The lynching of Gaddafi: Image of human sacrifice and return to barbarism

December 11, 2011

The war for “democracy” is the postmodern version of “holy war”, naturally sacred democratic character of its U.S. sponsor

By: Jean-Claude Paye (

At the time of the dissemination of images of the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi, our leaders showed signs of a strange pleasure. “Strange Fruit” [1], such images immediately bring to mind the memory of others, the hanging of Saddam Hussein, executed on the very day of Eid al-Adha, the Muslim feast of sacrifice. Both cases we are immersed in a religious structure, replacing the sacrifice of the ram [2] for human sacrifice, restores the original image of the Goddess-Mother. Invest in addition to the Old Testament and nullifies the act of speaking. This reduces religion without the fetish book [3].

Another has no law and is a simple invitation to the enjoyment of death as a spectacle.

Thanks to the image, the will to power is unlimited. The transgression ceases to have limits, as in the rite of sacrifice, in space and time and becomes constant. It echoes the ongoing violation of the right order from the founding act of the attacks of September 11, 2011.

Locked away in the tragedy

The way he was treated the body of Muammar el-Qaddafi reveals the tragedy experienced by the Libyan people. His body was subject of two special treatment, a double violation of the symbolic order that was inserted in that society. Instead of being buried on the day of his death, as required by Muslim rites, his body remained exposed to the gaze of the curious for 4 days in a refrigerator. This exhibition was followed by burial in a secret place, despite the request that his wife had sent to the UN that will be handed over the body.

This double decision of the new “power” Libyan people put in a situation that already known in Greek tragedy. By preventing the family buried the body, the new political power takes over the space of the symbolic order. By the removal of any link between the “law of men” and the “law of the gods”, the National Transitional Council mergers and claims the monopoly of the sacred, thereby putting politics above.

The decision of the NTC family to prevent the realization of the funeral and the corpse exhibit aims to suppress the significance of the body to keep in view only the meaning of death. The order to enjoy the image of murder should not find any limit. The fetish perpetuates repetition compulsion. The drive then becomes independent and goes, regardless of one image to another image of the dead in the image of the execution of death. Its function is to increase the will to power.

Owning what should be

The desecration of the body is therefore one element of your fetish. The essential thing is the pictures of the lynching of Gaddafi. Captured through a cell phone, these images occupy the media space and are constantly reproduced. Real-time break in our daily lives. We capture in spite of ourselves. We then we ourselves become part of the stage and that in film drive, lynching only becomes an act of sacrifice by the gaze-object. The images show people that take pictures and enjoy the show filmed. These people exhibit the instant of the gaze. What is presented as an offering is not the object but the sense that it offers to the eye, to own what should be seen.

The lynching as an image is a Western tradition. When shooting his victims, members of the Ku Klux Klan and human sacrifice exhibited as a spectacle. The treatment given to Gaddafi is part of that ‘culture’. It differs, however, one aspect of it. The erection of the actions of the KKK had a strong ritual, transmitted the image of an underground social order.

In the case of the lynching of Gaddafi, the captured images via cell phones are free of any significant, become more real than reality, they colonize reality that actually exists, then only annihilation. These images show the fragmentation of society and thus, the omnipotence of imperial action. They show a world that is invested permanently. We face the horror and we inject the psychosis. Destroy any relationship with the other and only appeal to Interior, monads whose consent to seek.

Unlike a language that we join a “we”, the image goes to each individual separately. Prevents any social bond, all forms of symbolization. Is the paradigm of a society governed by the monads. These images reveal so much about the conflict itself not only on the state of our societies, as well as future plans for Libya: a permanent war.

The sacrifice of a scapegoat

These images show the execution of a scapegoat. Update the notion of mimetic violence that Girard developed in his interpretation of the New Testament [4]. Through repetition of the sacrifice, the images we impose a purposeless violence. This becomes compulsive. While the scapegoat serves as a catalyst to violence, the truth is that, contrary to what Girard says, can not stop it. Peace will only be temporary and not more than the preparation of a new war. Every sacrifice is a call to the completion of another. After the destruction of Libya must come that of Syria, then Iran … Violence becomes infinite and founder.

As Christians in the statements, comments on media images of the lynching of Gaddafi become the scapegoat scapegoat. If Gaddafi is the victim of a lynching because “they wanted.” Not a victim of external aggression but supposedly resulted from a domestic law. His execution is not the result of his will to resist but the fulfillment of personal destiny. René Girard also enunciated this procedure to refer to Christ. The figure of Christ leads to a shift in the notion of scapegoat to the sacrificial victim offered to “purge” the original sin.

