PCMLE: 65 Years of Fascist Defeat

On May 9, 1945, in the city Berlin, the commanders of the army of Nazi Germany surrendered after a long persecution by anti-fascist sectors, including the Communists, the Soviet people and the heroic Red Army played a transcendental role.

This event marked the end of World War II and ending the genocide driven by Nazi fascist axis formed by Germany, Italy and Japan against the peoples of Europe, Asia and Africa, against the workers of the Soviet Union and the socialist fatherland. The defeat fascism represented an end to the persecution and the Holocaust of the Jews, the end of the hunt, torture and murder of trade unionists, revolutionaries and Communists.

Since the rise of fascism, it is proposed to introduce a “new” world domination by the “superior people.” In that order directs all his immense power against the Soviet Union against the country of communism. I was aware that his expansionist desires might develop eliminated the great land of the Soviets, so that Germany and Italy to invade the Soviet Union devastated the country, destroyed great works, murdered millions of civilians and prompted brutal war crimes, better conditions from those made in France and other European countries.

German forces appeared as an invincible army and marched deep into the heart of the USSR, even to the Soviet capital Moscow, besieging Stalingrad (place where they developed one of the most courageous, bold and deep battles). The Soviet Government, the Red Army, workers and retired people to the passage of the German forces, leaving its ranks thousands of guerrillas who played a prominent role.

The strength and patriotism of the soldiers and the Soviet peoples heroically resisted siege and eventually changed the direction of the war, winning in this battle.

On every continent, in the vast majority of countries raised the indignation against the fascist dictatorship, organized resistance in the invaded countries was promoted guerrilla struggle against the occupying forces. In the war of national communist parties and their supporters played a prominent role, responsibilities assumed with determination and fought heroically. They formed alliances and united fronts to all who defended the Motherland, all those opposed to fascism: the workers and peoples, communists and social democrats.

In this war killed more than 55 million people, of which the USSR paid the highest share of life: about 27 million people, soldiers and civilians poured out their blood.

The main burden of the war fell on the working class and peoples. In particular, the Soviet Union and the Red Army formed a military and political might fight back and move on Germany in those battles joined the workers and peasants, democrats and patriots of the invaded countries.

The victory over fascism can not be understood if not appreciated the action of the communists, the working class and peoples, that amid the difficult conditions were able to organize resistance, the guerrilla war that formidable blows struck in the rear of fascist forces were a military and political stronghold for the defeat and expulsion of the fascist occupiers and in the case of Albania and Yugoslavia led to the victory of the revolution.

The defeat of fascism was a great victory for workers, youth and people, helped to consolidate the power and prestige of the Soviet Union socialist camp was expanded to the point that one third of the world’s surface and a quarter the world’s population constituted socialism, the international communist movement was strengthened, its leaders and political figures became the oppressed classes, including the figure of Joseph Stalin took great relevance to the point that imperialism and the bourgeoisie pushed and drive major campaigns to ignore and deny their work in this line is the current Russian government’s actions that seek to undermine the power of this great revolutionary, denying and distorting history, but despite this, most Russian villages recognize and welcome the participation of Stalin as reflected in a recent survey that 54% of Russians recognized the leadership of the Bolsheviks.


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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