Communist Party of the Workers of France: For us, it is three times “no” to imperialist war

Afghanistan, Libya, Ivory Coast

This is the third front in the war in which French imperialism is engaged: after Afghanistan, Libya, and today, it is the Ivory Coast. The troops of the “Licorne” force are officially engaged in fighting against the forces of Gbagbo.

They are involved in a reactionary civil war that has ravaged that country for years, on one side, that of Ouattara, whose troops are responsible for mass killings. The officials of the UNOCI [United Nations Commission in the Ivory Coast], the military coalition which supports the French armed forces, have asked Ouattara’s supporters to “stop the massacres”! The fighting has already claimed hundreds of victims, mostly civilians.

We reaffirm our opposition to this reactionary war and the participation of the French army. This war may “bury” the Gbagbo regime, but it will only widen and exacerbate the divisions, and aggravate the situation of the popular masses.

With or without a UN mandate, the armies of the imperialist powers do not bring democracy, much less peace. This is true in all the countries where French imperialism is at war!

Together with many organizations, in France and in Africa, we demand that the French troops leave Africa.

Paris, April 5, 2011
Communist Party of the Workers of France

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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