Che Guevara on Young Communists

From Averdade, newspaper of the PCR of Brazil.

“I think the first thing that should characterize a young Communist is the honor that feels to be young Communist. This leads him to honor that show the world their status as young communist, which is not subject to secrecy, not reduce it to formulas, but he expresses every moment, it leaves the spirit, which is interested in demonstrating because it is their symbol of pride.

Along with this, a great sense of duty towards the society we are building with our fellow human beings and all the men in the world.

This is something that should characterize the young Communist. Besides, a great sensitivity to all problems, great sensitivity to injustice; nonconformist spirit whenever there is something wrong that whoever has said. Put everything that does not understand, ask them to discuss and make clear what is not, declare war on formalism, all kinds of formalism. Being always open for new experiences, to fit the large experience of mankind, it takes many years to advance along the path of socialism, to the concrete conditions of our country, the realities that exist in Cuba and think – each and every one – how to go changing the reality, how to make it better.

The young communist must propose to always be first in everything, strive to be the first and feel uncomfortable when something else occupies. Striving to improve to be the first. Of course not everyone can be first, but may be among the first at the leading edge. Being a living example, be the mirror where MIREM his companions that do not belong to the Communist Youth, where they can be the example to target men and women of advanced age who have lost some enthusiasm of youth, who have lost faith in life and that before the stimulus of example always react well. This is another task of the young communists.

Along with this, a great spirit of sacrifice, a spirit of sacrifice, not only for heroic deeds, but for all times. Sacrifice to help members in small tasks, so you can just do his job, so it can fulfill its duty in college, in the study, so that in any way they can improve. Always be aware of all the human mass around you.

That is: what will the young Communist is all that is essentially human, human being so that approaches what is best in man, to purify the better man through work, study, exercise of permanent solidarity with the people and all peoples of the world, developing the most sensitivity to feel anxiety when you murder a man anywhere in the world and feel excited when somewhere in the world to raise a new flag of freedom ( applause).

The Young Communist can not be limited by the boundaries of a territory, the Young Communist proletarian intercionacionalismo must practice and felt it as its own thing. Realize, as we must realize all of us aspiring communists here in Cuba, we are a real and palpable example for all of our America and more than that for other countries in the world who struggle in other continents for their freedom, against colonialism, against neoliberalism, against imperialism, against all forms of unjust systems of oppression, realize that we are always a lighted torch, which are the same mirror that is each of us individually to the people of Cuba, and are the mirror to look that the people of America, the world’s oppressed peoples struggling for their freedom. And we must be worthy of that example. At all times and all hours must be worthy of this example. ”

(Extract from the text What is to be a young communist, Ernesto Che Guevara, Manoel Lisboa Editions)


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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