PCOT: On the first anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution: Continuous process to achieve the goals of the revolution

December 16, 2011

On this day of the year Alvart spark off the revolution sparked by the Tunisian Martyr Mohammed Bouazizi of Sidi Bouzid. The flames spread quickly this revolution to include all areas of the country and ends to drop Ben Ali on 14 January 2011, forcing him to escape unscathed after a dictatorship as long as 23 years.

Have revolted the Tunisian people, and fell from the ranks of hundreds of martyrs and wounded, in order to put an end to suffering from the tyranny and exploitation of obscene, unemployment, poverty and marginalization, corruption and dependency, for Tunisia a new state where sons and daughters their freedom and their rights and dignity in a democratic system reflects their will.

Here it is after a year of the outbreak of the revolution is still an ongoing process to achieve the goals of the revolution and to confront all attempts to circumvent them by successive governments since the overthrow of Ben Ali. These governments associated with the old regime did not achieve the fundamental reforms of political, economic, social and cultural rights, which people want to get out of more than half a century of tyranny.

While the election, such as the National Constituent Assembly to demand an investigation of the demands of the revolution, the results of these elections did not dispel fears of large segments of the population. The ruling coalition led by the new “Renaissance Movement” has given so far, through his conduct in the Constituent Assembly and outside, signs do not confirm that we are moving towards the final pieces of totalitarianism, but threaten his return with a new service to the interests of minorities reactionary foreign and domestic.

The Tunisian people the freedom While most deadly of economic and social conditions have not changed, but worsened in recent months, which explains the proliferation of protests and sit-ins, which are sometimes taken violent forms and sometimes exploited by some elements of the deviant acts of sabotage and commit robberies.

Nothing in the statements of the leaders of the ruling coalition’s new, who kept the program on the same choices of the former regime of unbridled capitalism and subsidiaries, which promises to address a serious and deep for this situation but there are intentions to load the people once again the consequences of crises did not create the title “austerity” or “sacrifice” to save the country without prejudice to the interests of the owners of large wealth who Ngoloa in the era of Ben Ali.

The Communist Workers Party of Tunisia, who occupied since its inception in 1986, front row in the resistance to dictatorship and to defend the interests of classes and groups toiling and poor, and participated actively in the revolution and confronted, and still all attempts to circumvent them, and meet him for the blood of the martyrs, announcing this momentous occasion to continue struggle in order to:

1 complete functions and a state of revolution, civil law, democracy and modern investigated by the Tunisian people in which the political and social liberation and national levels.

2 – Adoption of a new constitution guarantees individual liberties, public and dedicated gender equality and the sovereignty of the people on the state and resources of the country and its resources.

3 – achieve dignity for all citizens and enable them to work right in the tar, health, education and coverage of social and environmental sound.

4 – try the killers of the martyrs and accounting symbols of tyranny and corruption and the establishment of transitional justice which offers all guarantees of a fair trial.

5 – Edit the national decision of the dependence of the colonial and Zionist circles and reactionary.

6 – to work directly on the freezing of prices of basic materials and the reduction in the prices of other materials is considered to antitrust Belkma and manipulation of people and interests.

7 – Adoption of a formal grant of the idle to work and enable them to transport and treatment gratis.

8 – Adoption of the programs of the immediate areas of impoverished and marginalized groups within the country and the capital (neighborhoods).

9 – dissemination of the grant (with lift in value) and housing for the children of university classes and the poor.

10 – suspension of payment of the debt for three years.

11 – recovery of the looted money from home and abroad.

12 – Adoption of a special tax on large fortunes.

13 – the reduction in state expenditures and control the imports of luxury and unnecessary.

Long live the Revolution
Long live the people of Tunisia

Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party
December 17, 2011


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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