we have said before, this violence is nothing more than the expression of the putrefaction of capitalism, which is undergoing a serious crisis, and the capitalists in order to gain access to the largest possible turn to try to dominate the market of contraband and narcotics.

In Honduras, complicates the situation for the popular revolutionary general, one of the last political action in that country, saw puppet government recognition and accomplice of the coup de Lobo. Several governments who opposed the coup against Zelaya including that of Venezuela, now in a climate of reconciliation, recognition agreement by the illegitimate government of Lobo in exchange for the return of Manuel Zelaya. This is done by going under the table the number of disappearances, repression, death and prison, suffering from the grassroots in this situation, it is an act of conciliation where the people were not consulted. The resistance movement, consisting of popular forces reject the coup repression has been supported by international law. The arrival of Zelaya in Honduras shows a pact that favors legitimate international right aberrations committed during the coup, reaffirms the vacillating position of assuming revolutionary governments have been complicit in this anti-popular action, because we must not forget that repression continues to develop in this country. The conservative attempt to justify these actions by saying they are movements reconciliation “intelligent” new times require not be as “radical.” But what this shows is the dominance of bourgeois and petty bourgeois positions that given the deteriorating relations seeking to appeal to the settlement class and justify the repression against the true revolutionaries.

In Chile, after the days of protest and resistance of the Mapuche people against government attempts to evict Piñera of their lands, are fierce clashes with student groups who took to the streets to reject the actions of privatization of education. Piñera’s popularity will plummet, the student unions are up in arms to fight the capitalist measures. This situation adds to the Chilean miners who were buried for 70 days and in the rescue were used as government propaganda Piñera now turned the tables and demand the Chilean government for negligence, it exposes to the world the hypocrisy with which tried the case of the mining accident, saw only the misery of the miners the opportunity to increase his popularity, used as instruments of propaganda, now the workers themselves exert actions make it clear that the Chilean bourgeoisie has not solved its problems after so many months.

Groups in Colombia oil workers have taken to the streets to demand improvements in working conditions. Even some plants have stopped the activities, these actions have provoked clashes with the forces of public order, which have repressed the protests forcefully. The reason for these actions is the need for better working conditions, and require cessation of poor working conditions which sometimes includes more than 16 hours of work followed by way more than a month without a break. Workers are on the payroll of an oil contractor (JM) and Repsol , A Spanish national. While this is added the war every day but gets worse, the fascist government of Santos as well as Uribe, makes desperate efforts to show the world that will soon end the insurgency, but the reality is that despite the large amount of money invested by the imperialists to fight the revolutionaries in Colombia, the struggle continues and intensifies.

It is important here to analyze the picture presented by the arrival of Santos to the premiership. First launched a policy with a supposed “new” form at international level (of course, the content remains the same), favors closer ties with governments like Ecuador and Venezuela, which previously had significant differences, with Alvaro Uribe him as president and defense minister. But to promote this approach also begins to make some demands on both governments, with the blackmail of information on these governments to support the insurgency and drug trafficking, which is clearly manifested in the delivery of revolutionary fascist authorities Colombia by Venezuela’s government and fighting on the borders of Ecuador and Colombia.

Santos plays a key role in the recognition of the fact that the government would Lobos in Honduras in exchange for Zelaya returned to that country. This new strategy for developing policy by Santos, less front than its predecessor has been the cooperation of the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan governments in their counter-revolutionary policy. Now the revolutionary groups experience a much more bloody attack on the borders of these countries. In order to this situation what is right is strengthened at the expense of international revolutionary interests. The last act of cooperation with the fascist Colombian government of Venezuela was the capture of Julian Conrado, singer and guerrilla who was arrested by Venezuelan authorities.

In Peru election day ended, leaving the winner to Ollanta Humala, this makes efforts to report daily farther from the positions that could be labeled as revolutionary. Newly elected President of Peru made a tour of several Latin American countries in order to be creating scenarios for political relations with other governments in the Hemisphere during his government.
Humala is not expected to overcome the barriers of populism, using phrases and revolutionary proposals to make progress, but this type of government can open the door to democratic spaces and popular to be driven and used by the popular movement and revolutionary.

The situation in Venezuela is experiencing a high mobility imposed by revolutionary organizations need to qualify our organizational capacities to provide effective responses to the needs imposed on us now. It is necessary to continue to use the space that opens the Bolivarian process to educate and organize the masses for the next phases of struggle, which will increase in the future.

