Mismanagement of public goods in Benin: the Pcb reflected on the responsibilities and probable solutions

Sep. 23, 2011

The Communist Party of Benin (PCB) held yesterday at the Palais des Congres in Cotonou, a symposium on the management of the public good and the future of Benin. Actors of civil society, politicians, university professors, students, members and supporters of the party took part.

“The consensus seems to be regardless of the angle you look at the thing: Benin suffers from bad governance, Benin is badly governed. On the side of citizens, the government is fingering. On the government side, the commitment by the Head of State – to try to refound the nation – expresses this admission of bad governance. “ These words are Noudjenoumè Philippe, first secretary of the Communist Party of Benin (PCB). It was yesterday at the Palais des Congrès, in his introductory symposium has hosted the party. The symposium was held under the theme “behavior vis-à-vis the management of public good for an accelerated, harmonious and sustainable development of the country.” Through a series of communications the participants were kept in suspense about the different aspects of the behavior of leaders and citizens face Benin in the management of the public good in the country. We can retain that policy makers, public and private sectors have a responsibility regarding the mismanagement of public goods in Benin. Noudjenoumè said in its statement that the management of public goods by governments that have succeeded at the head of Benin, since independence, was a disaster. This is illustrated by the fact that from 1960 until 1972, all government team that succeeded one another-often taxed the previous figures to back-of “mismanagement, mismanagement of public goods.”

As for the responsibility of the citizen, the first secretary of the PCB said that “Benin is known for its indifference vis-à-vis the public good.” This is justified by the use by workers in the service vehicles allocated to them by the state. “The Directors and Heads services do not hesitate to let it run air conditioners in their offices for hours and even days,” he continued. It is supported by Atihou George, vice president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Benin certifying that workers are aware of at least 60% of malpractice in our structures.

Citizen control as a way out

Of different interventions, we note that, things seem worse under the current regime. And the measures taken by governments such as the establishment of commissions, the creation of the cell moralization, IgM, IgE, IGF and various laws and ordinances, have helped to overcome evil.

“The struggle of the local committees at the base is a solution for the failure of the legal arsenal in the fight against corruption,” said Vice President of Development Association Natitingou. Thus, control Pcb citizen advocates as a solution against mismanagement of public goods. And this requires, according to Moses Sèdjro, agricultural economist and one of the communicators, the fact that the citizen should address the management made the public good, as already in his neighborhood, his town. Among other solutions, we must focus development policies on meeting the urgent needs of populations, and introduce the national languages ​​in education.


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