Letter of Marcelo Rivera

“They chase us because we fear, and fear us because we are not afraid”

“I know that prison can not stop the advance of history, the development process up to victory. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our revolutionary spirit. ”

Julius Fucik

Just days after joining – unintentionally – the Center for Social Rehabilitation Sucumbíos, now known as “Guantanamo of Ecuador”, received a visit from a fellow who had not seen for many years.

I met him when he visited these lands in a manner almost always due to the responsibility of the national presidency in Java. It is common that when two people who spoke for a few minutes, but share the ideological principles, revolutionary goals to establish a relationship almost immediately, as if they knew themselves for years.

When I discovered my surprise transfer to prison in the province received their solidarity visit, the years passed, but follow the principles and conviction intact. Among the things fit to bring me gave me something very valuable: some books. Among them a very special for reasons of apparent “lack of time” when he was at liberty had not been able to read with the attention he needed. This is the book Julius Fucik, “Report to the foot of the gallows.” I never imagined I would read this magnificent work in prison.

Julius Fucik was born on January 23, 1903 in Prague. He studied philosophy in the city of Pilsen, in 1921 joined the Communist Party. In the same period he began his work as literary critic and theatrical. He was editor of various communist publications. In February 1941 he became a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party underground. In April 1942 he was arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned for a year and five months in prison Pankrac cell 267. He was executed in Berlin on September 8, 1943.

His “Report to the foot of the gallows”, taken from prison leaf by leaf, was published in 1945. Going through your paragraphs carefully in my mind comes the difficult moments of unjust imprisonment, the violent occupation of the university police at December 8, 2009, Correa’s threats to imprison me, transfers from one prison to another, extreme vigilance of police officers, the constant harassment, etc.. etc..

Despite all this straight, without ever hesitate convinced each day and hour of triumph of the revolution. How Fucik “He loved life and its beauty marched to the battlefield” … “I lived for the joy and the joy hill. Abuse and injustice would be to put on my grave an angel of sadness ”

I am very optimistic because my buddies always tell me the progress of the revolutionary struggle in the country, the successes achieved and the selflessness with which to fight the rightwing government of Correa. Fucik said “… and now, precisely at this hour millions of men fighting in the final battle for human freedom and thousands fall for this fight. I am one of them. And being one of them, be one of those fighters in the final battle is a beautiful thing. “Then you ask, I wonder: How many millions of cells began to humanity as a way forward? And how many have to go?

I turn to the words of Fucik in prison and I know that the prison can not stop the advance of history, the development of bottom-up process to win. Instead, we lose the fear, we surround ourselves more libertarian heat of combat, the threats of those who bear the authoritarianism does not affect us. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our spirit Revolutionary.

Persecute us because we fear, and fear us because we have no fear.

I conclude this letter recommending to all colleagues, friends and activists reading this book.

I turn to the Fucik other words: “We do not want to be alone, we are not alone. We’re together for now, in freedom and fighting as we sing … “” Comrades in cold cell arrests, are with us, though not with us form our ranks … ”

Prison Sucumbíos

Cell AM-PB

Challenges in the journal of the Left, July 2011 – Ecuador.


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