Communist Party of Benin: Appeal to the People of Benin against Boni Yayi

Philippe Noudjenoume, presidential candidate of the PCB

Philippe Noudjenoume

The political situation in our country is chaos. Because of the diverse and arbitrary decisions of the Constitutional Court managed to sink into a cesspool.

1. There is no longer the Parliament, because of decisions made by the Constitutional Court, chaired by Robert Dossou. Mathurin NAGO order to apply these decisions for the benefit of Boni Yayi, even by force of arms against the deputies, he dismissed Parliament.

2. The Constitutional Court is discredited. Object to the application of the measures infamous, the majority of MPs has joined the long denounced by the revolutionaries and the people who reject the institution that chokes us with its oppression.

3. There is no government, there is a man named Thomas Boni Yayi greedy for power and wealth, acting on its use and consumption in our country. Today, even the most legalistic bring into question his “kingdom.” Eleven of the fourteen candidates by the Constitutional Court, question the government’s capacity to organize elections valid and moribund demand, according to the ratio of a few weeks ago on the elections’ compliance with the provisions of our Constitution relating to the duration of the mandates of the institutions Republican “Boni Yayi and let the power before the elections.

4. There is no more constitution. And ‘failed for the popular struggle, was taken to pieces by the plots and by disputes between the various cliques of the big bourgeoisie, specifically from that of Boni Yayi. Pua not leave the political turmoil existing judiciary, without knocking down the current constitution, which in fact has already been liquidated.

The building constitutional installed in the country over the past twenty years there has been undermined in the context of acute political crisis, social and moral. We need to build a new building, more democratic, more solid, which is based really on the willingness of workers and peoples, and not on the designs of foreign powers, the Mafia and traitors.

The popular uprisings of 1989, culminating in December of that year, assicucurarono a foundation, then bent to the service of the big bourgeoisie to its present building, now completely drunk. Only a widespread popular uprising can lay the foundation for a new building that will be all the more solid the more it is democratic, based on the aspirations of workers and peoples.

My party calls with all his strength to the general uprising to overthrow Boni Yayi and overcome the current stagnation and chaos. We must be aware of the fact that today the people of Benin has no other way for his dignity and his honor outside of launching from all the general uprising against the left-Trío Boni Yayi Robert Dossou NAGO-Mathurin, his government and its Constitutional Court. Current experiences in North Africa and the Middle East confirmed the correctness of the approach.

I support all the demonstrations of workers, trade unions, political parties, against the State of-fact but not in law – created by the Constitutional Court and the power of Boni Yayi. I appeal to all general and formal workers, youth, women and soldiers to rise up and join the people in order to:

– Break down immediately Boni Yayi.
– Establishment of a Provisional Government of National Salvation.
– Convene a Constituent Assembly elected by the fighters formed to develop and adopt a truly democratic constitution.
– To organize elections truly democratic and transparent.

Viva sovereignty poplar! Long live the popular uprising!
Viva the power of workers and peoples!

Cotonou, February 18, 2011

(Secretary of the Communist Party of Benin)

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