Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire (PCRCI) Press Conference


Thursday, June 2, 2011 at its headquarters located in Williams Town

Distinguished journalists,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The people of Côte d’Ivoire had believed that the outcome of the presidential election of 2010, regardless of the winner, take him peace. Ivory Coast will know the end of the political and economic crimes, ending impunity, the end of the social misery and spiritual decay, a beginning of economic and social development.

Even if, as our party meant in his statement of October 2, 2010, everything came together for a new civil war, the illusion of the masses in a peaceful exit from the crisis in these elections was very strong. The rate participation of over 80% of the electorate in both rounds of the election reflects this expectation.

On November 28, 2010, results from the polls gave Alassane Ouattara, a candidate of the Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (RHDP) winner of more than 54% of the vote against 46% for his rival Laurent Gbagbo, candidate of the National Convention for Democratic Resistance (NIEA). But against all odds, decided to confiscate the conquered political power. Opens a deadly post-election crisis, destructive, where for five long months, the people of Côte d’Ivoire last, against their will, opposed by revolutionary violence to this sham.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire, by several successive statements, had humbly to advise the people of Côte d’Ivoire what to do during this post-election crisis: Organizing to fight to defeat the sham clan Gbagbo.

The concern of any revolutionary force is that the revolutionary process creates a human cost as low as possible. This concern is also ours. But very often the forces of oppression do not hear it that way. Thus, in this case, the fault of the reshaping, the victory of the peoples of the fraud resulted in thousands dead, wounded, traumatized for life, for the displaced. We bow to the dead, we wish speedy recovery to the wounded and safe return to their homes to the displaced.

The end of the power of reshaping is accompanied by deep social divisions between the peoples of Côte d’Ivoire; total insecurity settled, the economy was destroyed and the health infrastructure and education. It is the people a lot of effort to bring the country from the abyss.

Distinguished journalists,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The people of Côte d’Ivoire defeated the imposture, April 11, 2011, Gbagbo’s army was defeated. We are at a turning point. What direction will the new government there?

Will there be where there is a single thought, the lack of freedom under the pretext to give priority to developing a power that promotes illicit enrichment, bribery, a power that is subject to imperialism?

Or will there be a democratic and modern, that is to say, a power sitting on freedom and democracy as indispensable foundation for economic, social and cultural power that fights against the impunity for political and economic crimes, corruption, illicit enrichment, a power concerned with the social welfare of the masses, a power struggle for national sovereignty and against submission to imperialism?

Distinguished journalists,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Politically, the latest developments in politics have taught the people of Côte d’Ivoire. Freedoms in general (of opinion, expression, organization, event, etc..) Have been widely flouted by recasting them who killed, tortured, threatened many people who wanted to think and organize themselves differently. Political parties, trade unions were divided in order to impose the single thought. Democracy implies the power of the majority, respect the choice of the majority cleared out. We heard the candidate of the radical reform declare bluntly that he can not leave the power to its competitors in the electoral competition. Fascism, or at least what it looks like the nose pointed in the Ivory Coast, to the point where we needed the help of armies of foreign powers to bring out of harm’s way this monster. So we sold off the national resources to multinational corporations, the people were divided on the basis of chauvinism and xenophobia to the sound of an alleged struggle against imperialist domination. The social divide is so deep that it will take an appropriate therapy to eradicate this evil in order to find the unity of peoples. Lack of freedom, insecurity, division of communities, increased domination of imperialism are the characteristics of the current political situation.

In economic terms, for 10 years, the situation has deteriorated sharply in the Ivory Coast. The crisis of the capitalist system that grips the epicenter of the capital Global Financial (United States, Europe, Japan), has an undeniable impact on the periphery, the poor and dominated nations like ours.

Mismanagement of reshaping the political division of the people which led to the rebellion of September 2002, have aggravated the already precarious economic situation. During that period until now the fundamentals have not changed. There is one side a modern economy, generating huge capital gains but not create jobs (banks, telecommunications, energy, mining, trade, etc.). This economy is essentially in the hands of international finance capital. There is the other side a backward economy (retail, services, transportation, handicrafts, agriculture, fisheries, etc.). In the hands of domestic capital; There is also a major part in the national economy, agricultural production for export which prices are set by multinationals (coffee, cocoa, rubber, cotton, palm oil). In summary, we can say that the Ivorian economy, completely devastated by the current crisis is in the hands of multinationals, thus creating the conditions for interference in national politics.

Socially, there is as a result of the economic and political catastrophe, a large proportion of the population (over 50%) living below the poverty alone, a mass of less than 10% which receives more than 80% of the income distributed. Poverty is widespread, unemployment stands at over 50% of the workforce.

It should be remembered that the minimum wage (minimum wage) is 36 000 FCFA per month in the private sector while the executives in the same sector wages have multi-million FCFA. Remember also that for over 20 years the school Ivorian increasingly privatized. Public elementary, secondary and higher education are left to themselves with dilapidated infrastructure, teachers in short supply, etc.. The costs of private schools in primary education is more than 100 000 FCFA in high school more than 300 000 FCFA in more than 600 000 FCFA, thus excluding the children of the poor education system. Finally, remember that only 10% of the population (officials and employees of large companies) are eligible for health care acceptable. The rest of the population is left to self-medication among traditional healers.