That way, free of any debt symbolic of all the social body, these images and comments on them participating in systematic investment of symbolic Law, and the permanent state of exception, which was established after the attacks of 11 in September 2001. Sacralized political power supplants the symbolic order.

Regression: the language of unification image of the goddess-Mother

These images make us return to a stage where human sacrifice was central in the social organization. Constitute a return to the main obsession of unification with the mother [5]. Ethnological work, and psychoanalysis, we have shown that human sacrifice is a return to a maternal structure. Love and sacrifice are the attributes of a social organization that does not distinguish between order and political and symbolic order. Paradigms are a matriarchal society that operates here the fusion of the individual with maternal power.

These images are part of a long Christian tradition of investment that serves as the foundation of the Old Testament. The story of Abraham is the moment that establishes the prohibition of human sacrifice. The death of Christ, however, is the investment of the sacrifice of Isaac. Instead of replacing the animal child-Messiah is the son who becomes a ram [6].

In the Old Testament, the sacrificial animal’s death is the death of primitive god. It symbolizes the sacrifice and a real shift toward language: “If there is a god, this is in the words of alliance (language)” [7]. This movement opens the existence of a producer of metaphor, transformation of reality. The Shift and metaphor, which are at the core of this story, are the procedures for establishing the law of language [8]. The law’s language is no registration of the identity of the word and object. In the conflict of Libya, we are situated, from the beginning, outside of language. Gaddafi is a tyrant, because they qualify. The massacres of his regime need not be verified, simply affirming that happen. The image of the dictator is sufficient. It integrates faces no contradiction or anything real. It’s more real than reality.

The aim of any symbolic order

The law of language is the recognition that language is above all the other. It is the acknowledgment by man of his own incompleteness. Once the concrete is symbolization, instilling individual’s dependence upon the other, they start a process of mutual recognition and, in this way, the formation of a humane society [9]. This introduces a symbolic debt [10], a system of relationships in which the individual finds his place and where it’s not your own father. This debt, as opposed to original sin, has a unifying character as it places man in relation to the other from becoming.

Gaddafi was imperfectly inserted into the global capitalist system. Still worked in accordance with values ​​from the traditional society, especially the gift as a creator of social ties. He was badly affected by the abandonment of his “friends” Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Tony Blair … [11]. Probably thought that the gifts had made them had established a mutual recognition system that guaranteed some protection. This shows that he had not understood the nature of capitalism. In this system, every social relationship is abolished. While in ancient societies the exchange of objects serves as foundation to the relationship between men, in capitalism the commodity and money are subjects. Those who received the gifts of Gaddafi could only see them as advances for something that by right. The dark gods of this society can not be other than the markets.

Images of enjoyment

By the law of language, man is distinguished from the nature of the goddess-mother who has no inside or outside. The murder, instead of being founder, is abolished and give access to the word. Is then established human order which differs from the divine order. The individual ceases to be an all-powerful son. It is separated from the maternal power.

The images of the lynching of Gaddafi us back, by contrast, the original and omnipotence. We enrolled in a religious structure before the achievement was the ban on slaughter. These clichés again plunge into violence incestuous, in the enjoyment of the drive haptic consuming [12]. The imperative of enjoyment overrides policy here. The most significant example is provided by the Hillary Clinton interview, those who accept these images as an offering. Full of joy, proclaim his own omnipotence and expressed his joy at the lynching: “We came, we saw and he [Gaddafi] died!” Before the cameras and microphones of the CBS [13].

The violence done to the “Roadmap” Libya is also for other Western leaders, a propitious moment to express the satisfaction that they invade and enjoy the success of your initiative. “We will not shed tears for Gaddafi,” said Alain Juppe, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs [14].

The tortured body as an icon of violence

The positions made by our leaders after the release of these images confirm that the real target of this war was not the protection of the population but the elimination of Gaddafi. The platform of Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron, jointly published April 15 in The Times, The International Herald Tribune and Le Figaro, we had announced however that “It is not Gaddafi expelled by force. But it is impossible to imagine that Libya may have a future with Gaddafi “[15]. Their violence [Gaddafi] would then be essentially the failure to relinquish power, though inconceivable to remain in it. His image supposedly symbolizes the tyranny because he could not get Western leaders love the Libyan population. “He (Gaddafi) behaved very aggressively. He was offered good conditions for surrender, and rejected, “Juppé said.