U.S. in retaliation for trade relations with Iran, our country has decided to financially punish the country’s largest companies, PDVSA to pass a law that punishes companies that have business with this, just as they do not have immediate effects in the short and medium term to be expressed in the lack of spare parts, equipment and supplies for this important branch, which operates in a high percentage of U.S. technology. It is an economic heart attack in the country gradually going to affect production capacities, in areas where technological substitution is slow.

Rather than use this situation to further revolutionary action, the government simply said PDVSA is respected as a sign of the shallowness of the struggle, the bourgeois and petty bourgeois factors want to submit to the exploited and oppressed majority, it was argued that these not affect measures, hiding away from impact and truly revolutionary actions.

After this situation the country enters a wave of misinformation by the extension of the international tour of Chavez then confirmed the news that the president has cancer, this situation is presented along with a fact that would shake the country, the events in the Rodeo prison. A confrontation between rival gangs in the prison of Rodeo II motivates a stiff resistance from inmates who belong to prison gangs. During the course of these events, it was observed that this whole scenario was a worthy example of the putrefaction of capitalism, the prison business is very lucrative for everyone involved, from the guards and cops to politicians in opposition and government that benefit from the misery created by the capitalist system itself.

The so-called prison crisis has exposed the evils of the capitalist system, this situation shows that the solution to the problem of crime and drug gangs in capitalism remains, then, is a very lucrative business and of course capitalists invest in what you report the highest earnings in any of the negative consequences for the exploited masses oppressed.

The conclusion momentary episode of the prison crisis in Venezuela was realized with the “leakage” of some of the prisoners, some believe it was a deal, others see it as a trap, but the reality is that there is a serious problem in the system justice that transforms into a huge dirty business, all the Venezuelan justice system, this leaves some elements that we must bear in mind first that shows a growing decomposition, where corruption increases exponentially, more insecurity deeper, officials who negotiated with gangsters and ruthless against the revolutionaries who takes no prisoners. Situations how are you indicate the need for greater organization of revolutionaries to confront the onslaught of the right, which is sure to intensify.

Along with this situation and pointing to next year’s election campaign the government has lowered its profile a bit, all the propaganda arsenal is aimed at deepening the reconciliation of class, to soften the speech, wanting to impose a standard of silence and absence real criticism to “preserve” the process. Now the bourgeois and petty bourgeois elements trying to make the best use to their advantage, manipulating the situation, saying that it’s time to have differences, to criticize, if not to be “united”. We have no doubt as to which should be encouraged and unity is the unity of the revolutionaries, which is not to be confused with class balance, because this would be a weakening of the revolutionary process.

Needless to say, it shows a continuing rise of street conflicts, it becomes evident a depletion of the institutions, which are increasingly less effective responses to the real needs of the majority, demonstrations and airway obstruction is to express different needs increasingly common. The government often instead of taking quick and effective responses is limited to entering into a tirade with the opposition to awarding the responsibility of all these actions, without discarding your interest in supporting, it is necessary to objectively understand the root of many of these conflicts in the inefficiency and neglect of many institutions. For his part in the regions where the opposition is holding local or regional government playing the same attitude, ie any demonstration against their management is the work of “supporters” of Chavez. This situation indicates the need for greater organization within the masses to develop the struggle for their interests blackmail overcoming opposition representatives and government representatives who are not interested in any possibility of a socialist revolution.

The government tries to make the most of your time with housing mission initiative, which currently is one of the flags that stand as propaganda element, opening the way for elections in 2012.

Another element that we can not ignore as revolutionaries is to increase activity against killings of peasant leaders and revolutionary syndicalists, who have suffered assaults without a forceful response by the agencies. The death of revolutionary threats by employers and landlords are increasing every day and only the organization of the revolutionary class can give effective responses to such situations.

It is also important to say, that in some regions of our country increased confrontations between unions, example, Bolivar, a situation which has already left the balance of the deceased. It is clear that there are disputes over control of the spaces of power of organized labor in a state where the labor sector plays a key role. The contradictions of political struggle constantly sharpen the need for political leadership revolutionary Marxist-Leninist orientation to describe and unify the movement of workers is necessary.

July 2011.

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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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