Distinguished journalists,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Given this socio-political situation, what are the expectations of the people of Côte d’Ivoire and that should be their immediate tasks?

People yearn for freedom and democracy, they want to be safe, they can not agree to continue to live in a state where there is thinking, in a state of lawlessness, restriction of freedom and democracy , widespread insecurity in a country where impunity for political and economic crimes is the rule in a country where tribalism divides communities.

The freedoms won in 1990 at a cost of one thousand sacrifices that were reconfisquées the rebuilding must be returned in full. The new government should promote new freedoms to allow people to better organize themselves to participate on the basis of a heightened awareness of its role and responsibility in the tasks of production and management policy of the city. It is an imperative that can not be delayed for any reason whatsoever.

The people have suffered too much from insecurity mainly due to the policy of mercenaries and militias policy was introduced in the Ivory Coast in the era of radical reform. It should be dismantled as soon as all the forces that have no right to bear arms. We must ensure the safety of all people living in Ivory Coast without discrimination.

The people of Côte d’Ivoire must be reconciled, it is also imperative to rebuild hope everything has been destroyed and hope to move towards a progressive society. But reconciliation can not have goals to move into profit and loss crimes. The Commission “dialogue, truth and reconciliation” is more emphasis on truth and justice. On this issue the people are waiting to shed light on the essential political and economic crimes committed from 1999 at least. In order to protect the political and economic life in the future against such acts, all criminals regardless of their political, philosophical, religious and ethnic, must disgorge.

Still with the aim of reconciliation between communities, specific issues must be addressed. This is particularly the issue of rural land. We must revisit the law to keep what does not divide people and reject what divides and has been used to ignite the campaign. Indeed, most complaints in the courts on disputes over land found no suites. During the post-election crisis, politicians, criminals have distributed arms to the west of Côte d’Ivoire so that farmers are killing each other in order to settle in their land disputes in favor of landowners. No reconciliation will only be viable in areas of west and central west without the inclusion of land issues.

We must also revisit the constitution of 2000, a source in part of the current crisis. There is a need for a democratic constitution in which all citizens have equal duties and equal rights, where the power belongs to the people who actually delegates but has the tools to control and instruments for the resume if it is his will . We need a constitution in which justice is effectively independent of the executive order that the judge does not feel obliged to have his supervisor.

These are summarized in the immediate expectations of the masses in political.

The economy is affected, the office is in total collapse. We must redouble our efforts to the people to produce goods and services likely to generate sufficient revenue for the survival of the state, they must ensure proper upbringing of children, ensure health for all, to revive the national culture .

Freedoms restored, justice just, are assets to meet the economic and social challenge. But farmers can not produce full if do not see their living conditions improve. It is imperative to take strong measures to improve the wages, to increase income of farmers and other workers. These strong measures must be adopted with the effective participation of concerned through their representative organizations. The worker can continue to receive 36 000 FCFA per month while paying a bag of rice to 21,000 FCFA. The farmer can not accept an effective price of 400 FCFA per kg of cocoa while the official price considering all the fraudulent charges is 1100 FCFA per kg.

Public health and public schools must take precedence over private medicine and private school to allow the great mass of people living in Ivory Coast to be in good health and to educate their children. We need a new school that ensures the bright future of Côte d’Ivoire. It should be outside of jobs in the public service, business development for industrial production allowed to absorb a portion of unemployment. Young people who took up arms to serve either the pro Gbagbo must fit at the earliest working life so as not to turn to other corrupt politicians. Graduates can not wait 5 to 10 years before finding work. These are most of the urgent needs in economically and socially.

Distinguished journalists,

Activists of PCRCI,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The people of Côte d’Ivoire defeated the imposture and tyranny. They respect their choice from the ballot box. But the fall of the power of reshaping does not mean that victory is total. Ivory Coast is still a backward country, weak, under imperialist domination. The fight must continue to move towards a modern democratic Côte d’Ivoire and sovereign. To do this, the people must not be content to watch the new power, or simply applaud. It is the people in the immediate daring to mobilize and organize dare to achieve the following immediate tasks:

– Struggle to promote freedom and democracy without conditions or restriction, or delay

– Fight for the repeal of the constitution of 2000 and its replacement by a democratic constitution

– Fighting for the trial of criminal political and economic

– Fight for improved living conditions of peasants, workers, other workers, youth

All peoples have the means to achieve these immediate tasks?

Peoples have gained experience over the last ten years: They have a better understanding of the actions of imperialism, they have to respect the will of the people including by force what they know rely on its own forces to achieve their aspirations in a word, they have what it takes to achieve those immediate tasks.

To build on these strengths and to overcome difficulties, they must be convinced of one thing: to dare to dare organize and fight tight. It’s the only way for workers, peasants, other workers, youth to move toward a democratic Ivory Coast, modern and sovereign, the only guarantee to meet their aspirations.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire is at their side to advise and assist them in this way.

Thank you.

Achy Ekissi

Secretary General

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