The media tell us that “dictators always end well.” The marks of violence make it appear invisible. The lynching becomes proof that the victim was indeed a dictator. These stigmas show us what we never saw: the evidence of the massacres that Gaddafi was going to commit. Are an indication of their intentions to do what NATO used as an argument to justify its intervention.

This would link the massacres perpetrated by the Colonel with the image of his bloodied body. The marks of violence on the living body, and later on the corpse, then would not the result of the violence of the ‘liberators’ but the fruit of the blood shed by Gaddafi.

The violence of the crime shows that it is indeed a vengeance. It also shows us that the perpetrators of this violence are in fact victims and that this murder has a sacred character.

The display of unlimited power

The images of slaughter display allow our leaders limitless power. The French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, French aviation revealed that, at the request of Staff of NATO, was “arrested” or be bombed, the caravan in which the fugitive was Gaddafi [16]. The French minister claims and a flagrant violation of Security Council resolution of the UN. For his part, Alain Juppe had the luxury of recognizing that the objective of the invasion was none other than put in power by CNT: “The operation must end now since our objective, that is to accompany the forces of CNT in the liberation of its territory, has already been reached “[17].

The success of the NATO offensive was accompanied, by the victors, increasingly numerous statements in which recognized systematic rape, although justified, the decision of the Security Council of the UN. The philosopher, writer, director, strategist and diplomat Bernard-Henri Levy even acknowledged, in his book La guerre sans l’aimer [In Spanish: “War without desiring.” Translator’s Note.] “France directly or indirectly provided significant amounts of weapons to the Libyan rebels fighting to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi” [18]. These statements illustrate the child’s psychic structure almighty State phallic maternal figure, a power without limits is beyond the word and, therefore, does not feel compelled to even respect their own commitments.

These positions recall the statements of Tony Blair when he acknowledged that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but the war was justified because Saddam Hussein ended the reign of a dictator.

The victim and the sacrifice: the values ​​of a return to barbarism

The murder committed against Gaddafi, as an act of “revenge of the victims”, results will not be judged Gaddafi. This result coincides with the interests of oil companies and Western governments, whose close ties to the regime of Colonel will not therefore to light before the public. The main result of the substitution of the organization of a trial against [Qaddafi] International Criminal Court by the images of lynching is that instead of being arrested by the word, violence becomes infinite. Libya, like Iraq and Afghanistan, will become a scene of perpetual war. With regard to our own political systems, they are immersed in a state of emergency. This is accompanied by the appearance of absolute power, whose political action beyond any order related to the right.

A military intervention undertaken in the name of the love of Western leaders by the people victims of a “tyrant” [19] and display magnified by the slaughter of the latter is a symptom of our society regressing into barbarism.

Treatment of the sacrifice of Gaddafi as iconic image confirms the Christian character of a war waged in the name of love for the victims. The destruction of Libya by NATO forces is inserted into the long tradition of the Crusades, the wars against the symbolic law undertaken in the name of the God-man [20]. These have already resulted from a reorganization of Europe under papal authority [21]. Today, this conflict, even more than the Iraq war, it implies total submission of the European countries to the American Empire.

The war for democracy is the postmodern version of the “holy war” sacred not because the enemy were the “infidels” but because the Pope ordered, as infallible representative of God-man. Today, the sacred character of the aggression comes naturally democratic character of its U.S. sponsor, whose president received the Nobel Peace Prize before he made the slightest political act. This award establishes the President of the United States as a Christian icon, as the very embodiment of peace and democracy. It is not in this version of the sacredness of man created in the image and likeness of God, but the image of himself and his peaceful and democratic nature.


[1] Title of a song composed in 1946 Abel Meeropol Abel Meeropol couple in denouncing the Necktie Party (hanging) that were organized in the southern United States and attended the white dress to a party. Performed by Billie Holiday, the spread of this song was a huge success.

[2] By brandishing a knife to slay his son, Abraham found a ram in place of the child. He who must die is the goat, the animal-father, the primal father, that is a ghostly line of ancestors, while an archaic divinity, a ferocious form of God who constantly demands sacrifice. in Jean-Daniel Causse, “Le christianisme et la violence des dieux obscurs, liens et écarts” AIEMPR, XVIIe violences et congrès international Religions, Strasbourg, 10-14 July 2006.

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