Mike Ely tries to troll the Espresso Stalinist, attempts to smear Beria, fails

Recently, I posted a re-print of Grover Furr’s responses to Mike Ely’s charges against Beria. In response, Mike Ely attempted to troll me on this same re-print. A screenshot of his comment is here (click for full size):

The text says, “I have to say to our socialist Joe Paternos: that photo is one of the creepier things I’ve ever seen on a left site.”

In this comment he callously refers to a picture of Beria holding Stalin’s daughter, apparently attempting to joke about it rather than posting anything of political value. He also refers to people who view Beria as a Marxist-Leninist as “socialist Joe Paternos,” a reference to a football coach brought up on sexual abuse charges.

In other words, people who view Beria as a Marxist-Leninist and show evidence, aside from the lies of anti-communist scholars, that show him as one who was murdered by revisionists within the CPSU leadership on trumped-up charges of sexual violence, are no better than child molesters and sex criminals themselves! For all his talk of struggle he apparently doesn’t have any more scientific evidence that Beria was a rapist and child molester than a few trolls on this blog. I am not against him posting here, but as admin I marked this asinine comment as spam, because that’s what it was.

In response, I will now post another follow-up by Furr, which sums up the debate nicely. Soon I will be posting more information on Beria.

— Espresso Stalinist

Dear fellow listmembers,

Here are my responses to Mike Ely’s uncritical acceptance of anticommunist accusations of sexual predation by Lavrentii Beria:




If you scroll up and down, you’ll see Mike E’s responses, and those of others.

I think the whole discussion speaks for itself. Those who have eyes to read, and draw obvious conclusions, let them do so!


Grover Furr

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

One thought on “Mike Ely tries to troll the Espresso Stalinist, attempts to smear Beria, fails

  1. Grover,
    Your objectivity, committment to “no investigation, no right to speak”, and refusal to be baited are exemplary.

    Mike E.’s comment about the Beria-with-Stalin’s-daughter foto (which, in itself, is totally unobjectionable) reveals deeply entrenched anti-communism despite his cover of being in favor of m-l-ism (or socialism) “minus the abuses”. His reference to “socialist Joe Paternos” IS dirty guilt-by-association at a moment when NO righteous person would come out and defend an obvious case of rape and its long-term cover-up.

    For everybody else: when, for all your life you’ve been fed the dirtiest, ugliest BIG LIE VS Stalin & the other soviet M-L-ists, it is “traumatic” when you finally realize that you’ve been fed a bunch of crock. Just remember, JVS was THE world working class’s leader (and hugely successful) for 30 years. The capitalists have and must make him their #1 target … then it’s not hard to demoralize people: first, confuse/twist people about him, and then, second, trash real socialism (the dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR (1917-1953) and Albania (1944-1985)); and then, third and finally, trash real m-l-ism (developed and defended especially by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha).

    This results in people believing that M-L-ism and real socialism were wrong or, at least too imperfect and/or out-of-date, and “we’ve got to work things out pretty much from scratch.” .. with Mike E. “to the rescue”.

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